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Download and install the software on your PC and read the steps below to unlock your Android mobile. Launch the iMyFone tool on the PC and click on the “Remove Screen Lock” option. On the second page, choose the first option, “Remove Without Data Loss,” for Samsung mobiles. Download android phone unlock software for pc for free. System Utilities downloads - UnLock Phone by and many more programs are available for instant and free download. Feb 01, 2021 Go download your free Fonedog - Android Data Recovery Software here. Wait for the installation to complete, and let’s get started as we go through our FoneDog Android Data Recovery tutorial. Free Download Free Download. Connect your Android device. Launch FoneDog Android Data Recovery. Connect your device to the computer with a USB cable. Jun 17, 2021 Steps for Mobile Phone Data Recovery. Download and Install the Software. Download & Open Recoverit ( Windows & Mac versions available). Now you can plug your Android mobile phone via USB cable as an external SD device (Mass Storage) or take out the SD card and connect it to the computer separately (if you want to recover data from SD.

Many people find that the Android OS on the Android phone or tablet worked perfectly well at first, but as time goes by, there are various Android system issues that could arise. You may encounter some issues like system slowdowns, unresponsive startups, hanging errors, frozen interface, stalled text messages, application crashes, etc. Well, don't give up your phone yet, an Android phone repair software can help you make your Android back to normal.

In this article, we list the top 9 Android phone repair software which can help you fix your various Android phone issues. Now read and find out the one you need to solve your problem.

1. Android Repair (Recommended)
2. Phone Doctor Plus
3. Repair System for Android (Quick Fix Problems)
4. ReiBoot for Android
5. Greenify
6. Assistant for Android
7. All-in-One Toolbox
8. Booster for Android: optimizer & cache cleaner
9. WiFi Analyzer

1. Android Repair (Recommended)

The first and most recommended Android phone repair software is Android Repair. This tool can fix various Android system issues and has a high success rate. It is very easy-to-use with a simple and nice interface, with no technical knowledge required. All you need to do is to follow the step-wise instructions on the screen to get your Android repaired. With it, every technical rookie can fix the Android system problems like a breeze.

What can Android Repair fix?

Android Repair can fix Android black screen of death, Android won't turn off, apps keep crashing, play store not working, Android OTA update failed, stuck in a boot loop, Android system UI not working, Android phone or tablet gets bricked, etc.

Supported devices:

Supports most Samsung devices, including Samsung Galaxy S10+/S10/S9/S8/S7/A8s/A6s/A9s/A90/W2019/C7/M10/M30, etc.


* High success rate compared to its comparatives in the market.
* An easy-to-use Android repair software for PC.
* Offers clear instructions to follow.



* Some Android devices are not supported.

Download Android Repair for free on PC from here:

How to use Android Repair:

Step 1: After launching the Android repair on PC, click Repair and select Android Repair. Then connect your Android phone to PC with a USB.

Step 2: Choose the information of your Android phone from the interface, including the brand, name, model, country and carrier. After the selection, type '000000' to confirm and click Next to continue.

Step 3: Follow the instructions on the screen to get your Android into the Download mode. Click Next and the tool will start to download the Android firmware and flash the new firmware to your Android device. After a while, your Android device will be repaired successfully.

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2. Phone Doctor Plus

Phone Doctor Plus is an Android troubleshooting software that can perform a 'medical' check for your smartphone. It can detect and report the error in the Android system in minutes. The main features of it include: detect internal problems, monitor 30 hardware items and sensors, battery and storage, etc. helping you improve the performance of your device. And it has a newly added feature that allows you to perform a value appraisal for your phone, which would be favored by the people who are planning to sell the old phone.


* A handy tool to check the health of your Android.
* Very user-friendly.


* Cannot fix some system problems.
* It may crash or froze the phone sometimes.

User Reviews:

'Though my phone has its own system of checking different parts of my smartphone, I wanted an app that give exhaustive checking. This app furnishes this task. I am extremely happy with results of different functionality of mobile.'

Download Phone Doctor Plus from here >>

3. Repair System for Android (Quick Fix Problems)

If your Android is running out of memory and starting to work slowly or becoming unresponsive, you can try Repair System for Android to optimize your Android phone. It is one of the best phone repair apps that comes with many useful functions, such as repairing system, testing hardware, boosting RAM, cooling down CPU, optimizing battery life, clearing cache and junk files, etc.


* An all-in-one phone repair software that enables you to boost phone performance.
* Effective in speeding up Android phone/tablets.
* The interface is nice and easy to follow.


* There are some bugs that need to be fixed after the recent update.
* Fail to fix some system errors.
* Contains adds.

User Reviews:

'I love this app. I use my phone a lot and thus the cache fills up quickly - slowing the phone down. This app speeds the phone up considerably. There is the odd add, but not nearly as many as most other free programs.'

Download Repair System for Android from here >>

4. ReiBoot for Android

ReiBoot for Android is an Android repair software for PC that can help you fix Android system problems and clear Android cache. It allows you to one-click to enter and exit Android into fastboot/Android recovery/download [odin] mode for free, without the need for pressing the buttons on your Android. If the buttons of your phone are not working, you can try this tool.


* Fix a wide range of system issues in a quick and easy way.
* It has some free features.
* Clear UI.


* It only supports Samsung phones when it comes to repairing Android system.

User Review:

'I factory reset my phone twice but still freezes, automatically restarting, even ask for help from Samsung didn't work. But ReiBoot for Android really help me fix this problem.'

Downloaded ReiBoot for Android on PC:

5. Greenify

If you have a lot of apps installed on your Android which makes your phone becomes laggy and kills the battery, then Greenify is the ideal Android repair tool to fix your problem. This tool is very useful for those who suffer from battery drain, particularly for older Android versions. It can identify the misbehaving apps and then put them into hibernation when you are using them, saving the battery life in an effective way and making your Android phone runs smoother.


* Save battery life with minimal effort.
* Very lightweight and cause no CPU and battery consumption.


* Not necessary with Android 8 and later.
* Not compatible with some Android devices.

User Review:

' Works as described. However as mentioned by other reviewers, you don't need this app beyond Android 8+. I am still using my redmi note 3 rooted, Greenify works wonderful allowing me to get good sot of about 6-7 hours and that's good for a 4 year old phone.'

Download Greenify from here >>

6. Assistant for Android

Assistant for Android is also a good Android phone repair app that integrated with multiple features for improving the performance of Android phone/tablet. With it, you can clean the system cache and junk files, monitor the status of the CPU/RAM/ROM/SD card as well as the battery, install/uninstall app, back up and restore app, etc.


* Combine many useful tools in one app.
* Effective at managing Android device and clearing cache.


* Cannot fix Android system problems.
* The interface looks outdated.
* The recent version causes errors sometimes.

User Review:

'Very handy app! Quick Boost restores performance to my older phone when it gets bogged down. QB animations are annoying, though. Should just kill the apps without having to play a 2-second 'blow up' animation for each process.'

Download Assistant for Android from here >>

7. All-in-One Toolbox

Just as its name implies, All-in-One Toolbox has a bunch of useful tools which enable you to manage and optimize your Android device. It allows you to clean junk files, boost the speed of device with one tap, optimize memory and battery, cool down the temperature of CUP, manage apps and files, and more. With the 30+ small tools in this app, you can make your Android phone works the best as it can be.


* Works smoothly on most Android devices.
* Intuitive interface which makes all the tasks simple.


* The pop-up ads are annoying.

User Review:

'I have been using this toolbox pro for the last 5 years on few Android without any glitch. Currently installed on Samsung 9, 9+ and 9+ international. (2 sims).. A toolbox doing what it is designed to do do. I use 90% of its features. '

Download All-in-One Toolbox from here >>

8. Booster for Android: optimizer & cache cleaner

When your Android phone is running slow or the battery is heating up quickly, you can give Booster for Android a try. This phone repair app aims to help you extend the life of your device by clearing cache, accelerating the memory and optimizing the battery.


* It can improve the speed of your Android phone.
* Easy to use & efficient.


* The pro version is a bit expensive.

User Review:

'This App is really cool. It does everything you need to keep phone optimized. I had to get the full package to see what it does. I highly recommend this app. Wonderful job.'

Download Booster for Android from here >>

9. WiFi Analyzer

When using Android phone, you may come across the WiFi connection issue from time to time. WiFi Analyzer is a good troubleshooting software that shows you the different strengths of WiFi signal at different points in the house. It provides useful information to help you understand the Wi-Fi issues you are having and allows you to resolve them easily.


* It helps you find the best channel and place for your network.


* The interface may be confusing for some users.
* The ads are annoying.

User Review:

'Very nice program that analyzes signal strength from each of my mesh routers. Seems accurate at least on a relative basis.'

Download WiFi Analyzer from here >>

To Warp It UP

By utilizing any of the previously mentioned apps, your Android system no longer has to come to a halt due to an issue. All of these Android phone repair tools are fantastic in what they do. When it comes to choosing one of them, Android Repair is highly recommended for it is very efficient, highly-secure and simple to use. You can free download this Android phone repair software on PC and give it a go.

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How to deal with your Android phone when it has a full memory, hangs or malfunctions? The most convenient solution would be to perform a hard reset on your phone to make it back to its original system and settings. Your old Android phone will start like a brand new phone once again.

While you can do a hard reset using only your device, there may be instances where you will need the help of software to perform it, for example, your phone is locked. Before you do this, make sure to back up all your content, so that you will not lose them all. This article recommends the 4 sifted PC software and online services with detailed operations on how to hard reset Android phone using PC software.

Part 1: How to Hard Reset Android Phones Using PC Software

1How to Hard Reset Android Phone with iMyFone LockWiper (Android)?

The iMyFone LockWiper Android Lock Screen Removal Tool is one of the PC software that can perform a hard reset on your Android phone. It is a program that quickly and conveniently removes the lock screen of any Android device by erasing all user data and settings stored on the phone, including the PIN, pattern, password lock, fingerprint and face ID.

Android phone reset software for pc download full version

Below are the other useful features of the iMyFone LockWiper (Android) that will surely help you solve your problem.

Features of iMyFone LockWiper (Android)

  • Easy to use - it can hard reset your phone in less than 5 minutes.

  • Work on almost all Android phones and tablets, including Motorola, Samsung, LG, Lenovo, Huawei, and more.

  • Hard reset Android phone that has forgotten passwords, broken screens, multiple inputting of wrong code, and other situations.

  • Enable lock screen bypass and hard reset for devices with Android system 2.0 and later versions.

Steps of Performing a Hard Reset on Android Phone with iMyFone LockWiper (Android)

Performing a hard reset on an Android phone with iMyFone LockWiper (Android) requires no technical skills. Here's how to hard rest your Android phone with the easy and fast tool.

Video tutorial

Image tutorial

Step 1. Free download and launch the program on your computer. Choose 'Remove Screen Lock' for all android devices and click 'Start' to begin.

Step 2. Connect your Android phone to the computer with a USB cable. iMyFone LockWiper (Android) will automatically detect the physicl information of your device, including the brand, model and Android system version. Verify the device information displayed on the screen, and then click 'Start Unlock' to proceed the gard reset process. Otherwise, use the drop down menu to adjust the information to make a match.

Step 3. The software will download an unlocking data package to remove the screen lock of your phone and at the same time, perform a hard reset.

Step 4. Follow some easy and quick tips on the computer screen to completely remove screen lock of your phone. Your Android phone is restored to its factory settings when the lock is successfully removed.

2How to Hard Reset Android Phone with ADB

Android Debug Bridge (ADB) is another PC program that lets you perform a hard reset on your Android device, especially if it's lost, missing, or you can't access the screen lock. Techopedia defines ADB as follow:

'The Android Debug Bridge (ADB) is a client-server program used in Android application development. The Android Debug-Bridge is part of the Android SDK and is made up of three components: a client, a daemon, and a server. It is used to manage either an emulator instance or an actual Android device. '

The following are the steps to hard reset an Android phone using the PC software ADB:

Step 1. Enable USB Debugging on your mobile phone. The setting on this is found at Settings > Applications > Development.

Best Android Software For Pc

Step 2. On your computer, install the Android SDK tools using the SDK manager window.

Step 3. Make sure your device's driver is installed. You can also use generic Android drivers as an alternative.

Step 4. Using a USB cable, connect your Android phone to your computer. Turn on your phone and see if Windows recognizes the phone in the Windows Device Manager.

Step 5. Run Windows command prompt and go to the ADB folder by typing C:UsersYour usernameAppDataLocalAndroidandroid-sdkplatform-tools

Step 6. Type 'adb reboot recovery'. At this point, your device will restart and should enter the Android System Recovery screen.

Step 7. You can remove your device from your computer, then choose Wipe Data / Factory Reset from the Android Recovery menu.


You can only use this approach if you have previously enabled USB Debugging in your Android phone. If you haven't enabled it beforehand or if you can't access your device, this method will not work.

Android Phone Reset Software For Pc Download Free

Part 2: How to Hard Reset Android Phone with Online Service from PC

1Hard Reset Android Phone with Android Device Manager

The Android Device Manager is another effective way to hard reset your Android phone. It is both an app and a web-based program designed to find , lock a missing or lost phone, and erase stored data and settings remotely. To hard reset Android phone with Android Device Manager, take the steps below.

Step 1. Using a computer, go to the Android Device Manager website and sign in using your Google account.

Step 2. Choose the device you want to hard reset.

Step 3. The selected phone will get a notification. Meanwhile, on the ADM, you will be able to see the location of the device if the location service is turned on..

Step 4. Click 'Erase'.

Step 5. Click 'Erase' to permanently delete the user data and settings of your Android phone.


You can only use this approach to hard reset your Android phone if the Android Device Manager is enabled on your phone and it is connected to the Internet.

2Hard Reset Android Phone with Samsung Find My Mobile

Samsung Find My Mobile also works as an application ot online service. Particularly designed to find a lost or missing Samsung phone or tablet, Samsung Find My Mobile can also help you perform a hard reset on your Samsung device. To do this:

Step 1. Go to Samsung Find My Mobile page from your PC. Log into your Samsung account.

Android Phone Reset Software

Step 2. Select the Android phone that you want to hard reset. When you see the options available, choose and click 'Erase data'.

Step 3. Choose 'Factory data reset' and then click 'ERASE'.

Step 4. To confirm this action, you will be asked to key in your Samsung account password.

Step 5. Click 'OK' to complete the process.


If your Samsung device is online, the factory reset will happen instantly. If it is offline, the wipe will happen as soon as the device goes online again. Remember that you need to be logged into your Samsung account to be able to use this program.

Part 3: What You Must Know about Hard Reset on an Android Phone?

Android Hard Reset Download Software

There are several situations where you might need to do a hard reset on your Android phone, such as having a full memory, forgetting your screen lock, or your device hangs or malfunctions. Hard reset is one of two types of resetting a phone. Unlike a soft reset that simply restarts your Android phone, a hard reset deletes all its data, content, settings, and applications previously stored on the phone. Also known as factory reset, performing a hard reset will return your device to the state in which it was manufactured in the factory. Make sure that before you do so, you are willing to let go of all your user data or back them up.


Android Phone Reset Software For Pc Download Mac

For any reason that you can't perform factory reset on the device itself, what discussed above gives you 4 great options on how to hard reset Android phone using PC software and online service. The easiest, fastest, and most convenient way of doing this is by using iMyFone LockWiper (Android) program which can help you out in 5 minutes. Download a free trial of the program to experience the difference.

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