Audit Movie

Well acted, but all the characters are unlikable. Worth seeing for the acting though. Auditors enjoy a good s’more as much as the next guy, but auditors aren’t the type to stand around a campfire singing Kumbaya. Instead we are looking at our fellow campers wondering either:. Who didn’t plan well and didn’t bring enough chocolate? Who had the audacity to eat the last bits of chocolate? We pride ourselves on not being gullible and knowing quite a bit about human nature. We know how folks deceive themselves and others in order to justify a fraud (or a selfish consumption of chocolate). We are trained to be skeptical, and many of us are a little world-weary. Auditors know the benefits of internal controls, but we also know that determined fraudsters (or chocolate hogs!) can eventually find their way around even the strongest of controls. This list of 19 movies is not for someone who must have a Hollywood happy ending or who sings Kumbaya with emotional abandon. These are edifying movies, not feel good movies. These movies are compelling because they involve people we can identify with who get sucked into something beyond their control because they allowed greed to rule their choices.
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