Apk To Exe Creator

To virtualize an application, simply include the main executable file of the application as input file and any related files of the application. Evalaze is compatible with Windows and Windows Server machines. Creating a portable app is easy by following the instructions given by the Evalaze assistant. It will first run a prescan to scan registry and file system before the installation of the application. Once the installation is completed, a post scan is performed to identify the changes on your system, in order to create a portable version of your application. Details: Free version available, €2142 to buy. To avoid the hassle of creating portable applications from commonly used software, here are some portable app suites that collect hundreds of popular software and games. Apart from their large collection of portable apps, these portable app suites also help you to manage, update, and secure your downloaded apps. LiberKey – LiberKey has near 300 applications in its catalog. Choose 1 of the 3 suites available: basic, standard, or ultimate, according to your needs. PortableApps – The most popular portable app suite. PortableApps has over 300 applications in its library and it allows you to customize the look of PortableApps platform. winPenPack – winPenPack collects most of the popular open source software. You can choose between winPenPack Essential and winPenPack Full, depending on your pendrive capacity. Lupo PenSuite– Lupo PenSuite has over 160 portable programs. There are 3 versions available: full, lite, and zero. Modified5 years, 7 months ago. am almost done with my project in android, now I want to make the executable version of the application. I need to demonstrate it in .exe form as soft app as on emulator, not by built and debug process from eclipse. 260260 bronze badges. 5,28144 gold badges2222 silver badges2626 bronze badges. 2222 silver badges2626 bronze badges. what the op is asking for is simple - he wants to create a MS Windows program file that runs just like the APK he's made. Unfortunately this cannot be done. The only way to 'show off' your program is as people have stated:. Through the emulator on Windows. On an acual device (Once installed, you can disconnect the device from the computer and use it like a normal app).
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