Autocad Software Download Free

For that matter, even comparable with Autodesk’s AutoCAD. Not to forget, you get complete access to the parametric modeling. FreeCAD focus, when it was released in the market was to give users an option to design real-life objects, irrespective of size constraints. Using parametric modeling, users can change the dimensions of the designs with the snap of a finger. You can get to the history of the 3D design and make the necessary changes. That’s how easy it is. You may have to look through the overwhelming feature set that is a result of the software being community-oriented. However, with time and proper effort, you can start working in the right direction. This would help you highlight the associated features you have been looking for in a 3D designing app. Because FreeCAD is known to impress everyone in its way, you won’t be disappointed by any chance. With this software, you get the modular architecture for designing. Hence, you can add plugins to be the main application. Moreover, it has Sketcher along with the constraint-solver. Using this, users can design 2D shapes. Plus, there are various other features including robot simulation, CAM, and others. And, you can even adjust the G-code for 3D printing. Nice to know that a single app is capable of so many wonderful applications. Do you know what makes NanoCAD an interesting alternative? The software takes its inspiration from the Autodesk itself. The user interface seems familiar to those who have used the AutoCAD app before. The basic version of the app is free for users. And, it seems to be a very impressive CAD application. Like FreeCAD, this app has the support for parametric modeling. This helps in configuring the old models by just revisiting those. You can realize the changes and use them for the current task and this won’t take a lot of effort. One more similarity that brings it closer to AutoCAD is its spreadsheet editor. The app is very friendly and makes a great choice for beginners along with enthusiasts and makers. But do not worry about thinking that the software isn’t good for experts. It does have amazing features and tools to help users from all skill levels alike. Moreover, you can use plugins to improve the overall result of the software. It carries with itself an open API. Also, you can access the powerful yet friendly interface for drafting as well as designing amazing parts and components without any hassle. And, you do not have to stop here. If you wish to explore more, you have the commercial version at your disposal. The plan is known as “nanoCAD Plus” and you must pay $180 to use it. Isn’t that still a much economical option when compared to the annual subscription of AutoCAD. And, you can simply pay the amount to make use of a complete feature set and make even better designs without worrying about huge payments. Before summing the list, here is the last option that would help you achieve closer results to Autodesk’s AutoCAD. OnShape is a popular alternative for AutoCAD and for obvious reasons. You can consider this no lesser than the engineering-grade app because of the extensive features it embodies. A great work by the former developers from SolidWorks. Using the idea of one app for a comprehensive solution, the team has designed this amazing app to integrate the complete workflow of engineering designing and offer it as a single app. You get the complete feature set of parametric modeling. Moreover, it can also help you in simulating the proper assemblies of various complex designs as one part. The best part is that the app is free and belongs to open-source projects. Making it easy for professionals to realize the desired outcome without worrying about the huge fee requirements. And, featuring the control and collaboration tools, the app gets even more interesting when working in a team with a large group of users. To make this possible, OnShape is a cloud-based service. There are more perks to this design. You can use it on almost every possible OS. With the collaborative function, users can access the same CAD workspace along with its associated CAD data saved on a central site over the cloud. You can just access the master file without needing to work on the unnecessary and confusing different versions. Hence, making it one of the best tools for teamwork. You will just fall in love with these features and all you have to pay is your efforts. This is the beauty of free apps.
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