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Grand Theft Auto V is an epic open-world action game, giving the player complete freedom to explore the bustling city of Los Santos. Playing as a squad of uneasy allies, you'll pull off massive heists and get down and dirty with the criminal element. Like other entries in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, there's an awesome assortment of vehicles to drive, missions to complete, and tons of immersive mini-games. With the added bonus of an expansive online multiplayer mode that sees constant updates, Grand Theft Auto V is packed to the seams with exciting content.

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As far as open-world action games are concerned, Grand Theft Auto V is arguably the king. Massive map to explore. Over 70 missions and dozens of side-activities. Three main playable characters. Expansive online multiplayer. The main story of Grand Theft Auto V plays out in Los Santos, a city in the fictional state of San Andreas, focusing on three playable characters.

The first and “main” character Michael is an ex-bank robber, who has moved to Los Santos to escape a life of crime and raise his family. Michael eventually meets the second playable character, Franklin, a Los Santos gangster who works with a shady car dealer. When Michael runs afoul a local drug dealer, he enlists the help of Franklin to commit a robbery in order to pay off his debt.

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This quickly draws the attention of the third playable character, Trevor, a crass, loud-mouth redneck who used to rob banks with Michael. Together, this unlikely trio slowly works their way up the criminal element of Los Santos, pulling off increasingly dangerous heists and missions. Packed with sex, violence, and action, Grand Theft Auto V is one of gaming's best crime stories.

Like in other entries of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, Grand Theft Auto V is mostly a third-person action game, with elements of shooting and racing scattered in. After the game's initial missions, players are dumped into Los Santos to complete some missions and progress through the story. After a while, you unlock both Franklin and Trevor as playable characters, whom you can swap between freely. All three characters have varying stats, and each has a special focus or ability to use.


Michael can activate bullet-time, Franklin can slow down time when driving, and Trevor goes on a rage-induced rampage. Missions also include major heists, which require you to lay out your preparations.

  • Characters also have personal story missions that further explore the world and unlock other activities.

When you're not engaged in storyline missions, you are free to roam around Los Santos as the rural hills of San Andreas. There are tons of activities and side-missions to enjoy, ranging from simple distractions to surprisingly complex mechanics. You can go hunting, catch a movie, practice your aim at the shooting range, or enjoy a variety of sports such as golf and tennis.

  • As you rake in cash from missions, you can also purchase and customize vehicles, invest in the stock market, and even purchase properties around the city.

If you venture into the online multiplayer mode dubbed Grand Theft Auto Online, you can experience these and other open-world activities with a full server of other players. Between the impressive amount of missions and the freedom of exploration, there's always something new to do in Los Santos.

  • There's a good reason Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most successful pieces of media ever created.

It's incredibly fun to play, there's tons of content to enjoy, and the graphics are top-notch. The city of Los Santos is remarkably immersive, with lifelike citizens, traffic, and a bustling atmosphere.

  • It's easy to sit back and sink several hours into Grand Theft Auto V without realizing it, as the game is immersive and engrossing through and through.

Even after you've completed the main story, there's no shortage of extra things to do, especially when you shop online. Almost every aspect of Grand Theft Auto V is satisfying and fun, offering players an enormous sandbox of action to enjoy.

Interesting and compelling story. Exciting gunplay and driving. Impressive visuals and content. Shooting can feel clunky. Some areas of the map feel empty. Online lobbies can be frustrating.

Main Game Features

Overall rating: 10. IN A NUTSHELL:Next-gen version of GTA V could improve more things;The best of what we got is available in the PS5 edition...


  • and it annoys a lot of PC gamers in the process. Next-gen version of GTA V could improve more things;.
  • The best of what we got is available in the PS5 edition..
  • and it annoys a lot of PC gamers in the process. Original release of Grand Theft Auto V took place nearly a decade, or two console generations, ago.
  • Even so, Rockstar Games has lined up the game for yet another debut - this time the affairs of Michael, Trevor and Franklin will be made available to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S users.
  • How does the new version of the fifth GTA on PS5 fare against Sony's previous platform and modern PCs?
  • We're checking it together with Digital Foundry and Eurogamer.
  • Many of the options available on the PS5 are simply not available on PC, which causes frustration for gamers around the world.

They express it, for example, on Reddit, where they list such missing (or impossible to activate) improvements on PC as:.


  • 1440p60 mode with RT shadows that look better than on PC;.
  • uneven frame rate in cinematic cutscenes fixed on PS5, but not on PC;. simple, "primitive" camera motion blur (still used on PC) replaced with a modern one applied to every object;.
  • The combination of MSAA and proto-TXAA anti-aliasing replaced with modern TAA, which works better and uses less resources;.
  • Native HDR implementation. I expand on some of the above details below.
  • The advantage of the new console is revealed already at the stage of installation, and further - in the main menu.
  • After downloading the game on the PS4, it requires additional time (which can be up to an hour) to install the components, while on the PS5 the game is immediately ready for use.

GTA V – Recommended System Requirement

  • The menu itself runs at 60 frames per second on PS5, compared to 30 FPS on both old consoles and PCs.
  • It seems like nothing, but this simple difference shows the advantage of Sony's device.
  • PlayStation 5's power is awe-inspiring.
  • Digital Foundry also tested Sony's console itself, and you can read about the results below:.
  • Character animations at 60 FPS have been improved on the new consoles, also in comparison to PCs, which still have problems with them.
  • Avatar movements are smoother and more pleasing to the eye.


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These improvements impact motion blur in first person mode, which previously applied to (most, but not all) individual objects.

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In the PS5 version, this effect is applied universally, throughout the game.

The overall improvement in image quality is due to the use of edge smoothing technology known from Red Dead Redemption 2.

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