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There is a great possibility that you haven't heard of Cher Effect, a semi-artificial sound effect realized by digital pitch adjustment.

But you are never far away from auto tune things as long as you know rap, electronic music, hip hop, trap, etc.

So what is Auto-Tune? Are there any best free autotune software if, for some people, Antares Auto-Tune plugin is not affordable? Read on to find the answers. Auto-Tune used to be known as a byword for a single-brand pitch correction tool - Antares audio processor.

Now it means much more, referring to general autotune VST plugins software, which can be used to correct errors in vocal intonation and create specific sound effects, especially for Electronic Music and Hip Hop.

Allow me to take one example: T-PAIN, who "was featured on more than 50 chart topping singles" [1] and is best known for shining the spotlight on the prevalence of Auto-Tune.

See some popular songs T-PAIN produced with autotune:.

Steps to uninstall Auto-Tune Pro in Windows XP

Thug Story by Taylor Swift featuring T Pain. 5 O'Clock by T-Pain featuring Lily Allen.

24K Magic by Bruno Mars. With more and more free online and offline autotune VST software available for Audacity, Pro Tools and many other audio editing software, the ability to cut through the clutter is critical.

X42 Auto-Tune – (Win/Mac/Linux)

Then, what are some best free autotune software for Windows and Mac? The following three auto tune plug-ins are worth trying.

OS: Windows, macOS Free download: MAutoPitch is one of the best free autotune VST plug-ins provided by MeldaProduction, whether you need some subtle pitch correction to vocals or artificial audio effects.

What you can do with MAutoPitch?

Besides formant shift, dry wet changing/mixing, and automatic gain control, you are allowed to adjust the depth and speed of automatic tuning.

AutoTalent – (Linux)

Put them both to the top (100%), choose major minor, and you will get T-PAIN effect. Or change Width under Effects to create stereo effects.

Remember that if you download MAutoPitch 32-bit autotune plugin, use it with 32-bit hosts only.

The same goes to 64-bit. To use MAutoPitch, free download maudioplugins_14_07_setup.exe or .dmg from the Melda official website and install the MFreeFXBundle with total 36 free plugins.

  • VST, VST3 and AAX plugins can be installed selectively as well.
  • OS: Windows, macOS, Linux Download link:
  • Graillon 2 is a free autotune plug-in software developed by Auburn Sounds for vocal living changing, like robot voice making.
  • And you can pay $29 to upgrade to the Full edition for advanced features like PTM sound modification algorithm.

Graillon2 – (Win/Mac)

Is Graillon only a pitch correction tool?

  • Looking like a physical auto-tune device, Graillon is an autotune VST that can work on various platforms, coming with Correction, Pitch-Shift, Pitch-Tracking Mod, Bitcrusher and Output parts.
  • Whether you want to get in line with the note, generate robot sounding or create a chorus, Graillon can help you achieve all those easily.
  • Free download and then unzip it.

Click into Windows, macOS or Linux folder to run the installer.

BeatLab Autotuna (Ableton Only)

You will get two .dll files, which then should be put to the path of DAW for using as autotune plug-in. OS: Windows only Free download:

GVST is a UK website containing a series of free audio effects plug-ins, among which GSnap is the free auto-tune VST software that you may need for pitch correction, although it works on Windows only.

How does GSnap autotune software work? The control panel consists of three parts - Detection, Correction and MIDI.

You can set the bottom and top audio frequency range to specify where to start the detecting.

5) Waves Tune Real-Time (Paid)

That varies from person to person. Or change values under Correction to control vocal tuning effect. For example, put the AMOUNT to 100% to sound like T-PAIN.

And then select a key and scale, like F minor. For more details on how to use this GVST autotune vst software, check the official GSnap manual.

Surely you can search online for things like best GSnap autotune settings.

4) Waves Tune (Paid)

True, such free autotune software makes it easy to adjust vocals or tuning shifts. But what's even truer is there is nothing free that can surgically tune the notes as you might wish.

So try some industry-standard autotune software and pay for it if you can, such as Antares Auto-Tune Pro and Melodyne (30-day free trial).

Wonder how Auto-Tune software works? The YouTube video below made by Tom Scott, performed together with Gregory Brothers, will explain it to you in a really interesting way.

At the end of the video, you will also see how it is like when autotune fades out. Note that Auto-Tune doesn't make you a better singer if you always complete a song with off-key singing.

You just can be slightly more in tune.

Learn how to use AutoTune properly

[1] T-Pain is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer..

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Whether you’re a home producer or work at a major recording studio, Autotune and other pitch correction software can help deal with a weak vocal performance.

1) Antares Auto-Tune Pro (Paid)

I love Melodyne 4 Studio from Celemony. It’s sounds incredible, leaving little to no artifacts on vocals recorded in a treated space, but are in need of a little fixing.

But Autotune isn’t reserved exclusively for pitch correction. T-Pain popularized the hard-straightened pitch, even going as far as releasing an iOS app called “I Am T-Pain.”.

Pitch correction software can also be utilized for other instruments as well.

What is Auto-Tune?

I’ve even used VariAudio (the “Autotune” built into Cubase) on bass guitar parts that were slightly out of tune. The result was surprisingly excellent, with little to no audio artifacts. There’s a lot you can do with Autotune and similar software.

With so many options for producers, how can you decide on which one to use?

  • Fortunately, I’ve had the experience working with many pitch correction plugins to weed out the good from the bad.
  • I’m going to include both free and paid options, so please read on!
  • Have an interest in virtual instruments?
  • Don’t miss my other roundups! Table of Contents.
  • Auto-Tune is the original pitch correction software.
  • It’s so popular that its name is synonymous and is more of a colloquial term.
  • Antares gives you a couple of options to pick from depending on your needs — Pro, Artist, Access, or EFX+.
  • As you’d guess, the price moves up the more features there are.
  • Auto-Tune is very hands-off.
  • I’d even go as far as to say that it’s the most straightforward plugin for correcting pitch.

Easy to use for beginners. Lightweight on memory.

Antares Autotune Pro

Great-looking user interface. AUTO mode is limited. Difficult for beginners to use GRAPH.

  • A little outdated compared.
  • When using Auto-Tune on a vocal track in AUTO mode, set the key, the retune speed, and the amount of humanization.
  • You should be able to hit the playback button now and hear hopefully great results.
  • Because it’s simplicity, I find that it doesn’t perform as well as others (when using the quick settings) that require more fine-tune vocal editing.
  • To fix an abysmal vocal performance, use the graph mode and hand tune each note to your liking.
  • This process is much more complicated but yields a far better result.
  • I am not huge on Auto-Tune (I know many are), but it can deliver exceptional results.
  • If you take the time to learn how to use it properly, you’ll have great-sounding vocals with ease.

Auto-Tune from Antares is available at Plugin Boutique.

2) Steinberg VariAudio — Cubase Pro (Paid)

Steinberg’s VariAudio is a pitch correction software included in Cubase Pro.

It’s not a standalone plugin, so you won’t be able to use it if you don’t own Cubase Pro. But, for those of you with Cubase who didn’t realize your DAW has pitch correction, rejoice!

  • I love VariAudio — so much so that I couldn’t imagine switching DAWs.
  • I’ve been on Cubase for ten years, so I know my way around, but VariAudio is the one thing that will keep me as a forever customer.
  • Integrated into Cubase. Quick to edit any clip.
  • Very fast and no CPU. Audio artifacts are very noticeable if not careful.
  • Limited cutting resolution. Not intuitive at first.
  • VariAudio functions similar to Melodyne and Auto-Tune’s graph mode.

Double-clicking on a clip opens up the editor, where you can choose to enable VariAudio — no plugin required.

What is New in the Auto-Tune Pro Latest Version?

From here, it’s simple as using Pitch Quantize and Straighten Pitch on each clip. Cutting clips also helps pitch only individual sections of a waveform.

The newest version of VariAudio introduced some incredible options for adjusting pitch that make the software even more valuable.

I highly recommend considering Cubase Pro if you plan to switch DAWs — for VariAudio exclusively!

Things To Consider When Choosing a Pitch Correction Software Plugin

Steinberg’s Cubase Pro is available from Plugin Fox.

We’re moving up the price ladder, but for a good reason. Melodyne from Celemony is one of the most utilized pitch correction plugins used by professional vocal editors and producers.

Melodyne offers (to my ears) the most accurate and musical sounding algorithm, leaving no tuning artifacts that are easily recognizable to the untrained ear.

Is autotune Evo free?

Incredible-sounding algorithm. Tons of flexibility when vocals sound poor.

  • Zero audio artifacts in most cases. Difficult for new users.
  • Rather expensive.
  • The software has incredible note detection allowing for more accurate tuning.
  • I find that in VariAudio, there are times that the software cannot understand individual notes, so they are omitted.
  • It’s not too often this occurs, but Melodyne does it better.

Melodyne is available at Plugin Boutique.

Auto-Tune Evo – (Windows)

Waves Tune operates similarly to Auto-Tune and Melodyne. Before you begin tuning, the software scans the audio track and displays audio waveforms.

The process of editing is quite similar as well, though the interface is slightly dated. Included in many of Wave’s plugin bundles.

Relatively lightweight on CPU. Difficult to use. I have never enjoyed using Waves Tune but figured it needed a mention since Waves is one of the most popular audio plugin companies.

While cheaper than the regular version of Tune, Tune Real-Time offers a quick and user-friendly experience for tuning vocals. I’d compare this plugin to using Auto-Tune on AUTO mode. Note transition is iffy at best and artifacts are present throughout (at least when I used it).

The plugin isn’t smooth sounding at all, and there aren’t many parameter changes available.

I’d recommend Real-Time for two different scenarios. The first being someone new to audio production looking to fix a vocal without technical knowledge of tuning vocals.

You won’t get the most professional sound, but it will be acceptable.

Auto-Tune Pro Setup Installer

The second scenario is for producers working with singers in the studio who struggle to sing on pitch. Using a pitch-correction software can boost the confidence of the singer in the booth, though I can’t say for sure if this will lead to a better sounding vocal take.

Despite the marketing of Waves Tune Real-Time, claiming instant vocal tuning, I could envision latency becoming an issue in some home studio settings.

If you’re on the fence about which one to get or want to save a little cash, try some of these free pitch correction plugins I’ve listed below.

MAutoPitch – (Win/Mac)

Despite all the choices I’ve laid out, you still may be confused on the correct option.

Here are some things to consider before making a decision.

How Does Auto-Tune Work?

Does the software maker provide a trial? If so, take the trial and check out the software! There’s nothing more frustrating than buying a plugin only to find out that it’s non-refundable.

  • Do you need graph editing functionality? Graph editing, like seen in Melodyne and VariAudio, is for advanced vocal editors.
  • If you need a quick tuning for a little enhancement of a track, you may not need to edit each note.
  • If you want to draw in the notes physically, a more advanced pitch correction software will be necessary.

Further features you may desire are formant control, MIDI input (for vocoder), and note straightness.

These types of effects are often essential in a lot of today’s popular music.

#1. Melda MAutoPitch

Does your DAW already have pitch processing? Mine does — that’s why I’ve included VariAudio in this list. Digital audio workstations like Propellerhead’s Reason and MOTU Digital Performer also come with their native pitch correction software.

Antares Auto-tune 8 Video Tutorial

Which one do I like most? If I didn’t have VariAudio included in Cubase, I’d most likely be using Melodyne exclusively. It sounds incredible, and the workflow is so intuitive.

So there you have it — my list of the best Auto-Tune/pitch correction VST plugins. Which one do you currently use in the studio? I’d love to hear from you down below in the comments. Thanks for reading! Last Updated on March 2, 2022.

From slight pitch correction to some cool robotic sounds, pitchcorrection software can be extremely useful. T-Pain made this effect very popular, but it’s also beenused by a lot of other artists such as Daft Punk, the Black Eyed Peas, andmore.

Auto-Tune can be used to achieve a lot of different effectsand you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on the Pro version of theSoftware since there are a lot of free ones available.

#2. Graillon

In this post I’ll go over the best free pitch correction plugins available for Windows, Mac and even Linux. Now, out of all the plugins on this list, I think that the best ones are these five;.

How does Formant Shifting affect the sound?

Here’s a table with the best free auto-tune plugins (I only included 5 in the table, but there’s more on the list). Let’s get started!

Related: I also wrote an Article about the best Pitch-correction/auto-tune plugins in general, not just free ones. The first thing you will notice when looking at Graillon2 is the way its interface is designed;.

How Antares Autotune VST Works?

It has this vintage vibe to it which is just fantastic to look at, plus it is designed in such a way that makes it easy for you to navigate through the settings. It is a very visual plugin since it has a display where youcan see the notes that are being played as well as where Grallion2 issnapping/correcting them to.

This plugin is specifically designed for vocals and thepitch shifting can be smoothly adjusted from minus 12 to plus 12 semitones.

Versions of Antares Auto-Tune

One cool feature is the “preserve formants” knob which, intheory, helps you preserve the tone and characteristics of the vocal trackwhile shifting the pitch. In some cases, this ends up creating some issues, so makesure to play around with these settings to see what happens.

The speed knob is also pretty useful since it helps the notes “stick” a little longer, reducing the pitch correction jumps. Grallion2 also allows you to choose how fast or slow the snapping occurs, which is done by adjusting the “smooth” knob.

By adjusting the controls on the “bitcrusher” section, you should be able to achieve some interesting growl sounds.

The typical controls such as dry/wet, low-cut and outputlevel adjustment are also included.

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