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Developers: Relic Entertainment, World's EdgePublishers: Xbox Game StudiosRelease date: 2021 (October 28)Genre: Strategy, Real-time strategyCrack status: CrackedHardware: Windows PC. A classic real-time strategy, inside and out, Age of Empires 4 has everything you'd expect from a classic Age of Empires game. Even though the game is set in medieval times, it seems like you've been taken back to a whole other time period in strategy games as you take on the English and the French. Moreover, there are certain aspects of it that are reminiscent of comfort food for older players.

Age IV Gameplay

  • It's the few places where Relic has taken chances that this battlefield shines the brightest and seems most contemporary.
  • Furthermore, it frequently seems to be too cautious and safe in a world where Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition is already in existence.
  • Most of AoE 4's factions are easy to join if you've been sending people out to hunt animals, harvest gold, and chop wood for decades as I have.
  • Spears, horses, and bows all have a rock-paper-scissors connection when it comes to winning pitched wars.
  • It may be more tactically beneficial to kill some of your opponent's villagers and shut down their economy than to win a head-to-head battle.
  • A chess match where map control is crucial is created by erecting walls and other defensive constructions, but high-tech artillery like cannons finally break the stalemate and lead to a definitive sweep for whomever deploys them most efficiently.
  • When you're up against a similarly competent opponent, the pace is just ideal.

The Mongol Empire

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  • My favorite feature of this game, though, is its selection of semi-randomized skirmish maps, which let you to choose a biome (ranging from European Temperate to Asian Steppe and Taiga) as well as a layout.
  • For example, one of the more open layouts has plenty of unit hiding forest, which fosters a guerrilla fight and lots of misdirection; the other has two hills overlooking an adjacent valley, which is very much like the tournament map for StarCraft 2.
  • Though mountain passes would always benefit castle-building civs over nomadic ones like the Mongols, some of them may seem uneven.
  • However, the diversity of well-designed battlefields makes up for that.
  • In spite of Relic's reluctance to speak about naval combat before to the game's release, naval combat is well-developed and makes island landscapes an exciting possibility in and of itself.
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