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March Expo is now live!There’s never been a better time to join! Our annual March Expo is currently underway, featuring an entire month of exclusive benefits and new products from experienced suppliers. There is also a host of deals across the site, including:- Discounts with PayPal- US $0.01 samples- Reduced shipping feesCome and see what can do for your business today.What is is one of the world’s leading B2B ecommerce marketplaces. Our app allows you to source products from global suppliers, all from the convenience of your mobile device.Purchase with confidenceOur Trade Assurance service protects your orders and payments on the platform, letting you purchase securely and conveniently with extended support.Customizable productsMeet suppliers with years of customization and order fulfillment experience for sellers on Amazon, eBay, Wish, Etsy, Mercari, Lazada, and more.Easy sourcingDiscover millions of ready-to-ship products in every industry category. We’ve optimized the performance of product and manufacturer livestreams2. We’ve included a splash screen to help new users get acquainted with the platform and facilitate the registration process. I know that quality is essential in our country and I know that you’ve got higher in products and you get lower in products, what I am looking for is just products that will make the customer happy without a lot of breakdowns and a lot of time out of the field if you can guide me on this in a truthful way I think maybe we could do business, I have several Dollar General stores, everyone thinks you’re rich if you have that many dollar generals some of them I own and some of them I’m in partnership with.
The spot that I am speaking of, the store I own fully and I have 3 acres behind it which is prime land, I could buy a good display of your vehicle‘s and tractors and accessories, and also provide a good security system for them.
I know that you carry the Kabota tractor in my country that’s figured as one of the better tractors even though it’s high but your price is lower from what I see here in the country, but I do not know once we ship it across sea how much cheaper it would be and I believe that would be upon how much volume was down.
If you can help me get going I can help you move merchandise, I am an honest man and I have a high credit score because I pay my bills and I would pay your company today as scheduled .
Please respond when it is good for you.
I’ve bought mostly everything for my business from Alibaba.
Most of the suppliers I’ve dealt with have been great - I’ve received what I ordered pretty quickly. Just recently, I had an order go horribly wrong when a supplier took months to even mail out my package, and then it was not what I ordered.
I messaged them, and they basically told me to just deal with it and would not make it right.
They said if I wanted a refund, I had to pay to ship the items that were not what I ordered back, and the shipping cost was most of what I paid.
I was nervous about how Alibaba would handle it.
I definitely will continue shopping here after the experience - I was issued a full refund and did not have to pay to ship what I did not order back (thank goodness).
Thank you, Alibaba.
Alibaba needs more shipping options to the U.S.
I researched purchasing an electric ATV (quad/four wheeler) for 5 weeks on Alibaba.
I looked at 10 different companies.
At first I was about to give up completely because none of the companies seemed to understand English well enough to understand my product requirements and what I was looking for.
Almost every company told me I could buy the ATV from them and they would ship it to the nearest U.S.
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