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Download FREE Kruti Dev Fonts. Kruti Dev font is the most popular font for Hindi typing. It's the most preferred Hindi font in the office and state government in India. Most of the typing test exam in Hindi is also in Kruti Dev font.

Sr. No.Font Download LinkTry & Download Font
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States like Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Jammu Kashmir, Haryana etc. use it as the official font for typing. KrutiDev is also the choice of most of the Hindi typing people because its characters are nice and easy to type. Kruti Dev 010 Regular Hindi font is one of the most preferred, popular and downloaded Hindi font because it is familiar with keyboard layout of Remington's typewriter.

If you want to create a professional template using this Kruti Dev font. Kruti Dev is a Devanagari typeface based on Remington’s typewriters keyboard layout. It’s the most popular Hindi font in India. To install Krutidev Font you just need to download the kruti dev font which is in .ttf or .otf format.Open downloaded .ttf or.otf file then click install button then you are done.

Kruti Dev 053

Open any editor then select the name of the font in the font selection box. Kruti dev font is a special type of font used in Hindi typing, it is the most popular Hindi font other than mangal font.

Kruti Dev 716

people use this font while typing Indian documents or Shaadi or ceremony cards. Right now this font is free for use in India. You can use this for personal reasons. Yes, you can use this font for blogging, Vlogging, or YouTubing purposes also.

No, this Kruti Dev Font is not Grammarly compliant, it supports only the English language. No, Krutidev is the best font available right now. Some smartphone support Kurti dev font but the majority of mobile do not support it.

Kruti Dev 065

Does the Indian Government support kruti dev ? Yes, the most popular and accepted font is Kruti-Dev-010, you can check here Indian government site clearly supports Kurti dev font.

Kruti Dev 170

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