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Android Studio 4.2.2 is now available in the Stable channel. This update includes fixes for the following public issues:. Issue #187353303: AGP 4.2.0 produces test APK that is missing a class, perhaps due to mixed java/kotlin source set. Issue #187420313: buildConfigField replacement warning prints the value, which could contain sensitive information.

Getting Started

General fixes

Issue #187851920: Lint crashes in PrivateApiDetector when using Issue #187977749: desugar overrides final method spliterator in PriorityQueue.

Easy & Simple Set up

Issue #187415389: Add an indicator with a link when the list of Gradle tasks is not populated. Android Studio is a new and fully integrated development environment, which has been recently launched by Google for the Android operating system.

Fastest Android Emulator

Posted by Jamal Eason, Product Manager, Android. We are excited to announce that Android Studio 4.2 is now available to download in the stable release channel.

Strong & Reliable Build System

The focus areas for this release is an upgraded IntelliJ platform and a handful of new features centered around improving your productivity as an Android app developer. We know sometimes upgrading your app project to the latest version can be complicated.

Deals with Multiple Codes

To address this, we have a new app project upgrade assistant in Android Studio 4.2 that makes it easier to migrate your project and to take advantage of the latest Android Gradle Plugin APIs. Additionally, we have added a whole range of enhancements to the existing features like the Database Inspector, System Trace, SafeArgs support, Apply Changes, the new project wizard and more.

Supports Google Cloud Platform

If you use these features and you are looking for the next stable version of Android Studio, you should download Android Studio 4.2 today!

Compatible with Windows

Check out the list of new features in Android Studio 4.2 below, organized by key developer flows. IntelliJ Platform Update - Android Studio 4.2 includes all the major features and updates found in IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition 2020.2, which includes an updated GitHub UI for pull requests, and new centralized problems window, and more.

Free of Cost

Safe Args Support - Using Safe Args is the recommended way to ensure data encapsulation if you want to pass data between two destinations in your app when you are using the Jetpack Navigation component.

Main Features

  • With Android Studio 4.2, you now have code autocompletion for Directions Args, and code navigation from source to XML.
  • Safe Args Support .
  • Safe Args Support .
  • New Project Wizard and Module Wizard Updates - This release includes a visual refresh to the new project wizard to make it easier to discover Android device types, plus we added ViewBinding to each of the templates as well.
  • Furthermore, we also made a visual update to the new module wizards to make it easier to understand the variety of module types you can add to your app.
  • New Project Wizard & New Module Wizard .
  • Database Inspector Improvements - Managing and monitoring your in app database is easier to do with the Database Inspector.
  • In this release we made a couple new enhancements.

We added a new offline mode, so that you can still keep inspecting your app's databases after a process disconnects, making it easier to diagnose your app after a crash.

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