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See our complete list of top GRC vendors. ACL is a privately owned software company headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

For more than 30 years, ACL has been delivering risk management, compliance, and audit software to some of the biggest private and public organizations. Its automated enterprise SaaS platform merges GRC and corporate performance management (CPM).

ACL’s platform contains four core modules – strategy, projects, results and analytics –with integrated content and add-ons such as data connectors and configuration services. The Strategy module provides a view of strategic objectives and risks across the entity structure for risk universal planning and assessments.

The Projects module is where operational risk treatment activities are planned and executed, from audits or compliance reviews to risk assessments or risk action plans. The Results module displays the output from risk analytics or monitoring programs, as well as human data from surveys or event forms (e.g.

New Features

hotlines, whistleblowers). The Analytics module performs ad hoc risk analytics or automated analysis for monitoring programs, data aggregation and reporting purposes. The Reports module aggregates data from the other modules into BI-type reports or dashboards.

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