Auditions For New Movies

Kids and Teens – Become a Movie Star Today!

Movie auditions

Worldwide Auditions Announced for Alien Blockbuster Movie.

Upcoming independent film company have announced casting calls for their first action movie project about an alien invasion. Very attractive rate of payment for all those selected. This is a fantastic career boosting experience and we welcome everyone to apply.

Get Cast on Netflix

Netflix are on the constant lookout for fresh talent for their TV shows, including Stranger Things, Outer Banks, The Good Place, Ozark and many others for 2022.

Open Auditions for Upcoming Music Video. Paid opportunity.

Record production company are looking for film extras & actors of all ages and looks for an upcoming hip hop video. We need a diverse and fun cast of characters from all walks of life.

Huge Auditions - Enter the UK's Biggest Search for Singing Talent!

TeenStar is a first of its kind, national singing talent competition specifically for teen performers, duos, and vocal groups. Enter today.

What to expect at a casting call

There are dozens of movie auditions every week.

Most people think of acting as the work they see on the silver screen; typically, the blockbuster movies that have those big-time actors in Hollywood.

Everyone enjoys movies and more and more teens and kids want to star in movies as well.

The romance of acting is something that is considered a very easy attained goal now. However, just like with any other form of acting; film acting takes a bit of luck, patience; not mention training and dedication.

The most common misconception is that you just need the look and the good sense to read some lines to be a star.

This is very far from the truth! Movie actors work really hard but if you have the talent and skills; you may just have a chance.

What to bring to an audition

Everything begins with an audition. The actor must be well prepared before even thinking about going into an audition.

They should be involved in acting classes and will be consulting an acting coach before an audition to help with preparation. You must arrive fifteen minutes before an audition; being late guarantees you won’t be booked for the job or even get called for another audition with that casting director.

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