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You can’t do SEO without statistics. That said, it’s not a good idea to invest hundreds of dollars on SEO or keyword research when you are on a tight budget. The good news is, aside from the huge (and expensive) SEO softwares like Ahrefs or SEMrush, there are many affordable and great solutions for online marketers as well.

Here are 10 affordable SEO software tools, under $50 per month, to help you optimize your marketing efforts. Cost: $124.75 one timeOfficial

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While not under $40 per month, SEO Spyglass is even cheaper in that it doesn’t require any recurring payment, which would save up a lot in the long run. SEO Spyglass is a desktop and backlink analysis SEO software compatible on any devices. Used and trusted by many big brands such as Amazon Webstore, HP, Toshiba and more, SEO Spyglass is definitively a great choice for every online marketers.

SEO Spyglass features include:. Backlink checker – As we all know that backlinks is a major search engine’s ranking factor. SEO Spyglass helps you pull all backlinks to any website or pages instantly.


Keyword anchor text – In addition, the tool also helps you determine anchor text patterns that links to any sites on the internet. PageRank – SEO Spyglass displays the Google PageRank for every inbound link that you can easily sort by to check the quality of links pointing at you or your competitors’ page.

Traffic sent from each backlink – This is a metric from the Alexa Traffic Rank that estimates the amount of traffic a site receives. The idea is that a backlink from a website with high numbers of visitors is probably directing some of those visitors via the backlink.

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Sort links from blogs and forums – This is a unique feature to SEO Spyglass that allows you to filter for only links from blogs and forums.

These links are more easy to reproduce by manually submitting a post or reaching out to the blogger in question.

  • Calculate backlink’s value – SEO Spyglass’s software also helps calculate the value of each backlink based upon the link density of the referring page.
  • Cost: $19 per monthOfficial
  • Jaaxy is primarily a low-competitive keyword research tool, but they also offer various tracking features to help optimize your SEO efforts.

In addition, keyword research is at the foundation of SEO.

  • As Kristi Hines said:. You can’t do anything until you have your target keywords set, and link building is useless if you haven’t optimized your pages for the keywords you’re trying to rank for.
  • And that’s what Jaaxy is good at, helping you at both finding profitable keywords and tracking your progress for a reasonable price.
  • Jaaxy boasts a number of features including:.

Keyword Competition – Quickly help you determine keyword competition (with metrics such as Quoted Search Results) to find the best keywords to rank for on search engines. SEO Analysis – Helps you analyse top results for any keywords.

Keyword List Manager – Save and track any keywords for later reference. Rank Checker – With Jaaxy, you can quickly check your ranking position on Google without the hassle of manually searching and counting in Incognito mode.


Cost: $15 per monthOfficial SheerSEO is the most affordable all-in-one SEO tools in the market that helps you manage, monitor, and conduct SEO campaigns.

While SheerSEO boasts a wide range of features from PageRank tracker, backlink checker, social media tracker and more, it’s best known for tracking your ranking on search engines and checking how your promotion efforts (such as link building) are impacting it.

SheerSEO starts at as low as $7, their best value option is $15.

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  • Here’s an overview of SheerSEO’s main features:. Rank tracking – SheerSEO allows you to track search engine’s ranking for any given keywords on Google, Bing and Yahoo. The most useful part of this feature is its’ historical tracking, that lets you follow trends in your rankings over time. Number of backlinks – Quickly visualise the number of backlinks to your site, this allows you keep track of any negative SEO trends, so you’ll be able to take action before it’s too late.
  • Social media tracking – SheerSEO allows you to track all mentions of your brand from large social media channels like Twitter and Facebook and is good at finding sharing activity you won’t normally see. Mailed Reports – This feature is specially designed for SEO agencies to send PDF or CSV reports to their clients.
  • Cost: $49.99 per monthOfficial Majestic is a marketing search engine and SEO backlink checker tool. Majestic is more expensive than others tools in this list, but they do offer a special plan at $49.99 per month for quarterly subscriptions.

Majestic’s features include:. Site Explorer – This feature let’s you explore any domain’s backlink and offers a summary of the website’s backlink profile (number of backlinks, referring domains, .edu backlinks, etc.).

  • Keyword Checker – This feature allows you to check keywords or phrases and see how many times it appears, as well as getting the search volume for each keyword. Link Profile Fight – This unique feature allows you to visually compare backlink profiles for two different sites. Backlink History – Majestic makes it possible for you to check backlink history for trends from you or your competitors sites.
  • Bulk Backlink Checker – As the name suggests, this tool allows you to check backlink counts for multiple domains. Compare Tool – This feature allows you to compare site authority for up to 5 domains with metrics such as backlink profile, trust flow, indexed URLs.

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Clique Hunter – This feature allows you to find linking trends for up to 10 sites. The idea behind it is that if these sites are linking to so many of your competitors, they are also more likely to link to you. Cost: $50 per monthOfficial

UpCity is a SEO software for SEO agencies. However their rich set of SEO, and social tools can also be useful for any online businesses.

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