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9Apps is a tool to download all kinds of multimedia content directly to your Android: wallpapers, ringtones, and even apps and games (although the latter must be downloaded through Google Play).From the main screen of 9Apps, you can use different filters to find the wallpaper or ringtone that you're looking for, although truth be told these filters don't work as well as they should.

Nevertheless, searching by category will allow you to quickly find images of cute animals or breathtaking landscapes, for example.What should be one of the strengths of 9Apps – downloading apps – actually turns out a bit average due to a simple problem: no applications can be downloaded from within the app.

Download apps easily and for free with 9Apps

  1. Instead, 9Apps will redirect you to Google Play, meaning it's not particularly useful. The official Uptodown application, on the other hand, does allow direct downloads of APKs.9Apps is a download portal with both pros and cons. On the one hand, it's good for finding and downloading lots of wallpapers and fun ringtones, but on the other, it doesn't allow the direct download of games and apps. Requires Android 2.3 or higher.
  2. 9Apps is an application that allows users to download a large variety of other applications. It functions in a similar way to other app stores but offers a selection of applications and games that cannot always be found on official app stores.
  3. The app is supported on most Android-based smartphones, and it is easy to use. Similar applications include Android SDK.
  4. 9Apps offers users the ability to download a selection of applications safely and securely. Since 9Apps is Android-based, the application's download catalog also contains mostly Android applications.
  5. 9Apps makes the process of installing applications much easier. The app doesn't block unsigned applications, and it allows users to install any application that they want on their phone without annoying popups and permission requests.
  6. Since this could cause malware or other unwanted applications to be installed on your phone, it is advisable to download cautiously.

Good collection of applications

9Apps provides a welcome addition to the app store scene.

The ease of downloading applications and the ability to download and install apps when and how you wish are some of the factors that make the application a good choice.

All things considered, 9Apps is a useful application to have on your phone. The application gives users access to a range of applications that are not available in the official Play store. 9Apps is safe to download and use but since it makes it possible for unsigned applications to be downloaded and installed, you should use caution when selecting apps from the 9Apps platform.

Offers access to applications that are not in the official play store. Can be used by people of all technical ability levels. Doesn't bother with popups and permission requests. Generally fast and reliable. Not available for use on all operating systems. The user interface is not easy to understand.

Limited range of apps to choose from.

Caution is required when installing apps to prevent malware infections.

How do I remove 9Apps from my phone?

  1. 9Apps for Android is a free third-party app store intended as an alternative to Google Play Store.
  2. Of course, since it is a competitor to the Play Store, you must download the app from an external site. 9Apps benefits users with devices that cannot access the Google apps. Affected phone manufacturers have been forced to create their own stores, and many users have resorted to APK stores, which is essentially what this is.
  3. The same as with any other app downloaded from a third-party source, your Android device will warn you that apps from outside the Play Store could pose a security threat.
  4. If you’re comfortable with proceeding with the installation, bypass this warning notification. We didn’t experience any problems during our testing, but the frequency of in-app notifications about apps needing updates became a little disconcerting.

Is 9Apps safe?

Find a reliable source and click the ‘download’ button for this store app.

  1. A security notification will pop up on your device's screen asking for access to your phone like SSM messages, camera, etc.
  2. Grant the app access if you’re comfortable doing so.
  3. Next, follow the on-screen steps to download and install the app.
  4. As with any other app on your Android device, you can uninstall the app by following these steps:.
  5. Find the APKTom app in your apps list. Long-press on the icon, so the mini-menu appears.

Sketchy platform

Install applications easily

Press on ‘Uninstall’. Press ‘Yes’ when asked if you’re sure you want to uninstall it. At first, we were a little worried by the redirection to install a completely different app.

  1. We were also a little wary of the number of notifications from the app saying that updates were available for other apps on our device. In our tests, we didn’t find any apps in the APKTom program that aren’t also available in the Google Play Store.
  2. Therefore, we are not recommending this app as an alternative to Play Store.
  3. Recommendations and Better Categorization: 9apps provides the best-recommended apps based on the user’s behavior and past activities. Moreover, its easier to find the app you want because the apps are categorized so perfectly.

Is 9apps better than Google Play?

Although we recommend you to use Google Play as far as possible as most of the apps are launched there first and they have more apps and games, it is not always possible to use Google Play. The main reason is that it removes the apps which are not a virus but violates its Terms of Service such as YouTube downloading apps like Vidmate. Moreover, many apps are region restricted and cannot be downloaded in some countries until the developer allows it. With the use of 9apps, all the restrictions are gone and you can also download the awesome apps that are not available on Google Play.

How can I download 9Apps on my phone?

Q. Why 9apps is not available on Google Play Store?

Ans. 9apps directly is a competitor to Google Play. Although being a competitor to Google Play is 100% legal, Google won’t allow 9apps in their store because of their own reasons.

Our take

Ans. Yes, 9apps is completely free.

Should you download it?

Ans. We are sorry if you are annoyed by ads but this is the only way for revenue of 9apps. So, you cannot disable ads in 9apps.

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