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You can download no-charge and paid apps from Google Play on your Android phone. We recommend that you get apps from Google Play, but you can also get them from other sources. Your phone has a security setting (Google Play Protect) that checks for potentially harmful apps, warns you, and removes apps if necessary.

Download apps from Google Play

Learn how to help protect against harmful apps. Important: Some of these steps work only on Android 8.0 and up.

  • Learn how to check your Android version. Open Google Play. On your phone, use the Play Store app .On your computer, go to
  • On your phone, use the Play Store app . On your computer, go to
  • Find an app you want. To check that the app is reliable, find out what other people say about it.
  • Under the app's title, check the star ratings and the number of downloads.To read individual reviews, scroll to "Reviews" section.
  • Under the app's title, check the star ratings and the number of downloads. To read individual reviews, scroll to "Reviews" section.
When you pick an app, tap Install (for no-charge apps) or the app's price.

If you find an app that you think is harmful, report it to us. Learn how to report bad apps. Important: If you download apps from unknown sources, your phone and personal information can be at risk.

Your phone could get damaged or lose data. Your personal information could be harmed or hacked. If you install apps from outside of Google Play, your phone can send Google information about those apps. This information helps Google better protect everyone from harmful apps. The information can include log information, URLs related to the app, device ID, Android version, and IP address.

Download apps easily and for free with 9Apps

Learn about Google Play Protect. How can we improve it? 9Apps is an application that allows users to download a large variety of other applications. It functions in a similar way to other app stores but offers a selection of applications and games that cannot always be found on official app stores.

The app is supported on most Android-based smartphones, and it is easy to use.

Download apps from other sources

Similar applications include Android SDK. 9Apps offers users the ability to download a selection of applications safely and securely. Since 9Apps is Android-based, the application's download catalog also contains mostly Android applications.

Youtube Apk11.49.55

9Apps makes the process of installing applications much easier. The app doesn't block unsigned applications, and it allows users to install any application that they want on their phone without annoying popups and permission requests.

Install applications easily

Since this could cause malware or other unwanted applications to be installed on your phone, it is advisable to download cautiously. 9Apps provides a welcome addition to the app store scene. The ease of downloading applications and the ability to download and install apps when and how you wish are some of the factors that make the application a good choice.

Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia5.0.6

All things considered, 9Apps is a useful application to have on your phone. The application gives users access to a range of applications that are not available in the official Play store.

9Apps is safe to download and use but since it makes it possible for unsigned applications to be downloaded and installed, you should use caution when selecting apps from the 9Apps platform.

Dream League Soccer Classic2.07

Offers access to applications that are not in the official play store. Can be used by people of all technical ability levels. Doesn't bother with popups and permission requests. Generally fast and reliable.


Not available for use on all operating systems. The user interface is not easy to understand. Limited range of apps to choose from. Caution is required when installing apps to prevent malware infections.

Should you download it?

Synthesizer and performance app that allows you to play around with sound octaves and scales. Convert YouTube videos to MP3 and MP4 sound files. CatTorrent is a simple and lightweight torrent client for Android. Be IN the movies with MovieRide FX™ - Hollywood action movie FX for your camera.

Musically App Install Download14.7.5

The official app for viewing videos from the popular website. Read and modify other apps data on rooted phones. App for creating amazing videos and sharing with friends. App to record all outgoing and incoming calls.

Tired of being single? Dating app to meet and flirt with singles in your area. Subscription app for a Middle Eastern TV station.

Etherpad Apk1.0

Game in which you control your own soccer team. Game where a user simulates being a bus driver. FIFPro™ Licensed Soccer. Multiplayer combat game with online and local connectability. Multiplayer and single player action game with many interesting characters.

Dream League3.09

Navigate your character through a subway full of obstacles and treasures. App that keeps you up to date on all sporting events. The popular Minecraft game in a version for your phone.


Farming simulation game with crops, cattle and a dynamic market.

The second installment of the terrifying Five Nights At Freddy's game series in a new diner.

Youtube To Mp4 Downloader Apk4.5.4**

Gmote Server helps you use your phone as a remote control by connecting with your phone via Gmote. You can control various functions related with music and movie playback like play, pause, stop, increase or decrease volume. Download it at:

Bus Simulator 20152.3

Apart from being an Android manager, Mobogenie lets you download varied content for free using your pc's bandwidth. You can uninstall stock apps and backup your phone's data with just one click. It is available at:

Report bad Google Play apps to Google

It is the official app from Android which you can use to run your apps on pc. But this software is mostly for developers who engage in creating apps or testing them. The link for downloading is:

Our take

It is one of the most powerful android files manager fro your pc. You can download, install. import and export files using one click. You can create backups and restore your device too. Try it for free

Five Nights at Freddy's 21.07

Showbox is an android app for watching, downloading and streaming movies and TV series. The free android app now can be installed on your pc by going to You need to have an android emulator installed to run this.


Vibosoft gives you unlimited control of the data and apps of your home. It can organize your apps, contacts and messages and export them to your Pc. The link is:

Minecraft - Pocket Edition0.2.1

Quick to start, this lightweight Android emulator is used for developing, testing and automation. It can be tried for free:

Hack App Data1.6.5

Apart from having all the features of an emulator, it also offers audio and video converter and ringtone maker. It is totally free:

FS 141.4.4

It gives access to files, data and can be used to manage and synchronize the Android device with Mac, Linux as well as Windows PC. The download link is:


You can access all the settings of your smartphone including backup and import, installing and uninstalling of apps, etc.

Get it here:

Good collection of applications

It is a central toolbox which provides quick access and easy modification of your phone's content. It also creates auto backup of your data while you are browsing it. You can try it at:

Subway Surfers1.114.0

This emulator created by Android itself lets you explore all the software and hardware features of the phone. It cannot be used to make calls.



Youwave plays out your games and apps on the pc. You can check out how an app performs on your pc before installing it on your phone.



Androck is an computer software that runs all your messaging services like whatsapp, Snapchat and Tango on your pc. Link:

Krrish 3: The Game1.6.0

It gives the best performance and maximun compatibility to play your android games on the pc. Download:

28. Androcontroller

You can control your phone with ease via your pc using free android app. Get it at:

29. Wondershare Dr. Fone for Android

The best pc software for recovering lost data of your phone such as contact,audio,video,sms, documents. Try for free:

30. Kingo Android Root

Root your phone and get access to admin level permission with Kingo. Link:

31. Apowersoft Phone Manager

One step phone management software for viewing, transferring, backing up and restoring of your pone data. Download:

32. SnapPea

Simple and easy to use, SnapPea allows you easy management of pone data through a pc. The link is:

33. APK Installer and Launcher

View, install and launch APK files using this free software. Link:

34. Pushbullet

It connects your Android or iOS with pc and enables you to chat, send links and texts, receive notifications. Download:

35. MyPhoneExplorer

You can pair your phone and pc using WiFi, USB cable or Bluetooth and access and edit phone content. Try for free:

36. Pushline

A nice pc app for managing notifications, calls and messages via your pc. It is free:

37. SRS-Root

An one click rooting solution for your phone to get rid of tethering problems. Download:

38. Tenorshare Android Data Recovery

Phone data recovery with the most professional and powerful tool available at:

39. Mobikin Doctor for Android

A powerful program to recover lost data like contacts, sms and pics from your phone. Try for free:

40. Mobisynapse

An Android pc manager and Outlook Sync which supports USB or WiFi connection. Download:

41. Droid Explorer

With simplicity of windows interface, Droid Explorer lets you install/uninstall and explore apps from the pc. Link:

42. Mobikin Assistant for Android

One of the earliest data retrieving programs for backup of phone data. Get it here:

43. One Click Root

A fast, simple and safe one click rooting solution for your smartphone. Link:

44. Mobikin Transfer for Mobile

One of the widely used transfer software for Android and iOS devices. Try for free:

45. Android Multi-Install Tool

Lets you install multiple APK files on your Android device using the debugging mode via pc. Download:

46. Android Manager WiFi

It is a free software that syncs phone and pc and enables edit and backup of phone data. It can be found at:

47. Odin3

You can update your phone OS, firmware and overwrite system files using this pc app.It is free:

48. Android Commander

Featuring a dual panel interface, this is a fast and small size Android phone manager. Link:

49. Bluetooth Phone Transfer Software

A Bluetooth file transferring program for Android and iOS devices and pc. Download for free:

50. CyanogenMod Installer

This lets you install the best Android OS Cyanogen in your phone through your pc. Get it here:

These are some of the free Android apps that you need to check out. Which one did you list the most? Let us know. If this guide helps, don't forget to share it with your friends.

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