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Combining reliable backup with proven anti-malware technology, our unique cyber protection solution effectively safeguards all of your data, apps, and systems. For people who are new to backing up their computers, True Image 2013 brings an approachable interface with short, helpful descriptions that acquaint users with the primary functions.


Bug fixes and other improvements. Added an option to validate only the latest backup version to speed up the regular validation process. Versions of backups to Acronis Cloud now can be cleaned up from the Acronis True Image console. Web filtering protects you from malicious websites. Complete Cyber Protection: Combining reliable backup with proven anti-malware technology, our unique cyber protection solution effectively safeguards all of your data, apps, and systems. Backup and Recovery: Mirror imaging. All‑in‑one recovery drives. It’s easy to ensure your data is available for recovery, no matter what happens. Anywhere Access: Retrieve any file from your cloud backup, wherever you are, on any device.

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Manage backups remotely. Enjoy secure file sync and share. Innovative Protections: The only personal backup solution that uses AI to stop ransomware and crypto-jacking in real-time. Offers blockchain data notarization. Flexible: Control where you store your data, whether it’s locally on an external hard drive, network folder, or NAS device, off-site in the cloud, or a combination to ensure total protection.

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Approve specific Wi-Fi networks to avoid potential problems. Visual: Know everything about your backup at a glance. Monitor the status of backups with push notifications to your desktop tray. See file sizes, backup speeds, and color-coded displays of the type of data stored with our visual dashboard. Compatible: Safeguard your data regardless of where it lives with a solution that supports the latest versions of Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices, as well as virtual machines.

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Our integrated anti-malware defense is 100% compatible with other anti-virus software. Acronis True Image 2021 Patch Only Rar (1.7 MB) | Mirror. Acronis True Image 2021 Build 39287 Full Version Rar (809.3 MB) | Mirror. Acronis True Image 2021 Build 39287 Bootable ISO (647.8 MB) | Mirror. Acronis True Image 2021 v26.1.1 Build 39703 AIO BootCD Rar (1.1 GB) | Mirror. You can create a rescue bootable media - a standalone version of Acronis True Image that you can use to boot a crashed machine or a machine without any operating system and restore an image of your system. Follow the instructions below to create a bootable media. For instructions on how to create Acronis Survival Kit, see this article.

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In the Tools section, click Rescue Media Builder:. Choose media creation method:. Simple—This is the easiest option, suitable for most users.

How to create Acronis Bootable Media on a Mac

Acronis True Image will choose the optimal media type for your computer. If you use Windows 7 or a later version, WinRE-based media will be created. Otherwise, Acronis Media Builder will create a Linux-based media. Advanced—This option allows you to choose a media type, therefore you can create the rescue media not only for your computer, but for a computer running a different Windows version. Select a destination for the media:. USB flash drive. ISO image file (you can burn the ISO image to CD/DVD separately). WIM image file (available only for WinPE-based media). First, select the bootable media type: WinPE-based media or Linux-based media. Using bootable media created with WinPE may provide better compatibility with your computer’s hardware because the preinstallation environment uses Windows drivers.

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Select architecture and toolkit:. Select a toolkit that you want to be used for the rescue media creation. Windows Recovery Environment is recommended, because it usually has all the drivers required for the successful hardware recognition. In case of significant hardware upgrade scenarios, like a migration from old SATA HDD to a faster m.2 NVMe SSD you may need to add drivers for the new hardware on the next step of the Media Builder.

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If the Windows Recovery Environment is missing or Acronis Media Builder is unable to detect it, choose the second or third option. If you plan on using NMVe / M.2 / U.2 / RAID / PCIe, the second option (Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10) is preferred, even if the operating system inside the backup is still Windows 7, because here the operating system refers to the choice of the base of the bootable media, the small 'portable' OS that runs inside the bootable media, completely independent from the operating system inside the backup.

Acronis True Image 2021 Build 39287.

If you choose Windows AIK or Windows ADK and you do not have the selected kit installed on your computer, then you first need to download it from the Microsoft website, and then install the required components—Deployment Tools and Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE). For better compatibility with your hardware, you can select drivers to be added to the media. Because finding the right drivers can be time consuming, you can skip this step, finish creating a bootable media, try and boot the computer from it and see if the disks / network / NAS are detected successfully in the Recovery's "Browse" dialog window.

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If some hardware is not detected, re-create the bootable media, this time not skipping this step and adding the drivers. The drivers must be extracted in a folder so that individual files .inf, .sys, .cat etc are present. If the drivers are in a single .exe or .msi file, try launching this file, see if it offers an option to extract rather than install drivers. Download and unzip drivers from the computer manufacturer's website. You need drivers, that are listed under "Storage", "Chipset", "Disks", "SATA", "AHCI", "RAID", "NVMe", "PCIe", "M.2", "U.2", "USB", "Network", "Ethernet", "Wi-Fi" sections. If you do not need network support, skip "Ethernet", "Network" and "Wi-Fi".

Acronis True Image 2021: how to create bootable media.

Sometimes computer manufacturers do not provide the drivers in extractable format, or the PC's hardware could have been customized afterwards. In such case you need to figure out the model of the controller that is used to access the disk and find the drivers for it in zip/rar/7z format. One of the most popular drivers that are needed for a successful internal drive recognition, and that are missing in the default clean WinPE media, are Intel RST drivers. Download and unzip the latest version of Intel RST drivers that support the hardware where the bootable media will be used.

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If you are unsure about what model of Intel controller is used, launch Windows Start menu, type cmd, right-click the found result and select "Run as administrator" or "More"-"Run as administrator", then execute the following command:. wmic path win32_pnpentity where "caption like '%Chipset%' OR caption like '%AHCI%' OR caption like '%RAID%' OR caption like '%SATA%'" get caption. Note that the above command should be run on the computer where the bootable media is intended to be used, not where the media builder is running (if these are different computers). Find the latest version of Intel RST drivers at

Creating bootable Acronis True Image USB Flash with Rufus.

Version 16.8: Intel® 300/240 Series Chipset Family. Intel® 200 Series Chipset Family SATA AHCI/RAID Controller.

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