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Published on September 15, 2020 . In Developers Corner. Facial recognition has become one of the most debated technologies of recent times. Tech giants like IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, Google and others have been doing extensive research around it to help enhance numerous consumer applications, enhance security, help organisations go touchless in pandemic and more.

While these are large-scale applications, installing facial recognition software into a personal computer can help in various ways such as automated login, use as a biometric for more convenient access, verify personal identity and more. Various organisations are now looking to install facial recognition software into personal computers, and with this article, we take you through nine best facial recognition software for your PC.

Way 1. Insert Face into Another Picture on Windows

(The list is in alphabetical order). The custom facial recognition software from Clarifai offers two powerful ways to integrate AI, which are Clarifai API and the portal. The face detection system returns probability scores on the likelihood that the image contains human faces and coordinate locations of where those faces appear with a bounding box.

This system is being used in various sectors, including hospitality, retail, media, etc. The image, video and text recognition solutions are built on the machine learning platform and are made accessible via API, device SDK and on-premise.

Developed by a team of researchers at Facebook, DeepFace is a lightweight facial recognition and facial attribute analysis framework that leverages a very large labelled dataset of faces to obtain a face representation that generalises well to other datasets.

According to the researchers, this system has closed the majority of the remaining gap in the most popular benchmark in unconstrained face recognition and is now at the brink of human-level accuracy. Deep Vision facial recognition software provides various features for safety, advertising and urban planning.

The features include facial detection, recognition, age and gender estimation, and more. It covers a variety of deployment scenarios from edge devices to cloud solutions or even on-premise.

Also, the AI-based features can be applied to pedestrian safety and mobility, incident detection, vehicle recognition, among others to provide automated video analysis.

Way 5. Change a Face with Auto Face Swap by Microsoft

FaceFirst is a popular facial recognition software for retail stores, including superstores, grocery, and department stores. The software offers a full range of biometric surveillance, mobile and desktop forensic face detection capabilities to fight theft, organised retail crime and workplace violence. It includes high-quality cameras and API that easily integrates face recognition analytics with existing technology systems.

FaceFirst offers various functions such as authentication, access control, in-person ID verification, online ID verification and age verification. Face++ AI is a software that offers computer vision technologies which enable applications to read and understand. The software allows users to easily carry deep learning-based image analysis, with simple and powerful APIs and SDKs.

Face++ AI Open Platform offers both free and premium options for all users. While the free option allows access to all Face++ APIs, with no usage limits, no upfront fees and no commitments, premium membership includes Pay-As-You-Go and Monthly Plan, along with technical support, for businesses of all sizes. OpenFaceTracker is an open-source facial recognition program that is capable of detecting one or several faces on a picture or a video and to identify them via a database.

Top 10 Face Swap Apps

The software comes with lGPLv3 license and a stable version 3.0. The features of this software include real-time processing of images, face identification, ability to operate on the Windows system, among others.

Paravision face recognition is a computer vision developer toolset that powers a wide range of face recognition applications. The facial recognition enables comprehensive security and is deployable in the cloud, on-premises or at the edge. The software provides a comprehensive toolset for developing advanced face recognition solutions that includes face detection, face verification, face identification, real-time streaming video, among others.

Rohos Face Logon is a facial recognition software that allows a user to access a Windows computer in an easy and fast way by using any web camera.

Way 3. Replace a Face in Photoshop in a Few Clicks

The software identifies a user by biometric verification based on neural network technology. The features of this software include automatic login or unlocking desktop by facial recognition, multi-user support, using of USB flash drive as a backup key to log in to Windows, among others. Trueface is an AI-powered facial recognition and digital identity verification system. The platform applies advanced computer vision technology to camera footage and images to enable businesses and other purposes to make immediate decisions based on identified patterns.

Trueface has developed a suite of the software development kit and a dockerised container solution that harness the powers of machine learning and AI to transform the camera data into actionable intelligence. Conference, in-person (Bangalore)Rising 2022 | Women in AI Conference8th Apr. WebinarMasterclass on AI innovation with oneAPI by Intel13th Apr. Workshop, VirtualAccelerate Python* for data science and machine learning with oneAPI AI Analytics Toolkit22nd Apr.

Conference, VirtualData Engineering Summit 202230th Apr. Conference, in-person (Bangalore)MachineCon 202224th Jun. Conference, in-person (Bangalore)Cypher 202221-23rd Sep.

FAQ on Face Swapping

Stay Connected with a larger ecosystem of data science and ML Professionals. Discover special offers, top stories, upcoming events, and more. Using a face swap app you can have fun with your family by swapping faces or placing your faces to the bodies of celebrities. You can turn your selfies into photos of old men or cute babies. Create funny images and selfies by swapping faces.

Snapchat – Our choice - iOS | Android. Face Swap Live - Instant face swap - iOS | Android. Face Swap Booth - Beautiful facial masks - iOS | Android. MixBooth - Realistic swap - iOS | Android. FaceApp–AI Face Editor - AI face swap tools - iOS | Android.

Reflect - Realistic effects - iOS. Face Swap Picture Editor - High-level photo montage - Android.

Way 2. Switch Faces with No Effort on Your Mac

REFACE - Real-time photo editing - Android. Face Swap App - Fully automated - iOS. FaceOver Lite - Swaps parts of the face - iOS. With one of these face swap apps you can swap faces in a couple of taps, due to the automation of many processes. You can make your portrait flawless or see yourself as a girl or a man.

Regular updates. A lot of filters and effects. Opens photos and videos. The camera turns on immediately. You can edit old photos. Verdict: Snapchat is a face swap app that has its own social network with a huge community of users. You can exchange comments and opinions with other users, give and get advice, as well as use different third-party filters. You can swap faces not only in photos but also in videos by simply switching the shooting mode. You can also edit your old photos.

All you need to do is upload them into the app and then use the Face Swap function to select effects or change the position of faces. Also, using 3D filters and lenses, you can become a famous actor, singer, a participant of your favorite game or dance festival.

Way 4. Put a Face in a Picture with a Web-Based Application

Instant face swap. Allows you to swap faces in real-time. Works with images from your phone. Interactive face deformation. Requires good lighting. Verdict: If you are looking for a face swap app that can replace the best filter apps, then Face Swap Live is what you need.

You can use augmented reality masks, real-time face swaps, as well as a lot of effects. Also, you can swap faces using not only photos from your library but also pictures from the Internet. In this app you can even change faces in videos but you need to be precise for good results. You can attach a virtual talking mouth to your pet. Beware that Face Swap Live is a very sensitive app, so you need to choose a good lighting angle and smartphone position to swap faces successfully.

Beautiful facial masks. A large library of photos and celebrity faces. Combines facial features. Automatic face detection.

10. FaceOver Lite

Works with objects. It takes long to stabilize an image. You can’t view a photo straight away. Face Swap Booth. Verdict: Face Swap Booth is a great changing faces app that allows you to swap faces, use hundreds of effects and inbuilt lenses. You can swap face in several pre-selected photos at once. This app will swap faces by automatically detecting facial features. By using a set of special masks, you can select particular facial features.

You can use the huge collection of celebrity photos, including Johnny Depp, Will Smith, Emilia Clarke, Emma Watson, and others to perform face swaps with them. Another big advantage of this app is that you can swap two faces but also attach them to any other objects such as a post, a cat, a car, etc.

Combines two faces into one. Face recognition function. Has its own gallery. Works without an Internet connection.

Telegram Channel

Doesn’t combine faces with photos from your gallery. Sometimes severely distorts facial features. Verdict: MixBooth is a great face swap app that allows you to change faces without the Internet. You can also use its library not to get confused and avoid spending much time looking for edited photos. With automatic face detection, you won’t need to wait long for your image to be stabilized. By combining faces, you can pleasantly surprise your friends.

For example, you can combine your portrait with the face of Angelina Jolie or Brad Pete and ask your friends to guess who you are combined with. To view the result before and after editing, you just need to shake your smartphone, and the picture will change straight away.

2. Face Swap Live

AI face swap tools. You can change hairstyle, beard or mustache. Various filters and effects. Allows adding a tattoo. Neural AI technologies. A lot of paid functions and filters. Verdict: FaceApp – AI Face Editor is a smart, neural network-automated face swap app. Using it, you can swap faces in your pictures very naturally and edit finished photos.

You can add interesting makeup to your face, as well as experiment with hair, beard or mustache style. Try using the Hollywood filter in real-time to create perfect selfies or regular shots. You can also pick the best hairstyle and makeup according to the opinion of the app. Besides, you can change gender, age and skin color. Also, you can put your face to the images of various superheroes to see yourself as Batman or Superman. Realistic effects. Uses AI for accurate face swapping. Swap adjustment. Automatically selects skin color and smoothness.

Built-in meme maker. Requires a stable Internet connection. A lot of paid content. Reflect: Realistic Face Swap.

Step 1. Open Your Picture in the Software

Verdict: If you need to realistically swap faces in a photo without much effort, then Reflect is for you. With it, you can adjust the Swap accuracy, which allows you to create more realistic images. Also, due to artificial intelligence, the face replacement process is fully automated and doesn’t take much time. This face swap app automatically selects the color and smoothness of the skin.

You can swap faces in any images, no matter if they are taken from your gallery or downloaded from the Internet. Also, a big advantage of Reflect is the possibility to swap several faces in one photo. High-level photo montage. A large collection of frames, stickers and effects. Works with selfie camera. Has a built-in image library. Swaps faces with animals.

Works only with photos. Doesn’t preserve facial features. Face Swap Picture Editor. Verdict: Face Swap Picture Editor is a good face swap app. With it, you can easily swap faces in the photo.

Step 3. Add the Face to a Photo

You will have to take a picture of only two people to achieve a successful automated swap. With this app, you can also add your face to the bodies of pets or other animals. This app can only swap faces in photos, you can’t record videos or create small animations. Therefore, it performs excellent photomontage and preserves facial features and naturalness quite well.

You can also use nice photo frames or stickers to create funny content for social networks. Real-time photo editing. Works with GIF images. The possibility to create personalized memes. Uses DeepFake technology. You can swap faces in real-time. The trial version is for three days only. You can’t create videos. Verdict: If you are looking for an app to swap faces in selfies, then REFACE is worth your attention. With it, you can’t perform face swap in the video, but you can instantly swap faces in any GIF image.

It will take you only 5 seconds. An automated swapping process selects the contour of the face by itself and performs the correct swap.

4| FaceFirst

This application is one of the best meme apps. Thus, you can’t swap faces with your friend or relative. However, you can choose a GIF file with an excerpt of your favorite movie or TV series to put yourself in the place of the main character or become the main face of a well-known meme. Fully automated photo editing. Swaps faces in group shots.

All processes are automated. Automatic face recognition function. Swaps an unlimited number of faces. You have to buy a license. Problems with changing the skin tone. Verdict: Face Swap App is a fully automated face swap app. You can swap faces both in real-time and using old pictures.

You can also swap faces an unlimited number of times, which is very convenient when working with group photos.

Step 4. Do the Face Swap

For example, you can surprise your colleagues and swap their faces in a group photo with yours and hang it in a visible place. For the precise swap, you can copy, flip, rotate and edit faces to make your work look as realistic as possible. Face Swap App can work with images from various social networks, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where you can find different content for your ideas.

Swaps parts of the face. You can swap faces partially. A wide variety of effects. You can swap faces in manual mode.

Step 2. Pick the Swap Mode

Errors can occur when opening third-party images. Verdict: If you need a free face swapping app for swapping specific parts of faces, then FaceOver Lite is what you need. With it, you can not only swap faces but also perform photo editing using the built-in basic editing tools. You can quickly create high-quality effects by copying, pasting, replacing and rotating images. You can swap eyes, mouth or nose, so that it will be more difficult for viewers to guess which celebrity you combined your face with.

Also, to achieve realistic results, you can use manual substitution mode, where you can control facial features and replaceable borders.

1. Snapchat – Our Choice

In general, this is a great app suitable both for one-time and regular use. Now why would you want to know that? Is this for a science project? Or for a business presentation? All right, we get it - it's for fun. Pure, wholesome fun. And some creative output, too! And as with all the things fun, swapping faces in a picture should not be difficult.

If you use the right software, you can easily achieve a similarly cool effect. Want to create crazy photo montages? Click the button below to get started with an easy face swapper:. So how to insert a face into another picture?

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