9apps Download Apk

9Apps for Android is a free third-party app store intended as an alternative to Google Play Store. Of course, since it is a competitor to the Play Store, you must download the app from an external site. 9Apps benefits users with devices that cannot access the Google apps. Affected phone manufacturers have been forced to create their own stores, and many users have resorted to APK stores, which is essentially what this is. The same as with any other app downloaded from a third-party source, your Android device will warn you that apps from outside the Play Store could pose a security threat. If you’re comfortable with proceeding with the installation, bypass this warning notification. We didn’t experience any problems during our testing, but the frequency of in-app notifications about apps needing updates became a little disconcerting. Find a reliable source and click the ‘download’ button for this store app.
Reviewed by Andrés López Translated by Taryn


  • A security notification will pop up on your device's screen asking for access to your phone like SSM messages, camera, etc.
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