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  • NOVAB – The Nooteboom Vehicle Axle Load Calculation programme was developed by Nooteboom more than 20 years ago especially for their customers in the international abnormal transport sector.

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The programme accurately calculates the optimal position for the loads on the vehicle combinations that are to be loaded. Users of the programme can choose from a wide range of predefined vehicles, such as box trucks, tractors, drawbar trailers and semi-trailers.

If required the details of these vehicles can simply be adapted and it is also possible to put together different configurations. The same applies to selecting the load.

Users can opt for a predefined load or enter the details of a load themselves. Based on all these details NoVAB then calculates the axle loads and the best possible axle load distribution. For the transport operator it is an important tool for choosing the right vehicle combination for a specific load and to prevent exceeding the maximum axle load.

It is very important to ensure that no axle on the vehicle is over loaded the legal limits or OEM ratings. Commercial Vehicle Compliance can provide a Axle Load Calculations report including a layout drawing for the vehicle dimensions, ideal body position or wheelbase and weight charts for front and rear axles.

Intuitive handling

  • This provides a blueprint for the workshop, record for the manager and a sales tool for the client.
  • This service carried out before the modifications can save time and money, achieve maximum payload, and comply to legal limits.
  • Request an Axle Load report for your job now. If the vehicle is in the database we can provide an Axle Load Calculations drawing for $99 Including GST, (credit card charges may apply).
  • Reports can be designed for body positions optimising maximum payload or wheelbase dimensions.
  • This service allows for one revision or amendment to the originally supplied drawing.
  • Additional vehicles can be added to the database on application. If requesting a new vehicle into the database please supply Manufacturers’ Spec Sheets.
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  • CubeDesigner Standard Edition v. design offers the greatest single opportunity for reduced logistics costs and improved profitability with very little investment.
  • It is redesigning of your packaging and analyzing warehouse practices to obtain a "Higher Net Profit Package".
  • NoVAB 3.0 Axle load calculation

    CubeDesigner Professional Edition v. Professional Edition offers you an effective application which is an easy to learn pallet loading and package design software.

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  • Cross manufacturer support

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Convincing features

  • Reliable Load Tester v.1.6Load and stress tester for Internet and Intranet applications such as websites and web services.
  • Extensive configuration and logging capabilities. Check Page Load v.2.1Check Page Load 2.1 Check the Load time of Web Pages - By: .

Professional Printouts

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  • Testing Anywhere LOAD v.9.0Testing Anywhere LOAD allows IT Quality Assurance organizations to leverage powerful, automated load testing software to confidently test load scenarios in real time user environments.
  • Prestwood Load Balancer v.1.02The Prestwood Load Balancer is a cross-web server, cross-platform web request dispatcher that distributes direct HTTP calls to various web servers, based on the total number of pending requests to each server and the average response time.

Cost Savings

CPU Load v.2.0CPU Load 2.0 is a powerful and splendid 32-bit software for Windows 95 and 98 which can manage the CPU Load (or Usage).
Avoid round trips to weigh scale and save time and money
Reduce truck loading time by knowing precisely where to place loads
Reduce wear & tear of equipment with better weight distribution on all axles
Great visual sales tool that can help to demonstrate trailer load carrying capacity by dragging axles, fifth wheel, kingpin, etc., and helps you bring more sales
Useful tool for establishing specifications during procurement of new equipments
Helps to design vehicles with maximum payload capacity
Precisely calculate axle loads for ordering overweight-permits
Its display includes a CPU Indicator, a CPU Usage History and a system tray icon as a CPU ..

Units Supported : (both hauled and towed)

  • Exchange Load Generator v.08.02.0045A simulation tool to measure the impact of MAPI clients on Exchange serversUse Microsoft Exchange Load Generator (LoadGen) as a simulation tool to measure the impact of MAPI clients on Exchange servers.

Other features :

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  • Remote Desktop Load Simulation Tools v.1.0Remote Desktop Load Simulation Tools 1.0 is a toolset intended for server capacity planning and performance/scalability analysis.
  • In a server-based computing environment, all application execution and data processing occur on the server.
  • SWF Lock & Load - Preloader Creator v.1.2005SWF, Lock & Load is an extremely easy program to create animated Flash preloaders in seconds!
  • Outputs Flash (FLA) and (SWF) Files.
  • Choose from over 200 Effects!
  • Save project files to save your work to allow you to make changes over time.

System requirements:

  • SWF, Lock and Load v.1.206SWF, Lock and Load 1.206 is considered as a smart and useful program that helps you generate Flash animated pre-loaders for your new and existing Flash files.
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