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After reading this short guide you will be able to beat any adobe game, read carefully to get the concept. So, how to do i use cheat engine on adobe games. There is 2 types of adobe games: adobe flash based: Value. 8 adobe air based: Array Data Type (not confirmed). The Future of Adobe AIR. Since its release in 2008, the Adobe AIR runtime has enabled developers to create and deploy Flex, ActionScript and HTML-based content as standalone desktop apps, as well as native iOS and Android apps running on mobile devices since 2010. We’ve been impressed by the broad set of AIR apps and games created by the.

A file with the.AIR file extension is most likely an AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) Installer Package file that stores web-based applications programmed using ActionScript or Apache Flex. They're usually ZIP -compressed and can be used across all desktop and mobile operating systems that support the Adobe AIR runtime, like Windows, macOS. Adobe AIR; Best; 20 Best Adobe AIR Games. Super Fancy Pants Adventure. Super Fancy Pants Adventure is a wild free-running adventure with buttery smooth platforming and a slick fountain pen! With the transition of Adobe AIR to a new company (Harmon), the link to adobeAir is no longer on Adobes site. Here is a direct link. AdobeAIR WIN installer MAC. AdobeAIR MAC Installer To get the Mac installer to work on the newest OS's there is an extra step, it's quick and easy, we have all the info her.

AIR Native Extensions.
Made easy.

Milkman Native Extensions take the hassle out of platform services so you can focus on what matters- making killer games.

Always up to date.

Let us worry about new SDK versions, cross-platform compatibility, and Facebook API changes- so you don't have to.

Awesome Docs.

Our fully illustrated, step-by-step manuals cover everything from third-party website setups to writing code.

What Is Adobe Air Platforms

Great APIs.

Simple and familiar APIs get you up and running fast. Most AIR ANE features can be added with just a few lines of code.

Stellar support.

Every native extension customer gets access to free email support from real developers, and free software updates for one year.

Top developers Trust Milkman native extensions.

Milkman's native extensions are trusted by thousands of Adobe AIR developers, from big name publishers to top-tier indies. Milkman's production-proven ANEs power top-grossing games across the iOS, Android, and Amazon App Stores.

AIR Native Extension Updates

GoViral 5.6.0, AdMob 4.11.1, and Google Games 2.11 Native Extensions Updates

New Updates are now available to download for the of the GoViral Native Extension, AdMob ANE and Google Games ANE AIR Native Extensions.

Rewarded Video Ads for Adobe AIR With AdMob 4.10.0 Native Extension

You can now use AdMob Rewarded Video for Adobe AIR with version 4.10.0 of the AdMob Native Extension!

Why choose Milkman ANEs?

We've been building Native Extensions for Adobe AIR since day one. As the first commercial ANE developer, our extensions benefit from 4 years of refinement, continuous updates, and real-world use you won't find anywhere else.


We've given presentations on Adobe AIR Extensions at Adobe Max, Adobe User Group, and the Adobe headquarters in San Francisco. Milkman ANEs have been featured on, Adobe evangelist and developer blogs, and the Flash Builder splash screen.

Native Extensions are our full-time business and we think you'll find our reliability, documentation, and support second to none.

Start building your games and apps

Adobe Air is multi-platform software used to design and create video games and applications. It runs on both phones and desktops, and enhances the quality and performance of apps.

Coders who want everything in one place

Adobe Air is made for coders who want everything in one place. Design, create, and edit your application with Adobe Air.

Available in 16 languages, the program makes it easier for developers around the world to work on their projects. You focus on your project with no language barriers.

The desktop version has features that take the load off of building your application. Take advantage of the clipboard function that enables you to copy and paste files and bitmapsdirectly into your application.

You can work on multiple threads at a time, with the handy multi-threading feature. If you run ActionScript 3 Code while working on a separate thread, it won’t freeze the interface.

Check out the mobile version as well. The Air GamePad is an impressive feature that enables the screen to act as both a secondary display and controller for games.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is another important feature in the mobile version. This input enriches mobile content and provides a better interface for users.

A minor inconvenience is that Adobe Air needs to be installed using an installer for Windows or iOS on desktop, and the appropriate App Store on mobile. This is due to its download size. Keep in mind that this won’t have any negative effect on its capability.

Where can you run this program?

The software can be run on Windows and iOS, but has been discontinued on Linux. For mobile and tablet, it can be run on iOS, Android, and Blackberry.

Adobe Air Android

Is there a better alternative?

Adobe Air stands out from other multi-platform software. Design your app in one place, and benefit from the rich content on both mobile or desktop. There really is not a better alternative to this program.

Our take

Adobe Air is an impressive software program for creating and developing applications. It has a simplified user interface and offers a wide range of features for all platforms.

Should you download it?

Yes, download Adobe Air and instantly see how much richer your content is. It works seamlessly and you can do everything in one place. It’s a definite download.


  • Available on both desktop and phone
  • 3D graphics
  • Better performance on mobile devices
  • Richer content on both desktop and mobile


  • Must be downloaded in installer file
  • Discontinued on Linux platform
  • Access to all file systems

Adobe Airfor Windows

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