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Purchasing from 1688.com(Chinese Alibaba) as a foreigner isn’t easy. Unlike Alibaba, you can find a lot of tutorials and experience sharing online. However, there are not many tutorials about 1688.com. The only articles available are not clear enough and sometimes, misleading. So, I decided to share some practical tips about 1688.com. hopefully, my article will make your 1688.com purchase a little easier. 1688.com is China’s No.1 wholesale B2B and dropshipping website, It’s a Chinese version of both Alibaba.com and Aliexpress.com.

Like Alibaba.com, you can find products, manufacturers, and various service suppliers on 1688.com and build connections with them.

this is the traditional way you import from China.

4. Find the product from 1688.com

However, in recent years, with the rise of online store owners, 1688.com has strengthened its online wholesale function. This allows many small and medium-sized online business owners to place orders directly from suppliers. This process is actually the same as your shopping experience in Ali express or amazon.com. I think this is why most people buy from there. Many of the suppliers on 1688.com are factories or top wholesalers which means you can wholesale products directly from factories in China.

11. Customs and tax

In this way, you can bypass the export agent or trade company and purchase goods at a lower price. And the product prices on 1688.com are very transparent, the price of the product varies according to your purchase volume.

The more you buy, the cheaper it gets. You can see this example below:.

When your purchase volume is 2-5 pcs, the price is 18.5 RMB. When your purchase volume goes up to 6-23 pcs, the price is reduced to 15.5 RMB. When your purchase volume is extended to more than 24 pcs, the price is dropped to 14.5 RMB.

8. domestic shipping

The traditional way to find Chinese suppliers is Alibaba.com or attend trade shows in China,. However, at Alibaba and the trade show, you can only reach a portion of the suppliers,. 1688.com, on the other hand, is a collection of almost all suppliers in China. you can only find certain products and suppliers there because many of them only supply products to domestic buyers and export companies.

3. create 1688.com account

On 1688.com, you can find your suppliers’ Aliwangwang or WeChat and communicate with them directly. The MOQ set by the suppliers on alibaba.com is very high, many times you need to wholesale hundreds or thousands of products at a time to get started. If you are a small seller, it is risky to purchase so much inventory at once. However, the threshold for purchasing at 1688.com is much much lower.

Who wants to source from 1688.com?

For some products, the minimum order quantity is only 1 or 2 pieces. If you are a small seller, you can set up a store with ten or more product categories for only 100 or 200 dollars.

And some suppliers offer dropshipping service where you just provide the recipient information and they can send the product to your customers all over the world.

It’s almost zero cost to start a business this way. As I’ve already said, there are many vendors on 1688.com that offer a very wide range of products and services, these products and services can bring you a lot of money-making opportunities.

If you’re angling to earn money from 1688.com but aren’t sure where to start, here are several of the best and most realistic ways to consider:. You can purchase multiple orders at once at 1688.com, send them to your forwarder’s address,. and then let your freight forwarder package into one or several packages and ship it to you.

9. warehouse

After you receive it, You can resell these products in your local store or online. I know many people are doing this right now, they purchase products on 1688.com, then have their suppliers or freight forwarders label their products and boxes with the Amazon label, and then send them directly to Amazon’s warehouse.

2. can I buy directly from 1688.com as a foreigner?

Note that I am not talking about an American seller who sends it to an Amazon warehouse in the United States, but an American seller who sends goods to his Amazon warehouse in North America, Europe, Japan, or elsewhere. You can ship your purchase on 1688.com from China to an Amazon warehouse in the world at the lowest cost.

How to ship your orders to your destination?

First, you will need to secure your supplier that supports global dropshipping(there are many!). Then, you get the order through your own online store.

Finally, you request your 1688.com supplier to fulfill and ship to your buyer.

If you have a popular blog or social media account such as youtube, Facebook or Instagram, and you have a lot of subscribers. Then you can find the merchant on 1688.com to help you customize some products and sell them to your subscribers.

You already know about 1688.com, but many people or businesses in your country are not aware of this site,.

So once you are familiar with the purchasing process at 1688.com, you can build a virtual trading company.

You can set up a website in your local language to help people or small businesses in your country buy things on the 1688.com.

Why you Want to Source from 1688.com?

The answer is yes, but only if you have a China bank account. You can easily register an account with 1688.com, find products, and add them to your cart. but the biggest problem is in the last step – payment to the supplier.

See the picture below:. This is the payment page of ordering on 1688.com (it’s redirected to Alipay page actually) and I’ve switched to the overseas version. Here it says that as a foreigner, you can only pay with your Alipay balance or your mainland China bank card.

In order to enable the Alipay balance feature, you must verify your Alipay account with a mainland China bank card.

so, a mainland China bank card is the key to the problem.

But you have to come to China in person to open a bank account, you can’t do it over the internet or at a Chinese bank branch in your local area.

This is a huge barrier for most.

The answer is also yes. the screenshot below is the checkout page of 1688, on the left of the Alipay option(支付宝), there is another payment option, called cross-border pay(跨境宝).

This is a new payment solution launched by 1688 and Alipay for some foreign companies.

10.International shipping

I will introduce this payment solution in part 7 of this article. Now you know that it’s very difficult for most people to buy and pay directly at 1688.com like at alibaba.com.

Difficulties of Sourcing from 1688.com

ItemsLinksPrice/Link (USD)
1688.com Service Fees1 +3.5
5 +3
10 +2.5
15 +2
20 +1.5
ItemsMaterialPrice/Carton (USD)
Consolidated BoxNew Box to Consolidate all of your goods together3

I guess that’s why most foreigners don’t use this site for their purchases. Feeling Frustrated? Want to give up? No, No, Please Don’t! Because I know that there are a lot of people who overcame these obstacles and they are making tons of money leveraging 1688.com right now! and you can do it too. Let me share with you some of the approaches that people are using today to purchase from 1688.com.

After you registered your 1688.com account, you can log in to your aliwangwang account and communicate directly with the supplier.

Alternatively, you can find the supplier’s mobile number or WeChat ID on the product page and get in touch with the supplier on WeChat. The rest is just like you purchase from Alibaba, discussing product details, samples, order quantities, discounts, payment methods, etc.

You can bypass the middleman and talk directly to the manufacturer. Most of the sellers on 1688.com are only selling to domestic buyers.

the price they offer you is usually lower than on Alibaba. Many suppliers don’t speak English, so be patient and try to use simple English.

  1. Many of the 1688.com suppliers do not have PayPal accounts and their bank cards only accept RMB,you have to find a payment method they can accept.
  2. There are a lot of China buying agent websites that offer a service of buying from popular China online stores like Taobao, 1688.com,JD.com.
  3. All you need to do is submit the product link on their website,.
  4. They will then help you to buy the product from that supplier.
  5. When all your orders reach their warehouse, they will consolidate and repack them for you and send them to you through different shipping methods.
  6. The good thing about these websites is that the procedure is simple and easy to follow, the shopping experience is great, and the whole process is just like you were shopping at aliexpress.

And they also offer a PayPal or credit card payment method. Usually, the services offered by these sites are very limited.

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