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Internet browsers are essential because, without them, you won’t even access this website to get new tech knowledge! Internet browsers help us to be sure of the internet securely and systematically. You can use your command prompt to get the data of websites, but it is not very user-friendly.

And if you use Macbook or Mac computer, you would be familiar with the Safari browser, which Apple provides pre-installed on your computer. Although, Safari is a good browser and opts for Mac OS, what if you want to fancy a change?

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I’m guessing that’s why you are here. After questioning, is Safari the best browser, or are there any other options? Well, yes, there are plenty of other options with a variety of prominent features. Some of them have an inbuilt download manager, while some have inbuilt torrent seeders and more exciting features. If you want to do window shopping for more Mac OS browsers, then we have some great picks for you. I like experimenting with different browsers as well, and I’m never satisfied with the default browsers.

Hence, I want to see other options rather than that of the Safari browser. We have filtered the top best web browser for Mac in this article. Hold tight and find your new favorite mac browser. We have compiled the list of best browsers for Mac. Fortunately, there are many best browsers for Mac for you to try, but not all of them are great or trustworthy. We have picked out some of the best browsers for Mac as Safari alternatives for you to try:.


The most widely used browser, Google Chrome, is loved by its users because of its incredible speed, efficiency, and functionality. This browser has an excellent user interface improved by fusing the search and address bar into one field. Furthermore, Chrome offers its users a convenient way to synchronize bookmarks, settings, history across all devices through Google account. It makes a whole load of work more manageable.

Nearly 50-70 percent of the total Internet traffic goes through Chrome. Above all, Google Chrome is a fast and most easy-to-use browser out there. Visual elements are outstanding. Users have the choice to customize the appearance of the browser from numerous themes. You surely won’t regret going for change after trying Google Chrome. It is the best browser for Mac. Features of Google Chrome:.

Brave Browser

One of the fastest mac web browsers out there. The immense library of extensions that help in solving every problem, from taking notes to virus protection. Support parental control. A sandbox security model that prevents the browser from interacting with certain OS functions. Mozilla Firefox has been in the race of the best browsers for Mac OS for a long time, and it has always been among the top ones. It is another well-known browser that doesn’t compromise on security. There was a time when Firefox was the king of internet browsers.

Unfortunately, the time hasn’t been polite to Mozilla Corporation. Although the new upgrade of Firefox Quantum is smooth, slick, and offers a great user experience. Mozilla Firefox is not as fast as Chrome, but where it has shown its game is on privacy protection. Firefox provides excellent service securing the way you roam around on the Internet. If you are low on RAM, Firefox might be the best browser for your operating system. Due to its privacy, it can rank as one of the best browsers for Mac.

Best Web Browser for Mac 2022

Features of Mozilla Firefox:. Fast and Reliable, however, not as fast as Chrome, but it certainly comes after that. Superb Security System. Low-Weight and consumes less ram. Microsoft Edge is an evolution-sized version of Internet Explorer Edge. It is pre-installed in Windows 10. Edge chromium built from the engine that powers Chrome, which speeds up its use. Moreover, It is now available for Mac users, offering a lot of features and security. Just because Edge built on the Chromium engine, Chrome users will find it familiar, although it has some great features which are not found in Chrome and any other browser.

Mozilla Firefox

Edge Chromium gives its user a superb experience by combining the extension of Chrome with additionally improved security. It has an Internet explorer mode that can surf better on old web pages. Due to its increased features, it can be termed as the best browser for Mac. Features of Edge Chromium:. Mac users can use it as the preferred web browser. It supports the Chrome web store for extensions. Built on chromium engines give an improved and privacy-friendly experience. By default, it has ad-blocking trackers. Opera is having the same texture as Google Chrome also cares about user experience by offering its users plenty of features.

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Opera browser is the next big thing; however, it is underrated in recent times, but it can be the best alternative for Safari. It pleases your operating system by giving the most negligible RAM load possible. It compresses the unnecessary content and only shows what matters. Its mobile application has a turbo option that gives a higher speed even if you have a low-speed internet connection. If your Internet connection lags very often, let the Opera browser deal with that.

Google Chrome

Features of Opera Browser:. Built-in Ad Blocker that makes your browsing fast and without any distraction. Built-in Free VPN allows users to enjoy high-quality VPN for free and browse torrent without any security issues. Clean UI that makes browsing more effortless and simple. Turbo, which makes the Internet faster compressing the data. The Mac version of Brave Browser allows you to make any search engine default. It does not go true for other well-known browsers. Brave is a noble and best-emerging browser for the Mac operating system.


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