Acl Software Audit

A passionate and business oriented IT consultant. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, a CISA and CISM . He has diverse skills in the following IT related areas - Programming, Website Design & Development, Digital Marketing, Computer Networks and Servers, Revenue Assurance, Information Systems Audits, Control and Security,Data analysis and visualizations. With work experience of over 7 years , He has implemented audit processes for Banks, manufacturing and Insurance Companies in Nigeria, instituted controls to mitigate IT risks, revenue leakages and cyber fraud.

He has also turned data into information for business process owners for strategic business decisions.

  • He has passion for teaching, He taught in the high school and helped students with their academics. As a consultant, he has also taught participants from different organisations.
  • Samuel is a well experienced professional, he has worked with top brands and his valuable contribution to the growth of business is second to none.
  • His current research areas include cybersecurity, penetration testing and data science.

ACL audit analytic technology is available for multiple languages. Localized product versions–including English, French, German, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese and Spanish–provide assistance through dialog boxes, menus, and help files in the language selected.

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