Asus N550j Keyboard Lights Driver

Asus n550j keyboard lights driver

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Asus N550j Keyboard Lights Driver Windows 10

Asus n550j keyboard lights driver

Asus N550j Touchpad Driver

Hello ,
I have bought my Asus Rog G550Jk-ch234H ( or smth like that ) today, and due to crappy OS Win8, i formatted the drive and installed a fresh Win7 Ultimate.
the thing is, i didnt thought of trying the backlit keyboard before i formatted...
so the fresh Win7, it was really hard to find drivers for it since asus only released win8 ones and i had hard time finding propper drivers for me to correctly attune the lappy to working standarts...
I even installed the ATK drivers or any other asus touchpad/keyboard and FN key drivers,
currently when i use FN+F3/F4 keys, i get nothing , not even a pop up of showing backlit keyboard ligthing level... i do that same to the screen brigthness FN+F5/F6, and i get a pop up showing a RoG icon and screen brigthness level. I cant find anything , anything at all related to the subject.
about an hour ago, i re-formatted the whole thing, a fresh win7 and again drivers etc, again ATK drivers and such, still nothing happens when i use function key with designated backlit keyboard keys...
I dont think im doing something wrong, if so can someone light the way ?
is there any solution before i start to think taking it back where i got it ? or is it only usable in Win8 ? ( i seriously hate win8.1 .... )
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