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Audit management using the appropriate software becomes a breeze. Audit managment software assits you in uncovering areas of potential improvements both in your operations and procedures which you can implement right away to enhance the overall productivity and profitability of your enterprise.

With the introduction of information technology into the world of business has already received many great benefits, but these are some of the most important yet.

Internal audits can point to you the weak points in your business and provide relevant data teaching you how these can be improved with the results of optimized productivity in these areas, as well as in other parts of your business as well.


Audit management software can also help a business to meet all the important regulatory requirements thus saving you time and money by avoiding all unwanted complications. This internal audit software is useful in measuring the efficiency of all your operations at all stages of the process map.

Thus you can see at once where you want to improve your systems for better performance by simply collecting the relevant data and compare them with your best standards. Though audit software applications are generally used for purposes such as satisfying the requirements for public quality standards and safety regulations as set forth by authorities, you can definitely keep these valuable internal numbers private.


The internal audit software will produce a comprehensive set of providing you with the right imput for your audit management so that you can quickly figure how to best use this information for the implementation of any improvements.

It is possible to make small changes at first, in what are deemed to be the most critical areas, and then run the software again to produce a revised set of results.

Th ease of its operation can only help you in your task of realizing the ideal way of using all of your business resources. These internal audit management software applications are only one side of the coin, but an important one.

The other side of the coin is that of compliance with public safety and quality regulations. Since regulations which companies have to meet change frequently, compliance audit software has been specifically developed and updated.

Because different industries are regulated by different government departments the respecitve requirements are measured completely different. Sometimes, the measurements are easy to gauge because they are based on accurate outside data.

What is the best software for Audit Management?

A good example of this is the food industry, where the Food And Drug Administration (FDA) requires an incidence of a compound to be less than what might pose a cancer risk of one in a million. In other cases these measurements are more demanding, more difficult to understand and therefore more challenging to comply with.

Audit management becomes a lot easier when using the appropriate audit software because it telly you exactly where you have to stay withing clearly defined limits.

Whereas governmental regulators themselves have difficulties in quantifying the risks of certain substances, their own regulations are destined to change frequently.

Having the right audit software at your hands to allow you to quickly adjust to the latest standards is vital for your effective audit management.


Depending on the industry you’re in, your audit management software may require frequent updates or even replacement but it seems that it is really worth it. Quantivate GRC Software solutions enable you to effectively and efficiently manage your compliance, risks, and governance initiatives across the enterprise.

Systematic audit processes. Audit plan creation tools. Centralized digital library of all audit plans, workpapers, findings, reports, and follow-up. Graphical dashboard interface of audit activities, statuses, history, and results. Risk assessment. checklists to organize findings, customizable online questionnairesAuditor/resource skillset databaseResource planning and time tracking (hours & costs)Extensive customizable reportingAudit work, status, and history trackingCorrective action plans and workflow trackingAudit task management and schedulingFindings managementAutomated email notifications and alertsAlignment with Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) standards.

MetricStream provides Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) software solutions that allow companies across various industries to streamline and automate their enterprise-wide GRC programs.


Audit Universe Management. Risk Assessment and Analysis. Dynamic Audit Planning. Audit Resource and Time Management. Audit Fieldwork. Audit Issue Management. CURA Software Solutions provides powerful GRC solutions are backed by a worldwide team of subject matter experts & more than ten years of implementation expertise at leading organizations.

Allows creation of well defined objectives and scope tied to quality, compliance, risk management and other business processes. Auditors can organize and audit in a logical structure and hierarchy.

Evaluation and tasks that need to be performed for executing the audit can be defined. Audits can be scheduled periodically or triggered on an ad-hoc basis for specific business processes. MasterControl Provides Internal Audit Management Software Systems for the Companies to Meet the Needs of ISO and FDA Regulated Companies.

Easy Audit Planning & Scheduling with MasterControl Internal Audit Management Software. MasterControl Offers an Integrated and Connected Internal Audit Management Software Solution. MasterControl Internal Audit Management Software Includes State-of-the-art Analytics and Training Tools. Workiva is the leader in connected reporting and compliance solutions for accounting, finance, audit, and internal controls.

Easily distribute surveys and automate data aggregation from a single platform.

Identify, analyze, and monitor risks consistently with total confidence.

  • Streamline collaboration between teams across the organization.
  • Mitigate enterprise and operational risks through accelerated feedback processes.
  • Enablon software solutions help companies manage safety and environmental performance, ensure compliance, minimize risks and improve profitability by leveraging some of the world’s most advanced technologies.
  • Better plan internal audits. Increase the productivity of internal auditors.
  • Improve communication and collaboration.
  • Automate internal auditing procedures with the SAP Audit Management application.
  • Adopt a more strategic, advisory role.
  • Assess risks with greater speed and ease.
  • Automate and accelerate the audit process.
  • Audit management and data analysis software trusted by more than 500,000 professionals worldwide.
  • Data Analytics for Financial Audits.
  • IT Audit With Data Analytics. Operational Audit & Data Analytics.
  • Audit Analytics & Fraud Risk Analysis.

AURA is web-based QMS software helps organizations to effectively monitor and manage their regulatory compliance activities and assists you to maintain the highest level quality management system. Streamline audit scheduling process & assess metrics most important to you. Securely manage all information in a centralized, scalable, reliable way.

Gain real-time visibility into audit processes, history, and findings,. Generate configurable draft and final audit reports. Route internal audit findings to the appropriate managers for review. Monitor subsequent actions in a timely and effective manner.

RSM Auditor Assistant internal auditing software can increase productivity, efficiency and standardization throughout your audit process. Take control of your audit activities. Intuitive and easy-to-use functionality. Enjoy a streamlined implementation process. Rest easy with the knowledge that your data is secure and protected.

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  • Have you ever come across a software that helps in analyzing the risks of business and also the effectiveness in the internal control of the organization?
  • Companies need to be audited to find out the internal and external errors.
  • Audits are an important and essential part of every company.
  • It is necessary for every company to undergo auditing as it helps in understanding the detailed analysis of whether the internal and external factors are complying to the board rules or not.
  • With the help of an Audit Management Software, the entire auditing process gets simplified.
  • This software run audits at any time with any desired frequency.
  • Audits are scheduled across different departments simultaneously without having any conflicts.
  • Internal Audit Software provides simple ways to conduct complex auditing.
  • With support to auditors, this software helps in understanding and giving detailed feedback about the company.
  • It helps in automating the process for an auditor.
  • Audit Management Software reminds the auditors when an audit is due.

It allows auditors to make amendments when the program is running. From generating detailed feedback to making alterations, this software works efficiently to understand the needs of the company. If your company is in the requirement of this software and you are looking to know more about it and are considering owning one, you should have a detailed look into the reviews below by SoftwareWorld on each audit management software.

Our Score 99/100. About MetricStream Audit Management : MetricStream is flexible, supportive and a comprehensive audit management solution. The software handles a wide range of audit-related activities, that includes internal audit, operational audit, supplier audits, quality audits and IT audits.

MetricStream is equipped with advanced capabilities like built-in remediation, email-based notification, risk assessing methodologies, and various such functionalities to implement best audit functioning and integration.

MetricStream Audit Management Features : Audit Planning, Compliance Management, Dashboard, Issue Management, Risk Assessment. “Leveraging the MetricStream technology will improve efficiencies and performance, by enabling enhanced collaboration, streamlining information gathering, and creating clear visibility for our internal audit program.” – Michelle Lamberton.

Company Size: 1001 – 5000. Not provided by vendor. Free Trial: Yes. Our Score 98/100. About Intelex Audits Management software : Streamlining, planning and strategically organizing audit reports are important for the smooth functioning of the business.

Integrate Intelex audit management software to store, manage, and centralize business data.

Intelex software is a highly configurable, flexible, and effective solution to conduct your own audit.

  • With this audit management software, it has become easier to generate real-time reports and present summarized detail information for a configurable dashboard display chart.
  • Intelex Audit Features : Audit Planning, Compliance Management, Dashboard, Issue Management, Risk Assessment.
  • “It’s very easy to use, stores A LOT of the data that we need in one spot.
  • It is very easily deployed to users within our company.
  • The Audits Management Software is awesome!” – Jeremy M.
  • Intelex Technologies. Company Size: 201 – 500.
  • Not provided by vendor.
  • Free Trial: Yes.
  • Our Score 97/100.
  • About MasterControl Audit Management : The automated audit management software from MasterControl is responsible for dramatically reducing the time as well as the effort that is involved in preparing for as well as conducting the audits.
  • It is obvious that all the kinds of businesses go through the audit, but this particular software is necessary for Life Science as well as other regulated organizations.
  • This particular software ensures quality and safety.
  • MasterControl Audit Features : Compliance Management, Dashboard, Internal Controls Management, Issue Management, Risk Assessment.

“As a System Administrator of MasterControl, I really like how easy the system is to use and how our quality documents can be maintained in one central system instead of the multiple systems we had previously been using. The service offered by MasterControl has been excellent.” – Rachael B.

Company Size: 201 – 500. Price: $1,000.00/month. Free Trial: Yes, get a free trial. Our Score 97/100. About Gensuite : Gensuite has been helping companies in assuring compliance as well as minimizing the risk factors. It is simple and convenient EHS software, which allows an organization to tackle all the complex challenges in an easy manner.

The software is responsible for providing solutions like responsible sourcing, security, asset management, and product stewardship. You can explore more than 60 applications that come with amazing mobile integration, with extreme flexibility.

Gensuite Audit Features : Compliance Management, Dashboard, Issue Management, Multi-Year Planning, Risk Assessment.

“Gensuite has tremendous flexibility and many features.

  • Gensuite’s ability to analyze information across a large enterprise adds value for my team.
  • Gensuite also has great workflow capacity and wonderful customer service.
  • Ability to enhance organization learning.
  • Automated alerting systems for management staff.” – Martha C.
  • Company Size: 201 – 500.
  • Not provided by vendor. Yes, get a free trial.
  • Our Score 97/100.
  • About SmartSolve : Simply your audit planning with this standardized audit management software.
  • SmartSolve is an efficient audit management system that is equipped with miraculous features to boost auditor productivity.
  • The competence tool makes it easy to tailor, extend, and integrate the process as per the scheduled demand.
  • SmartSolve streamlines workflow by inducing performance flexibility, reviewing audits, and allowing resync with your enterprise even from the remote most location that lacks network connectivity.
  • SmartSolve Audit Features : Audit Planning, Compliance Management, Dashboard, Issue Management, Risk Assessment.
  • “I really like the functionality of SmartSolve.
  • Easy document retrieval.

Easy training management. Easy CAPA management. Easy Audit management. I like that it is easy to use and administrate. I am also really have with the level of customer support that I receive.” – Brynne P.

Pilgrim Quality Solutions. Company Size: 51 – 200. Not provided by vendor. Free Trial: Yes. Our Score 96/100. About LogicManager : Adding efficiency to audit management is the key role of every efficient audit management software. LogicManager helps in prioritizing goals, operational objectives, empower document control and perform risk assessments.

LogicManager is an effectual solution to standardize your audit process, collect actionable information, capture intuitive and objective assessment, and delivering engaging presentations with highly configurable reports.

LogicManager is cost-effective, flexible, and a fantastic risk management tool. LogicManager Audit Features : Alerts/Notifications, Audit Planning, Compliance Management, Dashboard, Issue Management, Risk Assessment, Task Management, Workflow Management.

“I want to be able to see down the road.

I want to be able to protect the company and ultimately our customers and our share base, and make sure that we’re protected.

  • That’s what LogicManager has helped us address.
  • This is getting us to a point where we can proactively manage risk and avoid it.” – Brian Tessier.
  • Company Size: 51 – 200. Price: $10000.00/year.
  • Free Trial: Yes. Our Score 96/100.
  • About Onspring : Elevate the company’s performance, plan strategically, and have full control over your internal audit process with Onspring cloud-based audit management.
  • Onspring has a user-friendly interface that aligns audit plans to help the management in handling workflow, manages work papers, findings, review notes, and eliminates significant risks involved.
  • The software is a dynamic tool that helps the auditor in delivering intelligent reports and manages role-based dashboards.
  • Onspring Audit Features : Alerts/Notifications, Asset Tracking, Audit Planning, Compliance Management, Dashboard, Forms Management, Issue Management, Mobile Access, Risk Assessment, Task Management, Workflow Management.
  • “The biggest gain is greater discipline in our audit process.
  • Onspring drives behavior on our team.
  • Even if our projects get interrupted, we can always see what we need to do.” – Mary Schrecker.

Company Size: 11 – 50. Not provided by vendor. Free Trial: Yes. Our Score 96/100. About IQS Audit Management Software : IQS Audit management software is a highly configurable software that compliances professionals with departments to generate more audit information.

The software automatically triggers corrective and preventive actions. This software enables users to create audit templates, customize reports, charts, and interactive dashboards. This quality management audit solution allows you to focus on technical matters, manage offline audit from mobile devices, and track inventories, schedules, and audit findings.

IQS Audit Features : Audit Planning, Compliance Management, Dashboard, Issue Management, Risk Assessment. “I work with IQS Software daily, the benefits make my job duties so much easier, the automatic notifications for items save me so much time. The Software has allowed my company the ability to organize everything from audit reports to PPM tractability” – Trenda R.

Company Size: 201 – 500. Price: $1500.00/month. Free Trial: Yes. Our Score 96/100. About AuditBoard : Designed for auditors by auditors, AuditBoard is the leading cloud-based platform transforming how enterprises automate, collaborate, and report on risk. Our integrated suite of intuitive audit and compliance solutions streamlines SOX, controls management, internal audits, and workflow management.

AuditBoards clients range from pre-IPO to Fortune 50 companies looking to manage their audit functions with the industrys most user-friendly platform.

AuditBoard Audit Features : Compliance Management, Dashboard, Exceptions Management, Internal Controls Management, Issue Management, Multi-Year Planning, Risk Assessment.

  • “SOXHUB has eliminated a tremendous amount of complexity and manual work for us and driven a host of efficiencies through our audit process as well as management’s process for supporting our audit and for maintaining their internal controls.
  • Frankly we just couldn’t be any happier.” – Michael Good.
  • Company Size: 51 – 200.
  • Not provided by vendor.
  • Free Trial: Yes.
  • Our Score 95/100.
  • About TeamMate + Audit : Teammate+ is a streamlined user interface that syncs together data flow and work patterns to eliminate the gap between audit managers and stakeholders.
  • The audit management software implements a systematic audit process by eliminating errors and inconsistencies in data.
  • Teammate+ understands the importance of implementing an efficient audit management system to suit the changing demands of today’s technological environment.
  • TeamMate + Audit Audit Features : Alerts/Notifications, Audit Planning, Dashboard, Issue Management, Mobile Access, Risk Assessment, Task Management, Workflow Management.
  • “ The TeamMate application is a well-rounded audit management suite which is regularly maintained and updated to meet our audit management requirements.
  • It provide many benefits such as accurate reporting.

Solid audit management tool. Reliable audit management software.” – Rickell M. Company Size: 11 – 50. Not provided by vendor. Free Trial: Yes. Our Score 95/100. About Qualityze EQMS : Qualityze EQMS is known to offer organizations with management software of a great quality for manufacturing, life science, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, medical devices, and healthcare.

It can be not only configured easily but scaling it is also extremely simple. It helps the organizations to solve the various compliance issues, develop the policies of good quality and maintaining the quality is also an important factor that this unique software provides. Qualityze EQMS Audit Features : Compliance Management, Dashboard, Exceptions Management, Internal Controls Management, Issue Management, Multi-Year Planning, Risk Assessment.

“The Qualityze EQMS system provides closed loop managed processes with built in approvals through a superior well designed user interface. Qualityze expert knowledge on Salesforce platform helped us configure business rules and workflows to automate our internal quality process.” – Miheer Ghotikar. Company Size: 11 – 50.

Price: $20.00/month/user.

Yes, get a free trial.

  • Our Score 95/100.
  • About monitorQA : monitorQA is a mobile-first technology that allows front line employees to monitor safety and quality in the workplace.
  • Companies use the monitorQA app and platform to create smart checklists, conduct on-site inspections, analyze data and share insights in real time.
  • monitorQA Audit Features : Alerts/Notifications, Audit Planning, Compliance Management, Dashboard, Forms Management, Issue Management, Mobile Access, Risk Assessment, Task Management.
  • “monitorQA has made inspections much faster — and almost fun.
  • I estimate it has helped us save 5-7 hours per week but most importantly, I’m able to keep track of everything that needs to be fixed.
  • Nothing slips through the cracks anymore.” – Anthony Q.
  • Company Size: 11 – 50.
  • Price: $12.00/month/user.
  • Yes, get a free trial. Our Score 95/100.
  • About MeazureUp Audit Applications : MeazureUp is one of the best cloud-based solutions, which helps in streamlining the assessments and makes sure that there is consistency in the entire enterprise.
  • The application makes use of real-time data.
  • With the help of this particular application, the businesses can start scaling their growth, without having to diminish the experience of the customers or the value of the brand, which is extremely crucial.


Top 15 Best Internal Audit Software

MeazureUp Audit Features : Compliance Management, Dashboard, Issue Management. “Very easy to use on either iPhone or iPad.

The fact that I can do everything from my phone without have to carry a laptop with me from store to store. The ability to no longer have to carry around a ton of paperwork, everything visit is standard and available on my phone.” – Mark Sebastian K.

Company Size: 02 – 10. Not provided by vendor. Free Trial: Yes. Our Score 94/100. About ProcessGene GRC : ProcessGene is one of the leading providers of software solutions for three important things, which include Governance, Risk, as well as Compliance.

It is a process driven software for multi-subsidiary enterprises. This software is responsible for establishing automated workflow, which reduces not only the time but also the cost of the GRC efforts, and also eliminates the manual labor to a great extent, which is great.

ProcessGene GRC Audit Features : Compliance Management, Dashboard, Exceptions Management, Internal Controls Management, Issue Management, Multi-Year Planning, Risk Assessment. “The ProcessGene Suite helped us setup and automate our regulatory compliance framework.

The system incorporates business processes, related risks & controls within one accessible environment. The ProcessGene GRC software implementation was fast & did not require allocation of IT personnel resources.” – Yoav L.

Company Size: 11 – 50. Price: $30.00/month/user. Free Trial: Yes.

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