1688 China

Events from the year 1688 in China. Kangxi Emperor (27th year). The Tong of Fushun, originally Han Bannermen, begin reinventing themselves as Manchu[1].

Yunti, Prince Xun (10 February 1688 – 16 February 1755), born Yinzhen and also known as Yinti before 1722, formally known as Prince Xun, was a Manchu prince and military general of the Qing dynasty. Empress Xiaozhuangwen (28 March 1613 – 27 January 1688), of the Khorchin MongolBorjigit clan, personal name Bumbutai, was a consort of Hong Taiji. She was 21 years his junior. ^Crossley, Pamela Kyle.

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