Axle Load Calculator

Manufacturers, bodybuilders, and modifiers must ensure that the axle loads are optimised for maximum legal limit when a body is fitted onto a cab chassis, or when a wheelbase is modified.

It is very important to ensure that no axle on the vehicle is over loaded the legal limits or OEM ratings.

  1. Commercial Vehicle Compliance can provide a Axle Load Calculations report including a layout drawing for the vehicle dimensions, ideal body position or wheelbase and weight charts for front and rear axles.
  2. This provides a blueprint for the workshop, record for the manager and a sales tool for the client.
  3. This service carried out before the modifications can save time and money, achieve maximum payload, and comply to legal limits.
  4. Request an Axle Load report for your job now. If the vehicle is in the database we can provide an Axle Load Calculations drawing for $99 Including GST, (credit card charges may apply).

Reports can be designed for body positions optimising maximum payload or wheelbase dimensions.

This service allows for one revision or amendment to the originally supplied drawing. Additional vehicles can be added to the database on application.

If requesting a new vehicle into the database please supply Manufacturers’ Spec Sheets. HomeAxle Load Calculation SoftwareAxle Load Calculation Info. Load Xpert is a user friendly axle load calculation software that lets you visually configure most types of trucks. Add single or multiple payloads and software will display axle loads instantly.

U. S. Interstate Bridge Formula Verification

With a click of a mouse you can drag loads to different places on the trailer and see the axle loads recalculated in real time! Imagine how impressive this can be if you do this in front of a customer. You can do the same operation with fifth wheel, axle groups and accessories.

Cost Savings

You can also store in the software database all size and weight info of your tractors, trailers, accessories, payloads, axle groups, etc. You can print superb presentation drawings of your vehicle with complete size and weight info. Click for Info on Job-File III for CTEA members (CTEA: Canadian Transportation Equipment Association).

Axle Load Calculation

Choice of single, tandem or tridem steer and drive axles.

  1. Supports unlimited number of axle groups for trailers (single, tandem, triple, quad, lift and sliding; pusher or tag).
  2. Supports adding body and unlimited number of loads and accessories. Add unlimited number of compartments for tank vehicles.
  3. Supports for hitch load for straight trucks (i.e.
  4. load transferred from trailer).
  5. “Click & Drag” fifth wheel, kingpin, axles, pintle hook, loads and accessories and see instantly their effect on axle loads and C.G.
  6. View and print truck in side and top views with dimensions and weight distribution.

How axle weight limits are determined

Use Load Xpert’s LX-CAD, a simple drawing package to modify the look of your tractors, trailers, loads and accessories via DXF link.

Maximum Payload Calculation

Choice of units: US or metric. Calculates overall C.G. (Center of Gravity) for trucks, loads, accessories, etc. Calculates maximum allowable payload and its position based on desired loads (Choose U. Interstate Bridge Formula or user-defined loads) . Calculates maximum allowable payload based on weight ratings (GVWR and GAWR).

Payload Analysis

Verify whether your truck complies with the U.S. Interstate Bridge Formulas. Print bridge violations and allowable loads for all bridge combinations.

Accreditation Partners

Side and top views with dimension & weight distribution. – Maximum Payload & Payload Analysis. Bridge Formula Verification. – Load & Accessory lists. Save all your vehicles, bodies, accessories, axle groups and loads in the database.

Professional Printouts

Database can be shared by several users in a network. Super Heavy Haul : Axle Load Calculation (optional module). Jeeps, Reverse Jeeps, Spreader Bridges, Bridge Dollies, Pusher Trucks.

Axle Load Calculations – Axle Weightand Wheelbase Configuration.

Unlimited number of axles: single, tandem, tridem and multi-axle groups. Axles with 2, 4, or 8 tires (Normal, Trunnion, and Dual lane).

Axle Weight Calculator

Towed or Hauled (5th wheel) units.

Mix and match front and rear units. Choice of load carrying units (Drop deck loads, Bridge loads, Schnable, etc.). Support loads with off-centered C.G. Save all units in the database. Professional printouts (top and side views with dimensions and weight distribution).

Axle Weight Regulations And Limits By State

A personal computer running Microsoft Windows 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP, 2003, 2008, Vista or Windows 7 1024×768 or higher resolution monitor. In this short article, we explain the formulae for calculating axle weights, and take you through a simple example.

Axle Load Calculation Software

To calculate distribution of weight on the front and rear axles of a truck, use these simple formulae:. Step 1: Determine the WheelbaseYou will find this on the vehicle specification sheet.


In this example, let’s say the wheelbase of the vehicle is 208 in. You will find this on the vehicle specification sheet. In this example, let’s say the wheelbase of the vehicle is 208 in.

State Axle Weight Limits

  1. Step 2: Determine the weight and center of gravity of the bodyLet’s say the total weight of the body is 5000 lb, and its center of gravity is 28.2 in from the rear axle.Therefore, we can calculate the Center of Gravity from the front axle to be 208 in – 28.2 in = 179.8 in.
  2. Let’s say the total weight of the body is 5000 lb, and its center of gravity is 28.2 in from the rear axle.
  3. Therefore, we can calculate the Center of Gravity from the front axle to be 208 in – 28.2 in = 179.8 in.

C. G. Calculation (Vertical, horizontal & lateral)

Step 3: Use the formula to calculate weight on the rear axle. The Weight on the Rear Axle is 5000 x 179.8/208 = 4322 lb. Step 4: Subtract weight on rear from total weight to find weight on front. This leaves the remaining weight of 5000 lb – 4322 lb = 678 lb on the front axle.

Maximum permitted weight limit

In this example, we have calculated the distribution of weight of a service body over 2 axles of a 4×2 rigid truck.

Federal Limits

The principles of calculating weight distribution are the same for this configuration as for calculating distribution of payload on a truck tractor with one or more trailers.

We have kept it simple here for purposes of demonstration.

Axle Type

If you have a more complicated configuration, or would like to be able to use a graphical interface to calculate axle weight distribution of multiple components at once, please take 2 minutes to watch this video about our Axle Weight Calculator app, or grab a free trial here.

Why axle weight limits exist

Quick Navigation:. In 2018 the state and local governments of the United States spent more than 187 billion dollars on highways and bridges making it the 5th largest expense. 44 percent of this funding was dedicated to maintenance, while the other 56% was dedicated to the actual construction of the roads and highways [1].

Let’s take an example

Most damage to roads and bridges is done by heavy vehicles. The reason is that as the weight of the axle goes up, the damage done to the road surface does not go up linearly, but goes up by a factor of four. That is, going from a 1 ton axle to a 5 ton axle will do 625 times more damage to the road surface.

Maximum legal weight limit

That is why the gross and axle weight limits exist and are strictly enforced. The simplest answer is giant fines. Fixing roads is a huge expense to the state, so they will transfer that expense to you. If you get caught overweight on an axle, gross vehicle weight, or worse haven’t purchased an overweight permit, the consequences can be devastating.

The fines for a grossly overweight vehicle can reach tens of thousands of dollars, and when a fine is levied for an overweight condition, it is the driver who will be cited and have that citation on his driving record.

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