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We explain what apk files are and recommend software that we know can open your apk files. An apk file extension is used for Google Android application packages for Android based devices. apk files are basically a renamed zip files, used to install apps to Android smart phones.

The apk file extension is associated with the Google Android smartphone operating system for portable devices.

The apk file is an archive that contains source data of Android application (compiled dex files, compiled arsc files, AndroidManifest.xml file, settings files, source files, graphic files).

APK files are stored in the /data/app directory. "App" directory is accessible only on rooted devices via file explorer. Android package file is almost a jar file (Java Archive) which is based on the ZIP compression format. The content of APK archive is accessible by compression utilities such as WinRAR, WinZIP etc.

To open APK archive in compression utility, rename file extension apk to zip. New applications are available on the Google Play Store (formerly Android Market).

Applications from the Android Market are signed and tested, but Android also supports installation of unsigned applications via USB.

To install Android apk application to your phone via USB:.

Connect your phone to computer via USB cable and copy .APK file to memory card. Use file manager for example ASTRO and open a content of the memory card.

Select the APK file. If you don't need to install app directly to your device from Play Store, only need an apk from it, use for example APK Downloader web service to download apk file from Play Store to your computer.

Some phone producers disable application installation service via USB in their phones.

To enable this option go to the Settings > Applications and set the Unknown sources option to enabled. Note: Google Android applications distributed through apk files can also run on devices with BlackBerry 10, Tizen operating systems and Chrome OS with App Runtime for Chrome.

One of the most popular OS for mobile systems. Integrated development environment for Android apps. All the neccesary SDK development tools for making Android app.

Android apps virtualization software for Windows.

On-line store and app that allows users to buy Android apps and multimedia content. Files with apk file extension might also be found as projects from Active Tutor authoring tool by 4C Soft.

Files with apk file extension may also be application packages for Asustor ADM operating system.

Not to be confused with Android files. Files with apk file extension were also found in older GameSpy Arcade service for multiplayer gaming.

An apk file extension is related to the Microsoft Train Simulator and used for its packaged activity files.

An apk files also uses Quake 2 first person action shooter computer game.

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