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Many Chinese online platforms provide so many options that making a choice can be tricky.

Bad Mobile App

  • There are many exciting marketplaces in China’s domestic market to order electronics, clothing, and other 3rd party goods.
  • We’ll take a closer look at buying from Alibaba and buying from the 1688 site during this article.

Export Problems

We will also figure out which one is more profitable to buy and the differences and similarities between 1688 vs Alibaba.

Founded in 1999, 1688.Com is an online marketplace for B2B companies in China. This seller’s store is not familiar to most of our fellow citizens for this single reason.

Most of the suppliers and sellers of the site are Chinese. The store itself focuses on the domestic local market. Chinese businessmen with export licenses work here.

The site is one of the official services of the Alibaba Group. The concept was to help Chinese businesspeople wholesale their products within the country.

1688 is a fantastic procurement site that provides some of the lowest prices.

It is China’s most comprehensive shopping portal and most comprehensive business platform.

The Pros of Alibaba

4. Is there an option similar to Alibaba Trade Assurance offered by 1688?

No English Support

<10 triệu5%
≥10-30 triệu3.5%
>30-100 triệu2.5%
>100 triệu2%
>200 triệu1%

The manufacturer’s site is closer and covers an array of topics, including:.

Cân nặng (kg)Hà Nội (3-5 ngày)Hồ Chí Minh (5-10 ngày)Bay nhanh từ HN tới HCM
< 5033.000đ37.000đGửi CPN Trong Nước
≥ 50-10029.000đ33.000đGửi CPN Trong Nước
≥ 100-30025.000đ – 27.000đ29.000đ – 31.000đGửi CPN Trong Nước
≥ 500-100012.000đ – 15.000đ17.000đ – 21.000đ
> 1000 12.000đ17.000đ

Industrial equipment. Supplies of raw materials.

Cân nặng (kg)Hà Nội (5-6 ngày)Hồ Chí Minh(7-8 ngày)
≥ 100-50015.000đ – 17.000đ19.000đ – 21.000đ
≥ 500-100012.000đ17.000đ

Department shops for home. Supply services.

Hàng NặngHà NộiSài Gòn
> 2 tấn10.00012.000
> 5 tấn9.00011.000
> 10 tấnLiên hệ để được giá tốtLiên hệ để được giá tốt
Chính ngạchLiên Hệ để được giá tốtLiên Hệ để được giá tốt

The Hidden Gems. Only a tiny percentage of registered businesses are listed on

Hà NộiHồ Chí MinhĐà nẵng
< 10m32.4 tr3.2 tr2.3 tr
>= 10- < 20m3Liên hệ Liên hệ Liên hệ
>= 20 – 50m3Liên hệ Liên hệ Liên hệ
>50m3Liên hệLiên hệ
  • If you have access to 1688, you’ll be able to get suitable suppliers that your competitors don’t have.

There are a variety of reasons why these suppliers choosing not to be on the world’s largest B2B platform:.

Kg đầu tiênKg tiếp theo
Phí đóng kiện20 tệ0.8 tệ

1) They have factories on the mainland that they don’t need to look for foreign clients elsewhere.

2) They do not have any English-speaking employees.

3) They don’t have an export license. This does not imply that all providers use only these platforms.

Some do not use either and are doing perfectly. Anyone looking to cut down on shopping or purchasing costs will see the benefits of shopping on 1688.

And now everyone can do it without knowing the Chinese language. Wholesale on site 1688 is almost 30% cheaper than other Chinese trading platforms, such as the same Alibaba.

The products by 1688 have cheaper price. That is because more factories direct supply their products instead of trading companies.

Fast Responses . The mobile app is a fantastic responsive software far superior to its international equivalent. There is no English assistance, which is the main drawback.

The reason is that the labor costs are low. Still, most suppliers have a group of salespeople on high alert and ready to reply in seconds.

If you plan to buy from 1688, you can expect a fast response. Great for Sub-suppliers and Complex Projects. might be the best alternative if you’re in charge of a more sophisticated sourcing process.

With several sub-suppliers shipping semi-finished items to the same assembly address. can resolve problems by taking orders from a fellow domestic manufacturer. Transaction Protection . There are various transaction protection systems available on the site.

So, when ordering goods here, you do not have to worry about the security of the transferred funds. No English Support. Some decent suppliers speak very little English, and it can be hard to locate them. It is preferable to have a native speaker who interprets you if you don’t know the language. The ideal solution is to have a Mandarin-speaking person in your team, but you may also hire a translator or a sourcing agency.

If you don’t speak Chinese, then better not use a translation app.

Domestic suppliers deal with domestic payment methods for overseas buyers.

It includes domestic bank transfers, cash, Alipay, or WeChat. Receiving foreign currency from outside may be difficult for Chinese vendors.

Using local payment as an overseas buyer is inconvenient for global domestic buyers.

Cân nặngHà NộiHồ Chí Minh
Dưới 10kg35.000đ40.000đ
Từ 10 đến dưới 30 kg30.000đ37.000đ
Từ 30 đến dưới 100 kg25.000đ35.000đ
Từ 100 kg đến dưới 300 kg22.000đ33.000đ
Trên 500 kg20.000đ30.000đ

Alibaba vs. 1688: Side by Side Comparison

Quality Issues

Alibaba vs. 1688 – The Final Verdict

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