Adobe Cs3 Activation Bypass

[Published Wednesday, July 18th].
We previously reported on an issue where Adobe CS3 applications refuse to register, in some cases delivering the error message that the applications have already been registered to "Mac Vegas," -- apparently an internal Adobe build/development name.
In some cases, CS3 applications ask for activation again, even though they have already been successfully registered.
MacFixIt reader Jeff Andrew now offers a solution that involves quitting all open CS3 applications, then deleting the following file: . Then re-launch one or more CS3 applications. You'll be required to go through the activation process again, but it should stick this time. "One of my clients was experiencing a similar problem with CS3. It was suddenly requesting that he activate CS3, even though I had already activated it successfully 3 weeks earlier when I installed it. He had been using CS3 continuously since I originally installed it.
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