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When is the Age of Empires 4 release time? Well we’ve got some good news and some great news. The good news is, we know it’s coming on October 28. The great news is, we know exactly what timeit’s coming – thanks to an Age of Empires 4 release time map shared by Microsoft social accounts.

With the previous Age of Empires landing over a decade ago, anticipation for a new entry in the classic RTS game series couldn’t be higher if you placed it atop a saddled war elephant and marched it towards an enemy base. We have rounded as much Age of Empires IV news as possible, so that you’re on the same page as us.

Most recently we shared our thoughts from the recent technical beta, and various Age of Empires veterans have also weighed in on the discussion.

Age of Empires 4: trailers

  • The Age of Empires 4 system requirements have also been updated. We’ll keep this article updated as and when new information comes to light, but feel free to let us know if there’s something important you think we’ve missed.
  • You can pre-order digital copies Age of Empires IV for download on Steam and the Microsoft Store.
  • The Digital Deluxe Edition is only available via Steam, and costs $79.99 / £69.99.

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You get the base game plus a bunch of exclusive bonus digital content, such as monuments, coat of arms, and a soundtrack.

The standard edition is available on both Steam and the Microsoft Store for $59.99 / £49.99, and will also be available via Game Pass for PC, which will allow you to download Age of Empires IV for free. According to the Microsoft Store page, pre-ordering either edition gets you the upcoming Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition expansion Dawn of the Dukes for free.

Here are the Age of Empires 4 system requirements:. Mod support is coming for Age of Empires IV, but according to the product page on Steam, it won’t be available until “early 2022”. Here are the Age of Empires IV release times, as posted on the official Xbox Japan Twitter account:. 歴史を自分の物語に昇華させよう。『Age of Empires IV』が 10 月 29 日に Windows PC、Steam、そして Game Pass で登場!

How much is Age of Empires 4?

— Xbox Japan (@Xbox_JP) October 20, 2021. You can read our Age of Empires IV review to find out what we thought of the new RTS game.

Age of Empires 4 System Requirments

You can also read our round-up of Age of Empires IV review scores from across the internet. Age of Empires 4 released onOctober 28, 2021. It’s been confirmed that there will be eight civilisations for Age of Empires IV at launch, drawn from medieval societies across Europe, Asia and beyond.

The eight civs are as follows:. Abbasid Dynasty. Holy Roman Empire. Age of Empires 4’s civilisations are going to be more asymmetrical in their design. The English, for example will look and play more like traditional Age of Empires civilisation, where-as the Mongols will be feature more bespoke mechanics – such as migrating buildings – which will make them feel very different.

The other civilisations are likely to be designed to fit different points on this scale, although there will be some commonality. For example every civ has a generic pike, ranged, and mounted units to keep that core combat triangle intact.

Age of Empires 4: what we want to see

Civilisations are also meant to represent cultures at a more historically authentic level, as a way of recognising that different entities controlled the same parts of the world across history, even within Age of Empire IV’s medieval period.

As such, while the English and French perhaps feel ubiquitous with the countries they lend their names to, the Delhi Sultanate only controlled parts of South Asia for parts of the medieval period, and the Abbasid Caliphate was only one of the dominant powers of the middle-east.

In response to player concerns over regional representation, Microsoft confirmed that future cultures and civilisations would be released post-launch to explore the same region from different angles.

Civ design also extends to the visuals and atmosphere as well. Architecture will evolve over time, but the language other NPCs use will also change to reflect how these societies evolved culturally during the rough time-period covered by Age of Empires 4.

Age of Empires 4 will have four campaigns, consisting a total of 35 missions.

The four confirmed campaigns are:. Norman Conquest (English civ). 100 Years War (French civ, we think).

The Rise of Moscow (Rus civ). Instead of focusing on the life of one historical figure, Age of Empires IV campaigns will span generations, covering multiple people, and will serve the historical context in a more documentary-style format.


According to Adam Isgreen there is going to be around three hours worth of footage that will supplement the campaign missions, a lot of it using live footage from real-world locations with superimposed graphics in the style of the game, but also other types of video content as well that they’re not talking about right now.

The game will be fully 3D, with more realistic environments that show more pronounced elevation, and forests that will allow units to hide in for ambush tactics. The maps will also be procedural. Units will be capped at around 200 per player. In an eight-player multiplayer match, this will mean you can have a maximum of 1600 units all fighting over the same space. While the campaign will have hero-like units for narrative reasons, general skirmish gameplay will not feature hero units.

The exception to this at the moment are the Mongols, who have a unit called the ‘Mongol Khan’ who acts similar to a hero-unit, but is not as strong as one.

The ages have been confirmed to be: Dark Age, the Feudal Age, the Castle Age, and the Imperial Age.

Naval combat has been confirmed, and the ‘age-up’ mechanics from Age of Empires 3 have been incorporated into Age of Empires 4’s design. Related: The best strategy games on PC. We’ll be sure to update you on any other Age of Empires 4 news regarding the release date, and anything else the developers decide to share.

After more than 13 years in hibernation, the Age of Empires series is coming back for its fourth outing.

In August 2017, publisher Microsoft Studios announced that Age of Empires 4 was alive and kicking, and that it was being developed by Relic Entertainment, the team behind Homeworld and Company of Heroes (which is a hell of a lot of pedigree).

It's not been until the tail end of 2019 that we've finally learned more about the game (and even then we'd still love to know more) but we feel like we can finally get excited about the next instalment in the Age of Empires series. Read on to find out everything we know so far! [Update:Age of Empires 4 will have fewer civilisations than Age of Empires 2.

Read on to find out more!]. The latest installment to the historical real-time strategy series Age of Empires. When can I play it? There's a release date of October 28, 2021!

What can I play it on?

Windows 10 PC is the only confirmed platform thus far. Age of Empires 4 is the latest instalment to the historical real-time strategy series Age of Empires, which began life way back in 1997. Follow-ups to the original were released in 1999 and 2005, and there’s been a couple of spin-offs during that period, including two Nintendo DS titles and the popular Age of Mythology, which took inspiration from myths and legends rather than history.

Aside from those DS games, the series is only on PC.

Age of Empires 4 is the first game in the series developed by Relic Entertainment – all the other Age of Empires games have been made by Ensemble Studios, which folded in 2009. Relic says it wants to “fuse historical context with deep strategic gameplay, and to bring this franchise back to the forefront of gaming and into the hands of its beloved community”.

At E3 2021, World's Edge announced a release date of October 28, 2021 alongside new gameplay footage. So far, all we know is that it’s coming to Windows 10 PC – so bad luck if you’re running an older version (although this could be a good excuse to upgrade).

However, with Microsoft Studios as the publisher the door is open for a release on Xbox One. Nothing is certain in that department but in an interview with Stevivor (opens in new tab) Microsoft's Shannon Loftis and Adam Isgreen said that while the team's "number one priority is to make it work great with keyboard and mouse" they're still going to "explore our options ..

What is Age of Empires 4?

Once we have a wonderful PC game, then we'll start looking at other ways that we can show up." That's not a solid commitment to an Xbox release by any means but it makes it at least slightly more possible that we could see the game come to Microsoft's console further down the line.

Don't expect, however, to see it on PlayStation or Nintendo Switch. More footage was shown at E3 2021, alongside an official release date. Fan Preview 2021.

Earlier in 2021, we got to see gameplay footage and a look at various civilizations through the Ages at a dedicated Fan Preview event. XO19 finally brought us a gameplay trailer for Age of Empires 4 which showcased a beautiful and colorful Medieval world.

The announcement of the game was marked with a trailer – and it’s still the only one we’ve seen to date. It’s exclusively concept art for the game, depicting large scale battles between various groups.

Check it out below:. Fewer Civilizations than Age of Empires 2. We don't know exactly which civilizations will appear in Age of Empires 4, nor do we know how many there will be. What we do now know, however, is that there will be fewer than in Age of Empires 2. The news comes from creative director Adam Isgreen, who revealed during an interview with PCGamesN (opens in new tab) that players "can expect to see fewer than the 13 that shipped with Age of Empires II, as we’re aiming for more uniqueness with each civilization rather than quantity.” .


Despite this lower number, it seems that the game's developers are aiming for depth and uniqueness with each one which should make things more interesting.

No to microtransactions, yes to DLC. In an interview with PCGamesN (opens in new tab), Age of Empires 4's Creative Director, Adam Isgreen, has said that the game won't feature microtransactions. “The idea of microtransactions in a real-time strategy game isn't a thing,” he says, “DLC, expansions – all of that is things that we're going to be exploring for Age 4.” Any expansions will be worked on by World's Edge studio.

It will bring about some modernization. Age of Empires 4 may be set in Medieval times but in an interview with GamesRadar (opens in new tab), Creative Director, Adam Isgreen, said that he and his team are looking at the game as "a fresh start" which will allow them to "modernize the series" and "do things differently".

That said, it won't be so different that it won't be immediately recognizable as an Age of Empires game—Isgreen made it clear that they want to "do right by the players" and really keep the spirit of the series.

But given its been 13 years since the last new game in the series a few things have had to be done to bring it into the age of modern gaming. According to Isgreen, they're "doing things that no other RTS game has done before". Nothing has been revealed about the civilisations that will feature but there is some intense historical research going on to make those involved in the game more authentic.

Set in Medieval times. After missing E3 2019, Age of Empires 4 finally made an appearance at XO19 in November with a brand new gameplay trailer (opens in new tab). This trailer confirmed that the game is to be set in the Medieval period and it looks set to be a more detailed and colorful game world than we've ever seen from the strategy series.

We don't know which civilisations will appear in the game just yet, though the trailer does at least reveal the Mongols and the English.

It could be worth intense study to glimpse hints for more. After Age of Empires 4 was announced at Gamescom in 2017, everything went somewhat quiet until 2019. Those who were hoping to see some kind of update during Microsoft's E3 press conferences for 2018 and 2019 were left disappointed too.

However, shortly after E3 2019 in an interview with PC Gamer (opens in new tab) Phil Spencer confirmed that the game is still making progress and that more news would be revealed in 2019. Spencer didn't give much away but he did say that Relic is making "good progress" on Age of Empires 4 and that they'll be ready to "talk about it more this year" when it's in "the right context".

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