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AQW Special Codes
Updated As of 6/21/2020

AQW Special Codes most Updated - These are the special codes that is used to obtain free items from specific NPC's :
1. Valencia at /join museum:
  1. Blinding Rage Katana: hakunakatana
  2. Thirteen1 Badger Helm: thirteen1
  3. Brutal Cam-Pain Blade: megakhanblade321
  4. Blackened Turdraken Assasin: w1shb0n3
  5. Skullwraith Blade: oicu812
  6. Tank Mech and Tank Face: double4anime (not working anymore)
  7. Sword's Cost: sirbuh (used on 3rd trial quest from Inanitas' Quests)

2. Blixx at /join dvg:
  1. Micro Champion Battleaxe: mcwrules
Will be updated if more codes spotted

Good Luck, Cheers!

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