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Adobe after effects is a software that creates motion graphics and digital visual effects in a film. It is perfect for massive film making for TV production due to the quality and plug-ins editing tools.

Adobe after effects is a software that creates motion graphics and digital visual effects in a film.

It is perfect for massive film making for TV production due to the quality and plug-ins editing tools. The software features 3D effects on videos and also able to make videos look like animated cartoons.

Adobe After Effects Features

Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8. Adobe After Effects is a professional digital software package that is being used most commonly for applying visual effects, motion graphics, compositing and computer animation during the post-production process of movies and television programs.

Adobe After Effects Overview

It is not only a useful video editor, but it also offers various functions for audio. It consists of a complex interface that is most appropriate for professional users, but beginners can also get to learn about its tools and options by viewing tutorials at the official website.

  • How to Download:.
  • Before start using Adobe After Effects , you need to get registered first on Adobe website.
  • You can install the software in free trial mode for 30 days or directly purchase its license at $19.99 per month.
  • First you have to download its installer, known as Adobe Creative Cloud.

Opening this installer will show you the list of all Adobe products and you can select this software to be installed.

How to get After Effects for free or cheaper

The installation of software will take a long time due to its various built-in tools and high quality graphics.

  1. Adobe After Effects gives you the flexibility of capturing videos from any Adobe mobile app or computer software and then edit it for adding required effects.
  2. The created videos can run easily with the software regardless of their sizes.
  3. The video playback is not interrupted by any warnings or option panels.
  4. It also performs face tracking for making it easier to edit and apply effects on faces.
  5. It lets you deal with 2D and 3D objects in an efficient way.
  6. You can synchronize your video files on multiple devices.
  7. It is a great tool for finalizing the captured videos by turning them into movies with the help of its editing tools.
  8. It lets you apply masks, use 3D layers, perform transformation and add many scripts in your project.
  9. It lets you apply various effects on audio and video such as blur, sharpen, Cinema 4D effect, distortion, matte & grain and expression controls.

You can also add animations by tracking the motion, camera and mask. The available Window category lets you work in your personally preferred layout and environment.


For using Adobe After Effects you need to have minimum 5 GB of free hard disk space, 4 GB RAM, Intel Core2 Duo 64 bit processor, 10 GB disk space for cache images, monitor screen resolution of 1280×1080 pixels and OpenGL version 2.0 compatibility.

It is only compatible with Windows Operating System so you must have Windows, 7, 8 or 10 for using its latest version.

  1. Adobe After Effects is a guaranteed way of giving your captured videos a whole new form.
  2. With its wide range of options it is easy to apply any effect on your raw videos.
  3. It is a complete set of tools and tabs that are needed for creating an attract movie.
  4. Though its interface is not too friendly for beginners, but with some efforts you can become an expert.

The software is worth giving a try for those are interested in video editing area. If you’re on the lookout for an all-encompassing photo and video editing program that offers you a professional toolset for doing just about any kind of creative editing, you don’t have to search any further.

Adobe After Effects is definitely the tool you want to check out. The application allows users to create anything from basic editing to character animation, object removal from video clips, 3D designs, and more.

The After Effects Interface

With After Effects, you can do cross-editing across other Adobe products, such as Adobe Premiere Pro, import from Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.

While Adobe After Effects is a subscription-based premium tool, if you follow the instructions below, I’ll show you how to download it free for 7 days.

Go directly to the official Adobe After Effects download page. Click the Download button on the sidebar, and a new page will open, prompting you to create an account (if you are a new user or login to Adobe After Effects to continue).

  • After finishing the registration, a download link will be sent to your email.
  • Once Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop is installed, search for After Effects in the list of programs and click on install.
  • Then, you can start using the program for your editing needs free of charge for 7 days.
  • Adobe After Effects is a must-have program for anyone with an interest in video editing.

From students and hobbyists to amateurs and professional filmmakers, After Effects will help bring your vision to reality.

Additional Editing Software From Adobe

The software is packed with a professional-grade toolset and templates that can help unlock the creative genius. One of the most impressive features is the integrated AI that can help correct many common errors without you needing to do too much.

While After Effects has many tools that are easy to use, there are plenty of advanced tools and features that may take some time to master.

Monthly plan

On that end, Adobe has an excellent tutorial that is available for anyone who wants to learn how to best use the tools.

Some of the most common uses of After Effects are creating cinematic movie titles, video intros, and smooth transitions.

Annual plan, prepaid

It’s compatible with third-party plugins, which extend the range of features and functions that you can accomplish.

The workspace is an intuitive 3D space that makes it easy to link with other Adobe products, such as Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, and more. As you might expect from the name of the software, After Effects, the program specializes in adding after effects in post-production to add the finishing touches to your video production.


Here are just a few of the top features that you won’t want to miss:. The most important thing to understand with After Effects is what they call Compositions. These are the frameworks for your video projects. A standard composition includes several layers comprising of all the components that create your finished project.

Software details

It can be multiple video clips, audio and sound effects, visual effects, text, pictures, and whatever else you include in your productions. An example of a composite in After Effects. Once you’ve added the layers, you can manipulate the length of each layer, where it sits on the timeline, and arrange them so that the layers are showing in the correct order.

After seeing the Content Aware Fill feature’s success with Photoshop, Adobe has added it to After Effects. It allows you to seamlessly remove unwanted objects from the background and fill in the space behind it without any distortion.

There are some limitations as to what you can remove, especially if the background is constantly changing.

You should use Content Aware Fill with objects on a simple or textured background for the best results. If you have Photoshop or a Creative Cloud account, you can use it to improve the quality of your content.

Create a reference frame and upload it to Photoshop.

  • Then you can use the Photoshop tools to change the background, giving you something that is easier to work with.
  • Next, upload your editing version back to After Effects, and it will use the updated frame to improve its own AI calculations and improve the quality of your video clip.

Are you making a film about a snowstorm in the middle of the summer? Perhaps you need a steady rainfall for a scene? You don’t need to wait for the seasons to change, or the weather to cooperate with your film schedule.

How to Uninstall Adobe After Effects

After Effects has the tools and plugins you need to add realistic weather effects to your videos. Using snow as an example, there are several ways to add falling snow to your project:. Find a stock video clip of snow that you like and add it as a layer over your other video.

  • Create a snowstorm using the particle system technique.
  • Take a video of snow falling and add it to your video in post-production.
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