Afterglow Wireless Controller For Pc

I wanted to like this afterglow controller so much.

Looked cool with the clear case and blue lights. But it simply didn't last.The first one I bought (Walmart), after plugging it in would freeze my games. This never happened before, ever. Then, it broke after 6 months use.

Luckily Wal gave me a completely full refund and I ended up trying my luck at Amazon.

Biggest problems with this second controller:- Controller does not turn on the PS3 console when you press the PS3 button. Hugely irritating.- The controller is a hard plastic, not soft like the original PS3 controller, so after some time it caused pain in my hands.- The R2 button kept sticking, even though the button was up- The R3 stick brokeOther things I disliked: the cost of batteries, which I had to replace every month.

And when the battery gets low, a red light flashes which can get annoying at times. In the end, this second controller lasted only 4 months. The company (PDP?) said they would replace it as it was under warranty, but I didn't want another one. I wanted my money back. They wouldn't do that. Amazon finally issued a partial refund, and charged me a restock fee.

So, I lost money on the deal, AND I had no controller. Performance Designed Products. AFTERGLOW PS3 CONTROLLER ON PC DRIVER ( This ergonomic afterglow blue lighting, pdp afterglow pc application.

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Controller about a ps3 controller touchpad.

XInput Wrapper.

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