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If you are on a budget and you want to start streaming on twitch or other streaming platforms, you should consider using your smartphone as your webcam when streaming. Can you use a smartphone as a webcam in OBS? The answer is a definite yes. The good thing about using your phone as your webcam is that you don’t need to spend money on a webcam and your phone already has a good enough camera.


  • Now that we’ve got out of the way, let’s get you through the steps to get you started on streaming.
  • In this guide, you are going to need to download two applications; one on your android device and one on your computer.
  • Download the applications from their official download sites linked below:.
  • NOTE: If you already tried IP Webcam and it didn’t work out for you, you might want to continue reading below because it didn’t work out for us as well initially.

We did some digging and tried something and it worked. We were able to use IP Webcam in our android device. Please trust us on this one.

What You Need To Use Your Android Phone As A Camera For OBS?

  1. First things first, you need to install OBS Studio on your PC.
  2. One installed, open the application and you should have something like below:.
  3. After opening the application on your PC, switch to your android device, and install IP Webcam.
  4. IMPORTANT NOTICE:This is a key item you should check before starting stream service on your android device.
  5. Make sure that your android device is connected to a Wi-Fi connection from the router where your PC is connected via Ethernet cable.

    This tutorial will not work if your phone is connected to a Wi-Fi repeater or another router used as a repeater.

  6. Once installed, open the application and your screen should be something like this:.
  7. This is optional, but these are the suggested configurations to change before starting a stream:.
  8. Video Preferences > Video Resolution – You should not max out the highest resolution available on your android device.

If you are using the video feed from your phone as a small video overlay over another video, then those high resolutions will be wasted since the feed display is small. Also, your phone will be on Wi-Fi connection so expect latency issues if you use a higher resolution. An additional issue you may encounter when using high resolution is the heating problem on your phone.

The suggested resolution to avoid latency issues and heating is 1920×720 or 800×600. Local Broadcasting > HTTP and RTSP port – If you know about computer networks, you should be knowledgeable enough if the default port 8080 is used by something else.

If you don’t know anything about this, just try changing the port. In the testing scenario, we will be using 8090.

Audio mode – If enabled, OBS will use the microphone on your android device instead of the microphone on your PC.

  • If this is disabled, then the PC microphone will be used.
  • If you select Audio only, then only the sound captured from your phone will be sent to your PC.
  • Once you have everything set, scroll down a bit and tap on Start server to begin stream service on your phone.
  • This will open the camera with an overlay on it.

How To Use Android Phone As A Camera For OBS

In the screen of your phone, you will see the IP address of your android device with the port that you specify.

Now go to your PC and open a browser. In our test, we will be using Microsoft Edge. In the address bar, copy either of the two addresses. If you typed in the address with https instead of http, you might encounter an error like below:.

This is normal. To proceed, click on the Advanced and click on Continue to (unsafe). Once done, you will be able to access additional IP Webcam configurations. You can try changing any configuration you want but to proceed on the stream, select Browser in the Video Renderer section. After clicking on Browser, the video feed will be displayed immediately and should display what the camera on your phone sees.

Here is a Video Tutorial how to setup your channel

See the sample below:. You are pretty much done. Now go back to OBS application. In the Sources window pane, click on the + icon to add a new source and select Browser.

Here is a manual how to setup a channel

Configure IP Webcam Android App

Properties for new Browser source will be opened and you will need to input the same URL address you entered in your browser in the URL address bar.

Additionally, do not forget to add “/video” at the end of the URL. If you don’t add this, the video feed will not display.

Also, scroll down a bit and make sure to check the “Refresh browser when scene becomes active” option. IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT USE “https” in the URL address bar regardless if you use it in the browser.

Register for free and start yor channel without any limitation

Instead, just use “http”. After that, click on OK button and you will now see the video feed from your android device to OBS application.

Video capture

You are now set to use your phone as a webcam! Happy streaming and good luck! I was recording a video for my youtube channel today and the background noice was incredibly loud.

Configuring OBS to connect to the Android Phone IP Camera

I did not want to set up noise cancellation software on pulseaudio just for this. I knew if I could record sound from my phone it would be much cleaner.

What Is An IP Camera?

This is what I did. IP Webcam is an incredible software for Android. It has umpteen features and amazingly well thought they are.

You set it up, start recording video and audio. If you connect your phone to the computer with USB cable, the lag issues will be resolved.

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