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Android Studio for Windows 10 – Learn how to download & install Android Studio on Windows 10 PC/laptop in simple way.
New Android Development Environment Based on IntelliJ IDEA.
Now, this Developer Tools app is available for Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 PC/laptop.
New Android Development Environment Based on IntelliJ IDEA.

Android Studio is a Developer Tools application like jEdit, Eclipse, and Brackets from Google.

Android Studio is an efficient software that is recommended by many Windows PC users.

It has a simple and basic user interface, and most importantly, it is free to download. Although there are many popular Developer Tools software, most people download and install the Freeware version.

Android Studio works with most Windows Operating System, including Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10.

Don’t forget to update the programs periodically. Android Studio has unique and interesting features, unlike some other Developer Tools apps. This app is a fast, small, compact and innovative Freeware Developer Tools app for Windows PC.

It is developed to be simple for beginners and powerful for experts.

You can get Android Studio free and download its latest version for Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 PC from below. It’s better to know the app’s technical details and to have a knowledge background about the app.

Therefore, you can find out if Android Studio will work on your Windows device or not.

Download Android Studio (latest version) free for Windows 10 (64-bit and 32-bit) PC/laptop/tablet. Safe Download and Install from the official link!

Android Studio 64-bit and 32-bit download features:.

Compatible with Windows 10 64-bit and 32-bit. Latest version update. Android Studio direct, free and safe download. Download Android Studio for your PC or laptop.

Download & install the latest offline installer version of Android Studio for Windows PC/laptop.

It works with both 32-bit & 64-bit of Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10. Safety (Virus) Test:✔ Tested and is 100% Safe to download and install on your Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 device (PC/laptop/tablet).

✓ Compatibilities improvement for new Windows update.✓ Fixes bugs.

Now let’s just move to the next section to share the steps you have to follow to download Android Studio for Windows PC. Download the Android Studio installer file from the link above. Save the downloaded file to your computer.

Double-click on the downloaded Android Studio installer file. Now, a smart screen might appear and ask for a confirmation. Click “Yes” to confirm.

Finally, follow the installation instructions until you get a confirmation notification of a successful installation process.

So those are all the processes that you have to follow to download Android Studio for Windows PC.

Then let’s go on to the next section where we will discuss Android Studio itself.

So you can understand the application and its features. Android Studio is one of the most popular Developer Tools alongside EmEditor, OllyDbg, and Visual Assist.

This app has its advantages compared to other Developer Tools applications. Android Studio is lightweight and easy to use, simple for beginners and powerful for professionals. Android Studio application is free to download and offers easy-to-install, easy-to-use, secure, and reliable Developer Tools applications.

  • This application’s primary functions are comprehensive and go beyond the features offered by others that can be considered as its rivals.
  • Android Studio for PC – fast, reliable, and robust by Google. Android Studio Free & Safe Download.
  • Android Studio latest version for the best experience. User-friendly Interface. Lightweight and consume low resources.
  • It works/compatible with almost all Windows versions, including Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10.
  • Privacy and Security! Best for Developer Tools application. PC User’s choice! Click the Windows Start menu. Locate and select the Control Panel menu, then select Programs.

Under Programs, click the Uninstall a Program. Select Android Studio and then right-click, select Uninstall/Change.

Then click Yes to confirm the Android Studio uninstallation process.

Click the Windows Start menu. Locate and select the Control Panel menu, then select Add or Remove Programs icon. Select the Android Studio and then click Remove/Uninstall. Then click Yes to confirm the Android Studio uninstallation process.

Click the Windows Start menu. Locate and select the Control Panel menu, then double-click the Add/Remove Programs icon. Select the Android Studio and then right-click, select Uninstall/Change. Then click Yes to confirm the Android Studio uninstallation process. Isn’t Android Studio what you were looking for? We prepared a list of similar apps below! EmEditor, OllyDbg, and Visual Assist is the strong competitor of Android Studio.

Otherwise, Wireframes and GitHub also quite good as the alternative of this software.

There are also other similar apps such as Brackets, Eclipse, and jEdit that also need to try if you want to find the best alternative of Android Studio. The Android Studio for Windows PC is unquestionably the best Developer Tools that you can find nowadays. It also is the most reliable when it comes to performance and stability. You can find that out for yourself.

That is why a lot of PC users recommend this app. Get superb and impressive experience using this Android Studio application developed by Google. Android Studio nowadays are already getting better each time. If you have some questions related to this app, feel free to leave your queries in the comment section.

Or you can share with us your experience when using this Android Studio on your Windows 10 PC.

And if you know other people who want to experience Android Studio for Windows PC, you can share this article to help them. Enjoy using Android Studio for Windows PC. Find other interesting articles that will help you how to download EmEditor for Windows 10 PC, install OllyDbg for Windows 10, Visual Assist review, or about best Wireframes alternative apps for Windows 10.

Q: What is Android Studio for PC?A: For more information about this app, please go to the developer link on the above of this page.

Q: Is Android Studio free? If not, how much does it price to download this app?A: Absolutely no cost! You can download this app from official websites for free by this website—any extra details about the license you can found on the owner’s websites. Q: How do I access the free Android Studio download for Windows PC?A: It is easy!

Just click the free Android Studio download button in the above of this page.

Clicking the download button will start the installer to download Android Studio free for a PC/laptop. Q: Is this Android Studio will typically run on any Windows?A: Yes! The Android Studio for PC will typically work on most recent Windows operating systems, including Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 64-bit and 32-bit. Q: What’s the difference between 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Android Studio?A: The Android Studio 64-bit version was specially designed for 64-bit Windows Operating Systems and performed much better on those.

The Android Studio 32-bit version was initially intended for 32-bit Windows Operating Systems, but it can also run on 64-bit Windows Operating Systems.

Q: What’s the importance of downloading the latest version of Android Studio?A: We recommend downloading the latest version of Android Studio because it has the most recent updates, which improves the quality of the application. Android Studio is an application that builds by Google. All trademarks, product names, company names, and logos mentioned here are their respective owners’ property. This site ( is not affiliated with them directly. All information about applications, programs, or games on this website has been found in open sources on the Internet.

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Posted by Adarsh Fernando, Product Manager, Android.

The Android Studio team has been abuzz with the stable release of Android Studio Bumblebee (2021.1.1) 🐝 and Android Gradle plugin (AGP) 7.1.0; the latest versions of Android official IDE and build system.

  • We’ve improved functionality across a broad area of the typical developer workflow: Build and Deploy, Profiling and Inspection, and Design.
  • Some notable additions include a unified test execution between Android Studio and your continuous integration (CI) server ✅, convenient pairing flows to support ADB over Wi-Fi 📲, Improved Profiler tools to help you identify and analyze jank in your app 🕵️, and new ways to preview animations 🎥 and UI interactions without deploying your app to a device.
  • As always, this release wouldn’t be possible without the early feedback from our Preview users. So read on or watch below for further highlights and new features you can find in this stable version.

If you’re ready to jump in and see for yourself, head over to the official website to download Android Studio Bumblebee (2021.1.1).

  • Below is a full list of new features in Android Studio Bumblebee (2021.1.1), organized by the three major themes.

New Device Manager: This new tool window in Bumblebee makes it easier to see and manage your virtual and physical test devices, and you can open it by selecting View > Tool Windows > Device Manager from the main menu bar.

  • In the Virtual tab, create a new device, review device details, delete a device, or anything else you used to do from the now removed AVD Manager.
  • In the Physical tab, quickly pair to a new device using ADB Wi-Fi and see details of each physical device at a glance, or quickly inspect each device’s file system using the Device File Explorer with a click of a button.

Learn more about the New Device Manager in the release notes.

  • ADB over Wi-Fi: Bumblebee includes a simplified flow to connect to your Android 11 and higher devices over Wi-Fi for deployment and debugging using ADB.

After you enable debugging over Wi-Fi on your device, select the Pair using Wi-Fi action in the Physical tab of the new Device Manager to open the pairing wizard.

  • Then follow the steps provided to pair to a device connected over the same network.
  • Pairing a device with ADB over Wifi. Run Instrumented Tests in Android Studio using Gradle: Have you ever run tests in Android Studio with different results than the same tests running on your CI?

This can be a frustrating issue that leads to lost productivity.

To resolve this issue, we’ve introduced a new test runner to Android Gradle plugin (AGP) 7.1.0 that Android Studio Bumblebee uses by default when running instrumentation tests, so all your tests run through a unified test runner.

This is a similar improvement to Android Studio Arctic Fox, where we started running all unit tests via Gradle by default. And, similarly, this improvement doesn’t require you to change how you write or run your tests!

Using different runners lead to inconsistent results.

Android Studio now runs instrumentation tests via Gradle. Android Gradle Plugin Upgrade Assistant now updates API usage: Originally introduced in Android Studio 4.2, the AGP Upgrade Assistant helped users update their projects to the latest version, and improvements in Arctic Fox provided a new UI with the ability to review and select the upgrade version and steps.

In Bumblebee, the Upgrade Assistant now also checks for and offers to update your DSL to help you avoid using deprecated APIs before they are deleted.

For more information see the Android Gradle Plugin DSL/API migration timeline. Non-Transitive R classes on for new projects: Android Studio Arctic Fox introduced new refactoring tools to help you use non-transitive R classes to enable faster builds for applications with multiple modules. When creating new projects using Bumblebee, the IDE configures your project to use non-transitive R classes, by default. While this does bring performance improvements, you now have to refer to R classes by their proper package name, and not by the package names of their parent modules, as they will no longer resolve transitively.

For more information see Use non-transitive R classes.

Emulator tool window enabled by default: Introduced in Android Studio 4.1, the Emulator launches within an Android Studio tool window and allows you to deploy and interact with virtual Android devices while fully remaining within the context of the IDE.

  • The changes ads an improved UX for extended controls and snapshot management.
    For more information see Run the Android Emulator directly in Android Studio. Apple Silicon Support Update - For those using macOS on Apple Silicon (arm64) hardware, Android Studio Arctic Fox and the Android Emulator have supported this new architecture since last year.
    • However, with this release, we have now updated the Android SDK platform tools v32.0.0 (which includes ADB and fastboot) and build tools v32.1.0 (which includes aapt) to be universal binaries so that your Android developer tools no longer need the Rosetta binary translator to run.
    • Based on community feedback, those developers on this hardware platform have seen notable performance improvements.
  • See release notes.
    Jank detection track in Profilers: When profiling your app using devices running Android 11 (API level 30) or higher, the CPU profiler now shows a new group of tracks that illustrate the stages of each frame under Frame Lifecycle: Application, Wait for GPU, Composition and Frames on display.
    • Each track labels the frames with a frame number and color-codes the rectangle to make it easy for you to visualize where a particular frame is in its lifecycle, along with guides you can toggle to compare with Vsync events.
    • You can use this data to understand where Jank might occur in your app and investigate the root causes.
  • In the Analysis panel, there is now a Frames tab, which conveniently summarizes rendering information for all frames.
    For more information, see UI jank detection. Detailed frame lifecycle information in the CPU Profiler.
    • Profileable app profiling support in Studio Profilers: When profiling your app, it’s important to generate accurate data with the version of your app that most closely resembles what your users will install.
    • To do so, you can now include the property in your app’s manifest to profile apps that are not debuggable, as shown below.Profileable is a manifest configuration introduced in Android 10, and is available for CPU and Memory profiling tasks.
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