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Age of Empires IV is one of the best RTS games to release on PC in recent times. The latest installment in the series has several new features improving the overall quality of life among players. But at the same time, keeping many fan-favorite features from older editions. One such core feature keeping its place in the latest edition of the game is the ability to pause the simulation of the game.

Unit Management

To stop the simulation of the game completely, press the "Pause" hotkey during your game. As mentioned before, To pause the simulation, you will need to press the "Pause" button. Pausing the simulation will stop the game from running in the background. Apart from the Pause button, you can also use the Esc or F10 buttons to stop the game.

The post How to pause in Age of Empires IV appeared first on Pro Game Guides. Get ready to go to battle. There is a wealth of keyboard shortcuts, hotkeys, controls, and keybinds available to use in Age of Empires 4. Getting to know them and using them throughout gameplay will improve reaction times and increase a players actions-per-minute in the real-time strategy game. Ultimately, efficient use of your keys and micromanagement skills will help you to secure success. Without further ado, this guide explains all the keyboard shortcuts, hotkeys, rebinds, and controls available to use in Age of Empires 4. Read More: Age of Empires 4: Which Civilisation Should You Pick. The tables below describe the primary hotkey, secondary hotkey and an explanation of what they do. Where '-' is shown on its own, this means there is no secondary hotkey applicable to that action. Table of contents. There we have it. Players can now try to get the most out of their gameplay by utilising the above hotkeys! Please note, however, that these shortcuts sadly aren't customisable. For those who are new to the game, we have a useful guide of beginners tips here, and some guidance on how to tackle the first portion of the campaign, The Normans.

If you have a PC that supports the minimum system requirements for AoE 4, you won’t face crashes, and lag issues. But, if that’s still happening despite a good PC, here’s everything you can do to fix Age Of Empires 4 lag, stutter and low FPS problem. Try these troubleshooting tips to fix the AoE 4 lagging, stuttering and FPS drop problems. Do a fresh launch of AoE 4. Head to Settings. Choose the Graphics tab. Lower the settings of Image Quality, Geometry Detail, Lighting Quality and Texture Detail. Close the game and restart it to see these changes in effect. Sometimes, these apps can hamper Age Of Empires IV from running smoothly.


Close them all and see it it fixes the lag, stuttering and FPS drop issues. If you have the setting of syncing items to your OneDrive on, it could slow down your game. Follow these steps to pause syncing. Click on the OneDrive icon which is indicated by a blue cloud symbol. Click on Help & Settings. Select Pause Syncing. And after that, launch the game and check the performance. If you have multiple GPUs, then ensure that the game is running with the graphics card which will give you the best performance. Here’s how to do it for Steam and Microsoft store. Launch Steam and find AoE IV in your library. Right-click on it and click on Manage > Browse Local Files.

In the File Explorer that opens, select the file pathway and copy it by pressing CTRL + C. Now, head to your Windows Start menu and search for Graphics Settings. Open Graphics Settings and click on Browse. In the explorer window, paste the copied file pathway (using CTRL + V) into the file pathway field. Select the game’s executable application (.exe file). The app should now appear in the Graphics Settings page. Click on Options. Change the graphics preference to High Performance. Save the settings. Head to your Windows Start menu and search for Graphics Settings. Open Graphics Settings. Click on the dropdown menu and change from Desktop App to Microsoft Store App. A second dropdown will show up. Select the game’s name from the dropdown. The application should now appear in Graphics Settings page.

Nomads in the game rely on cavalry, as in real history

Click on Options. Change the graphics preference to High Performance. Save the settings. If you are playing AoE IV multiplayer mode, you need to check your network usage so that you don’t face any interruptions while playing. You need to limit the number of devices using the same network ports as AOE 4.

Plus, you need to also close any other applications which are using up the internet, like your Chrome browser etc. With a map that is bigger and has more population, you will face more lag and performance problems. Choose to play on a smaller map to lower the pressure on your PC. In case your display resolution is higher than what is recommended, it could cause FPS drops. Change it by right-clicking on your desktop and choose Display Settings > Advanced Display Settings > Recommended.

Observer and Replay

That’s everything you can do from your end to fix the lag, stutter and FPS drop issues in Age of Empires 4. Meanwhile, if AoE4 starts crashing, here’s what you can do to fix it.

Also, don’t forget to check out the Civilisations and Factions guide right away.

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Inthe military phase of the game, you need to immediately grasp animportant nuance: all soldiers have physical density. That is, themilitary does not pass through each other, as it happened in the RTS tenyears ago. Fighters in Age of Empires 4 are also not trained toelegantly bypass companions. As a result, without fine control, yourarmy will quickly collapse into a useless heap. The horsemen will bestuck among the infantry, and the foot soldiers will not be able todeploy the formation to attack, pushing their comrades in the back.There is one way to deal with this mess: keep different types of troopsat a distance from each other. Assign units to hotkeys and assign themdirections for attack so that the routes do not cross. Real historicaltactics work well here: fighters in heavy armor push in a straight line,cavalry attacks from the flanks, archers fire from a respectfuldistance.

When the hot stage of medievalshowdown begins, keep a close eye on your hero generals. These uniqueunits not only have high levels of damage and armor, but also use activeskills. Mongol generals, for example, are trained to fire signalarrows, increasing the speed of allied cavalry. The generals areactually immortal, but having received a lot of slaps, they fallunconscious right on the battlefield. As soon as such a nuisancehappens, urgently allocate any of your soldiers to revive the boss. Todo this, the warriors interface has a separate icon at the top of thecommand panel. The revived general will have an incomplete number ofHealth Points, but will be able to immediately continue the battle.
Whenyour army gets to the enemy walls, do not forget about personalassignment of targets for the shooters. When you start damaging anenemy village, its workers will start repairing buildings with thestubbornness of suicides right in the midst of an attack. If you do notgive the soldiers the order to eliminate the repairmen, yoursubordinates will not notice the peaceful population of the enemy for along time. And repairs, as mentioned above, can go faster in the gamethan destruction.

The new Age of Empires isgood precisely because everyone can find their own unique scheme forachieving success. Go for it, experiment. Our tips will help youquickly navigate the turbulent life of the local Middle Ages.

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