Age Of Empires 4 Controls

A guide on how to fix WASD panning, camera rotation, mouse keys, and more in Age of Empires IV. You can’t change it during the tutorial for whatever reason. You also need to rebind the W, A, S, D grid keys to something else then you could rebind them to the pan camera keys.

Hold SHIFT/ALT Camera Rotation. Locate ‘Camera Hold’ under ‘Common Keys’ and remove the secondary key, you’ll be able to hold either your ALT or SHIFT key to rotate the camera whilst moving your mouse left or right. WASD Camera Fix. Enter a single player match and head into Settings>Controls.

Press ‘View and remap controls’. Right-click and remove them all (to make sure the bind works). Head to ‘Common Keys’ and find ‘Pan Up/Right/Left etc, and assign the appropriate keys. Save and hit ‘Restart’ if it doesn’t work, restart game, check over binds. Mouse Keys Quick Fix. download ‘Mouse Manager’. you’ll work it out, assign the key from AOE4 to the buttons from your mouse.

restart game, make sure mouse manager is enabled. If i missed anything leave in comments, didn’t want to get too into it. Get ready to go to battle.

There is a wealth of keyboard shortcuts, hotkeys, controls, and keybinds available to use in Age of Empires 4.

Age Of Empires 4 Hotkeys, Controls, Shortcuts, and Rebinds List

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