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ACL Analytics is a Data-Driven Audit Management platform. ACL offers data analytics solution, developed to control audit, risk, compliance, IT and financial control. Its integrated platform standardizes and streamlines key functions, which results with as much as 50% in productivity and efficiency improvement.

This way, users can enhance their audit coverage, clearly focus on risks and segments with maximum room for improvements. They can also view, manage, and observe all compliance responsibilities and get full risk monitoring for accounting and finance departments. ACL is able to work with a vast number of records quickly and easily, using a minimalist scripting language for most of the tasks. The platform also features integrated audit analytics, for complex data processing, remote offline auditing, team-based analytics data workflows, public sector analytics, government tax oversight, and many more.


        • ACL Analytics currently scores 66/100 in the Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) category.This is based on press buzz (43/100), recent user trends (falling), and other relevant information on ACL Analytics gathered from around the web.
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        • ACL is a privately owned software company headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
        • For more than 30 years, ACL has been delivering risk management, compliance, and audit software to some of the biggest private and public organizations.
        • Its automated enterprise SaaS platform merges GRC and corporate performance management (CPM).
        • ACL’s platform contains four core modules – strategy, projects, results and analytics –with integrated content and add-ons such as data connectors and configuration services.

The Strategy module provides a view of strategic objectives and risks across the entity structure for risk universal planning and assessments.

The Projects module is where operational risk treatment activities are planned and executed, from audits or compliance reviews to risk assessments or risk action plans. The Results module displays the output from risk analytics or monitoring programs, as well as human data from surveys or event forms (e.g.

hotlines, whistleblowers). The Analytics module performs ad hoc risk analytics or automated analysis for monitoring programs, data aggregation and reporting purposes. The Reports module aggregates data from the other modules into BI-type reports or dashboards. The platform includes a certified data connector to SAP ERP systems; embedded content in the platform specific to functional areas like robotic process automation for ERP processes; IT standards and regulations for cybersecurity and data privacy; regulatory content for banking and lending; and various entitlement programs for government.

“ACL’s embedded content can link standards or regulations to the organization’s library of process risk controls,” said Kris Hutton, ACL Director of Product Management.

“This links to data analysis and surveys, which can be aggregated back to the Strategy module for better context to report to the board and senior management, demonstrating the direct business impact of certain initiatives.”. Recent updates include enabling customers to run a well-governed organization in real time, and making ACL’s GRC Platform seamlessly embed GRC knowledge content into daily workflow. The May 2018 release includes:. A new dashboard for leadership oversight of audits, compliance reviews or risk assessment projects, including productivity benchmarks (e.g.

projects completed, controls tested/passed/failed, issues opened and remediated, etc.). Robotic control assessments, where you can automate the pass/fail of a control with data analytics. “Mission Control” module that shows control and process owners a flat view of the controls they own along with milestones and status. Ability to more easily assign controls to front lines to perform a control or self-assessment for areas like SOX compliance, IT governance, internal control management, compliance management and strategy & performance governance.

Expansion of embedded content suites for financial controls monitoring, IT governance, banking & lending and government entitlement program oversight. Evidence-linking for audit, compliance and risk project work.

Key verticals include banking and lending, state, local, provincial and federal government, and higher education. Forrester classifies ACL as a Strong Performer, its second-highest rating. The analyst firm said ACL’s GRC portfolio has grown substantially from its original audit solution. Forrester gives ACL high marks for its simple user interface, strong mobile support, and strong analytic integration.

More than 7100 active customers in 140 countries, including 60 percent of the Fortune 1000, 72 percent of the S&P 500, more than 700 local and state governments worldwide and more than 200 federal government agencies. ACL’s platform is primarily delivered through the cloud, with its analytics module on premises. On an annual subscription basis, prices range from less than $10,000/year to $1 million or more a year. Previous articleHow VMware Organizes Its Security Products. Next articleWhat Is SQL Injection and How Can It Hurt You? Related articles. Founders Harald and Hart Will launched ACL back in 1987 – a time when floppy disks were the height of technology, gas was only 89c per gallon, and President Reagan famously demanded “Mr.

Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”. So it’s safe to say times have changed, and so has ACL. Over the years, we’ve evolved from “the analytics company” into an analyst-recognized risk management, compliance, and audit solution that unites all of these teams to a single platform.

And—to continue to evolve our products—we recently acquired Rsam. During all this evolution and growth, there was one thing that didn’t change: our brand.

People still thought of us as “the analytics company.” The ACL brand was no longer communicating all that we had to offer. So a year ago, we got to work. We started researching and developing a new name and brand to better represent us.

One that would reflect our company values. That would carry us into the future as we continue to develop innovative products. Galvanize has two meanings that immediately spoke to us – to shock or excite into taking action, or to coat with a protective layer.

Galvanize tells our story. It communicates the protection that our integrated governance software solutions bring to security, risk management, compliance, and audit professionals. Galvanize positions us firmly in the tech industry to potential recruits and moves us forward from being “the analytics company.”. Learn more about Galvanize.

Watch our recent webinar hosted by Galvanize's executive team. What will happen with the current Rsam and ACL products? In the long-term, we will integrate our products to create a single end-to-end platform, but rest assured, nothing will change in terms of the products and functionality you have today. Whether you're an Rsam or ACL customer, you will retain the same features and continue to use them in the same way. However, you will see some cosmetic changes reflecting our new visual brand and logos.

In May, Rsam Cloud customers will also gain new capabilities with ACL Robotics and storyboards, to provide CISOs and IT professionals deeper insights and transparency into their key security areas.

Please submit a support ticket to request these.

We are busy working on on-premise integration with ACL Robotics and will have this ready in the coming months.

What’s changing? Our integrated platform is called HighBond. Think of it as the main platform that all our products live under.

As of May 13, instead of you will login at ACL Analytics is now part of ACL Robotics. This is our Analytics on premise software, plus our new Robots module, and machine learning functionality.

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