Best Rainmeter Skin

Customizing your desktop background doesn’t have to just mean static photos and art. If you’re in the mood for something a bit more dynamic featuring helpful widgets, why not try outfitting your desktop with a Rainmeter skin? Rainmeter is a free, open-source desktop program that lets you adorn and customize your desktop background with skins that are often fun, aesthetically-pleasing, and functional.

The software is only available for Windows PCs (specifically Windows 7 to Windows 10). If you’ve downloaded Rainmeter but don’t know which skin you want to try first (or you’re not interested in using any of the skins the software comes with), we can help spark your imagination a bit with our list of the best Rainmeter skins we’ve found online.

30 BEST Rainmeter Skins

A word of caution: Be careful about downloading and using skins from third-party websites and vendors (even the ones featured on this list). Always use your chosen antivirus software to scan anything you download, and make sure to do so before you choose to install a skin or anything else you download. Nelamint is a great skin for those who want an elegant, minimalist desktop background but don’t want to cheat themselves out of having a few useful widgets on hand to help keep them updated on the world around them and on the world inside their machine.

Best Rainmeter Skins and Suites For All People

You can keep track of what’s going on with your computer with widgets for CPU and RAM usage and Wi-Fi. There’s also a music player, a time and date widget, a visualizer, and a weather widget.

The skin itself is customizable: You can change its background and text colors, use a different temperature unit, and even change the language.

Rainmeter Music Player Skins

Developer:HipHopium (name listed on, but the DeviantArt profile link leads to ApexXx-SenSei. If you still want something minimalist but you’d rather have a bit more color, Robik is for you.

You can still keep track of the inner workings of your computer with this skin, but the look is clutter-free overall.

Rainmeter Program Launchers

In terms of features, you’ll also get the time and date, a weather widget, a music player, and a visualizer. Developer:HipHopium (name listed on, but the DeviantArt profile link leads to ApexXx-SenSei.

Doctor Who fans can celebrate their favorite show and get updates on their favorite apps as well, all in one Rainmeter skin.

This skin comes with computer system stat widgets, a visualizer, and four app-launcher buttons, among other features.

Rainmeter VU Meter Skins

The app-launcher buttons are particularly interesting because they not only open certain apps, but they can display RSS feed updates about those apps if you mouse over the launchers.

Are you a Legend of Zelda fan? Then you might enjoy this Rainmeter skin that prominently features a Gate of Time from the popular video game series. The gate will rotate to “match the speed of your computer fan.”.

Rainmeter Suites

Developer: Zeog2010. We’re starting to veer away from minimalist designs and jumping straight into more ornate ones. This homage to Skyrim doesn’t disappoint, and it’s chock-full of features: A battery life bar, a clock, system stat widgets, a 10-button launcher, a music player, and more.

This Skyrim skin would be at home in any gamer’s battle-station setup. Developer: Axerron. Eker_lina is a very modern-looking Rainmeter skin with fun pops of color in all the right places.

Rainmeter Clock Skins

Need to stay organized? Eker_lina might be the right choice for you. It comes with a laundry list of features to help you do just that while keeping your desktop looking stylish, including time and date, Google search, RSS feeds, a gallery viewer, and a media player.

If you’re looking for something a little quirky for your desktop, and you’d like your skin to literally update you on the news of the day (in the form of an interactive personalized newspaper), the Newspaper skin is perfect for you.

This campy little newspaper skin comes with four RSS feeds, a mailbox for Gmail, a weather widget, 14 launchers, a notepad, and a system stats widget.

Rainmeter Weather Skins

There’s even an animated pocket watch and an animated cigarette (that burns). Developer: DYIDDO. If you just want something cozy and simple with an adorable animated cat, look no further than the Personal Space Rainmeter skin.

There’s app/folder launcher buttons, date and time, and a system stat widget are among its features.

Wrapping Up

It’s a clean design that will give you a quick at-a-glance view of your day. Developer: Iroaseta. Super Blood Moon is proof that you don’t need a cluttered design with tons of bells and whistles to capture people’s attention.

This skin is beautifully designed with contrasting bright neon colors and cooler darker colors. It comes with a visualizer that blends a bit into its landscape background and elegant-looking time, date, and weather widgets.

Developer: KeithStoodley.

Rainmeter System Monitor Skins

The title of this skin should’ve already been a dead giveaway that this design brings the drama. And it is drama and action well done.

And yet, it’s not too cluttered with widgets. You’re still getting a lot, though, including weather and system stat widgets, a Wi-Fi widget, an audio player, a power control panel, and an app dock. Developer: ionstorm01. There's no end to the ways you can customize Windows.

Here Are the Best Rainmeter Skins to Customize your PC:

From taskbar tweaks to icon management, there's always something to change to make your desktop your own.

And for the hardcore desktop enthusiast, there's no better tool than Rainmeter. We've hunted down the best minimalist Rainmeter skins to give your desktop a unique, elegant look.

Customize Your Desktop With Rainmeter

System monitors are an excellent resource to have on your desktop. You can see information like CPU temperature, RAM usage, and remaining hard drive space. They're particularly useful for checking overclocked PC stats and fan speed configurations.

First to bat is a program which uses monitoring stats provided by your Task Manager. Illustro Monitor is a simple skin that provides real time stats of CPU usage, HDD space, and network performance.

What is the Rainmeter? How Does it Work?

A fan favorite for system monitors is Minimal System Info. This skin provides a small interface for displaying system information.

Flat is a minimal skin that is available in both a dark and a light version for use on all sorts of wallpapers and backgrounds.

12. T-R-A-N-S-F-O-R-M-E-X Mod

It has the system monitoring functions you would expect plus more, like separate monitors for multiple processor cores, monitoring the space available on multiple hard drives, an upload and download network information graph, plus a network widget showing your IP address.

MAKEUSEOF VIDEO OF THE DAY. There are more functions too like a battery monitor, uptime descriptor, RAM monitor, and recycle bin monitor. Finally, you'll also find a simple temperature and weather widget.

36) Nier Automata

This is a great monitor for advanced users who want to keep an eye on more detailed system information. Some system monitors use third-party applications like MSI Afterburner or CoreTemp for their readings.

The Rainmeter skin Mii System Skin 2 requires two tweaks before working: MSIAfterBurner.dll and a skin edit. You'll need to install MSI After Burner onto your computer if you want to track your stats using Mii System Skin 2.

19) All Aboard The Purple Train

Rainmeter will then use the information received by your After Burner application. Afterward, download the appropriate 32 or 64-bit .dll file available in this forum.

Ensure whether you're using a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system and download the appropriate file. Move the .dll file into your Rainmeter plugins folder, located in C:\Program Files\Rainmeter\Plugins.

Then, edit your skin by right-clicking the Rainmeter skin > Edit skin.

4. Big Sur RC1

By default, the Plugins parameter for Mii System Skin 2 is set to MSIAfterBurner.dll. Change this parameter to Plugins\MSIAfterBurner.dll. Remember to right-click the skin and select Refresh skin, and you should be able to read your fan speeds, GPU temps, and more.

Clocks skins don't just provide the time. They also set the tone for your Rainmeter background. An elegant, minimalist clock which shows you just the time with no clutter.

18. Moderate

It looks best when used in a large format in the middle of your desktop. The clock shows the day of the month, plus the hours, minutes, and seconds.

It comes in a stark white font that looks good on top of darker wallpapers. It's perfect for users who want at-a-glance information about the time and date, and nothing else.

This attractive skin shows the time and date plus the weather. A fun and unique feature is the arc over the top which shows the position of the sun throughout the day.

A simple but striking clock using a slanted font that looks a bit like handwriting.

8) Blue And Simple

The clock is rather visually distinctive so it works best against very plain wallpapers, and it looks particularly good when shown in large size but with a low opacity to make it blend into the background.

1) Super Blood Moon

As well as the time, the clock shows the date and day of the week written in prose, as well as the temperature and weather so you can quickly check whether you need an umbrella before you leave the house. Laro is a truly beautiful date and time skin.

It shows the name of the month in a stylish handwriting-type font, with a mini calendar beneath that shows the day of the month and the day of the week, plus the year.

Fountain Of Colors

There's also an unobtrusive weather widget and a minimal clock and currently playing music information. Everything in the skin set is plain white text, with no unnecessary ornamentation or images.

If you use a brightly colored or visually interesting wallpaper, then Laro will make a non-distracting layer on top to show you important information.

29) Mond

Another popular clock skin is Elegance 2, a more minimal version of the popular Elegance skin. It's simple, clean, and easy to read.

The slim font works with almost any wallpaper and complements many other Rainmeter skins. If you prefer a clock that comes with both date and time, there's no better skin than La Campagnie des Ombres.

11. Big Sur Rainmeter Skin

To change the font, download and install whatever font you'd like onto your computer. We're looking for a parameter named FontFace, which is how Rainmeter knows which font to use in its skin.

In the case of Elegance 2, you can locate this parameter under C:\Users\[your user name]\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Elegance2\Config\ Locate the FontFace parameter and replace #LocalFontFace# with your installed fonts.

Be sure to use the font name as it is in your Windows Font folder.

25. MemoDijay

You can access your Font folder under Start > type font > Fonts. Save your file and refresh the skin to enjoy the newly edited time skin. Other clock skins, like the popular Simple Media skin, include the FontFace directly in the skin edit option.

The same process applies to most skins when it comes to changing fonts. Music player skins allow you to view and skip tracks on your desktop without having to go to your music program.

These skins also work for a wide variety of music players.

9. Low-Effort Meme

The most widely used music player on Rainmeter is Monstercat Visualizer. The music player package includes a simple visualizer and music player. You can configure it with VLC, Spotify, iTunes, and other media players.

Its simple design and wide compatibility makes it the perfect music player for your desktop. If you're more into the typographical design, swap the Monstercat Visualizer for Cleartext.

21) Pog Pack

Cleartext allows you to change the font and the style of the skin, along with providing next and previous track controls for your music player. Volume Unit (VU) meters create a display of the audio playing on your computer.

Most VU meters have settings which will change the color, size, and breadth of the lines displayed.

50) VisBubble

VU Meters are a great desktop enhancement if you have a multi-monitor setup and enjoy using your PC as a music device.

The best way to make use of your VU meter is as a 3D backdrop, as is the case with silver4ever's desktop example below.

32) Cipher

This effect is simple to achieve and will create an impressive desktop background. Fountain of Color is a highly rated VU meter for Rainmeter.

Its settings allows for extensive customization, and the skin's fountain effect adds a smooth look to the meter. If you want to create a circular VU effect, VisBubble is perfect.

5. Living Room

Visbubble's settings are similar to Fountain of Color's, and it provides a simple interface to change the radius and color of the visualizer.

If you're looking for a subtle, cinematic look, check out Frost. Frost has the same functionality as the other VU meters, but uses a fog-like visual, rather than the typical lines for a smoother visual effect.

17. Elegance 2

Use these skins to see a handy weather forecast on your desktop. To allow these skins to display wheather for your location, you'll need to modify the skin files.

We'll show you how to do that once you've seen the skins. One of the most popular skins on Rainmeter is Do I Need A Jacket, which tells you whether you need a jacket based on that day's weather forecast. If you prefer deciding yourself whether or not you need a jacket, minimal skins like Genteel are perfect.

18) Geometry Rainmeter

Genteel's design is sleek and it summarizes the weather you can expect outside. For a weightier weather skin, Google Now Weather provides a beautiful three-day forecast for your desktop.

For true minimalists, the Simple Rainmeter pack offers skins for clock and weather, and nothing else. The skins show the time and temperature in a plain white sans-serif font, in a small and unobtrusive form which you can fit with any wallpaper and any theme.

10. Minecraft

This skin is ideal if you want to hide your taskbar but still see the time, as you can drop the clock skin in the bottom right of your screen and it'll show you the time without any other visual distractions.

Weather skins can be tricky because they require editing the skin file. They use weather codes -- a code particular to your location -- to keep track of the weather in your area.

Google Now

To adjust the skin to your location, right-click on the skin and select Edit. You can find your location code by searching your location on and copying a segment of the URL.

The developer will usually make this process as simple as possible. Where the skin file asks for a weather code or weather link, replace the default parameter with your location's code.

ASTRO Weather

Save the file and refresh the skin to activate. Program launchers may be the most useful skins to add to Rainmeter, as they let you open particular programs right from your desktop, like the Windows taskbar.

The most popular Rainmeter launcher is Honeycomb. Honeycomb uses polygon buttons to open files and folders. The default skin has several popular programs to choose from.

There's also a Honeycomb version online titled Honeycomb + GLL , which will create a live background effect on mouse-over.

5) Skyrim Rainmeter Skin

Want circular shapes for your icons instead? Circle Launcher will provide you with high quality icons. Circle launcher also provides mouse-over features already pre-built into the skin.

Before using a program launcher, you might need to configure your skin settings. We'll use the Honeycomb skin as an example, but this method applies to all launchers.

6. ScreenStyler

Right-click on the skin and select Edit. You should see a LeftMouseUpAction parameter, which directs to a program. You have to replace this location with the actual location of the program. To find this location, search for the program in your Start menu.

In my case, I will search for Firefox. Once found, right-click > Open file location. Then, right-click file > Properties.

3. Moderate Rainmeter Skin

Copy the Target parameter of the file and paste it into the LeftMouseUpAction parameter inside the quotations. Your file should look like this.

Save the file and refresh the skin to finish configuration. Rainmeter suites take the hassle of finding and configuring several different skins out of the equation.

7. Sonder Rainmeter Skin

They are bundles which include a variety of skins like weather, clock, and system monitors. You have to take some time to configure them yourself, but they easily provide a cohesive desktop look.

LIM1T is a simple but functional skin suite which has widgets for time, date, weather, system monitoring, and currently playing music.

3) Jarvis And Shield OS

The data for each skin is shown in a grey font which is filed in with color as its values rise. So, for example, as seconds pass the numbers for the time in minutes start out entirely grey and slowly fill in with color.

This means you can see a lot of data with just a quick glance at your desktop. The colors come preset, although you can change them if you know how to customize skins.


And each skin is scalable so you can fit the suit to your screen size. Enigma is one of the oldest and most popular Rainmeter skin suites, with almost any widget you can imagine wanting.

It is designed with a dock-like system, with widgets that can stack on the left and right of the screen, and toolbars for the top and bottom of the screen.


Just some of the widgets include a calendar, system monitor, RSS reader, small sidebar clock or large background clock, quick notes function, weather panel, and currently playing music.

Of course, you can also use each of these elements individually on your desktop instead of putting them into docks or sidebars.

15. Cyberpunk 2077 Rainmeter Skin

The sheer number of widgets means this suite is a must-have for Rainmeter users. As the suite is now rather old and the developer has not had time to update it, some aspects of it can be buggy.

But the suite has moved from DeviantArt to its new home on GitHub, where other users can submit their updates. Even with the bugs, it's such a comprehensive suite that it's worth downloading.

29. Before Dawn

Elegance 2 is a suite that's well worth checking out. As well as the clock, there are options to display the date, to monitor your system, to show currently playing music, to show the weather, and to check your Gmail or recycle bin.

One handy thing about this suite is that all the skins come in both horizontal and vertical versions, so you can choose the ones you want to match your particular desktop.

13. The Gemini Suite

There's also an option to change the highlight color of each skin, so you can have white for the main skins plus an additional highlight color of your choice. A suite for all your Rainmeter needs.

Alphabar skins all come in a simple black and white color scheme, with a neat sans-serif font and plain and tasteful icons.

Exmouth black

The suite looks particularly good when you add it to the top of your screen, opposite the Windows task bar. The suite includes system monitoring, a widget showing today's weather and the weather for the next few days, time and date, tools to monitor your email and social media accounts, plus your battery and internet connection.

There's also an RSS reader. This is a handy all-in-one suite that works great on black and white wallpapers for a monochromatic look.

21. IronMan-Jarvis

NXT-OS is a promising Rainmeter suite that takes the concept of skins to another level. This suite provides a sleek interface, notifications, commands, gaming repository, widgets, and more. NXT-OS also provides an easy-to-use interface to guide you through installation.

July Flat'ish is something of a hidden Rainmeter gem, but it's a sure-fire way to enhance the look of your desktop quickly.

9. Spiderman Rainmeter Skin

Certain features like email management are unique to this suite, along with the flat, square look. The Google Now collection for Rainmeter provides an official-looking desktop with weather, search, and monitor features.

For the Rainmeter user who doesn't want to bother using different skins which may not fit well together, the Google Now suite provides a professional look within seconds.

How to Configure Weather Skins

Whatever your desktop style, you can find a Rainmeter skin to match. You can use Rainmeter skins to get all sorts of tools for your desktop like clocks, system monitors, calendars, and program launchers.

For further inspiration, the subreddits /r/rainmeter and /r/desktops provide daily desktop modifications you can check out. If you want to customize your desktop even more by changing Windows system sounds, accent colors, and lock screen, check out our guide to how to change the look and feel of your Windows 10 desktop.

July Flat'ish

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1 Best Rainmeter Skins and Suites For All People. Customizability has been one of the strong fortes of Windows. The way your devices look, whether it is simply your Windows desktop, shows the personality you have.

Mii System Skin 2

Complete customizability has always been something that users pursue. Unfortunately, even if Windows is extremely customizable than other OS, it is still limited. Natively, you can only change the wallpaper, theme colors not much else.

That’s where 3rd party applications come into play. Rainmeter is a 3rd party application that allows you to customize your Windows desktop to its entirety.

Monstercat Visualizer

Rainmeter skins are extremely popular and here are the 50 best Rainmeter skins and skin suites that will change the entire look of your PC. We have shown a VIDEO walk through at the end of the post for easy solution.

12. Aliens

Using Rainmeter is not complicated. It is an open-source application that allows the user to completely customize their desktop.

From themes to app icons, it truly allows complete customization. Download Rainmeter from here and simply install the skins given below. The following list contains different types of skins and skin suites and is not placed in ranking order, so don’t be shocked if you see some stunning skins at 40 or 50.

11) Cosmetic

I am quite sure you will find something that ‘suits’ you. So, here are the best Rainmeter skins and skin suits. Use them to completely change the outlook of your desktop.

Super Blood Moon is a popular Rainmeter skin with visually stunning widgets. I particularly liked the calendar and clock widget.


This skin also has a bottom bar module, which is functionally extremely helpful. This skin features a visualizer, music player, and app launcher in addition to the weather, date, and time modules.

The skin is highly customizable, so you will be able to set it with any background you choose to set.

16. Eker Lina

The look overall is neat, and with the correct background, your display will get highlighted. Super Blood Moon rainmeter skin was designed by KeithStoodley and you can download it from here.

One of the showcased rainmeter skin suites in the official rainmeter website, Howling AT-AT, is one of the best Rainmeter skin suite of all time (personal opinion).

2. Ageo

It utilizes a stunning wallpaper made by JeppelMe, uploaded in, which makes the visualizer use the mecha-moon at the center of the image as a way to highlight it.

Other than amazingly utilizing the background, it also adds many useful widgets. With a cool time module, app launcher, a music player, and with a simplistic layout, this rainmeter skin suite outshines most others.


Download the Howling AT-AT rainmeter skin from here, designed by u/Jumats. Marvel Cinematic Universe has taken the world by storm and with ‘End Game’ over, we all miss the “man in an iron suit”.

Jarvis is the AI assistant of Tony Stark or Iron Man. We have seen in the movies when Tony speaks with Jarvis inside the Iron Man suite, he has all these cool looking widgets around him, which shows him all the multitude of data in one instant.

26) NXT-OS

Jarvis rainmeter skin is inspired by this and has multiple cool futuristic looking widgets, which are highly customizable and provide vital system information, staying true to the inspiration. Pairing Jarvis with the Shield OS skin, which is another Marvel oriented skin, does bring the best out of both of them.

33) Palette

Together they easily make the best Rainmeter skins list. Both the Jarvis and Shield OS skin features modules that show system information, app launcher, date and time modules.

You can download Jarvis + Shield OS from here. Liftoff, made by Duncan_Minivan, has a sophisticated look that truly goes well with the Rocket in Clouds image from


The rainmeter skin suit includes a cool date and weather widget, minimalistic looking app launcher on the left, a beautiful visualizer and transparent taskbar. When paired with the Rocket in Clouds wallpaper, this Rainmeter skin suite truly becomes stunning to look at and use.

You can download the Liftoff 4.0 rainmeter skin from here. Who hasn’t played Skyrim or at least heard about it? I for one burst out laughing when I saw this rainmeter skin theme, and since then it has adorned my desktop.

25) Wisp

The rainmeter skin has the same jagged font of Skyrim with even the mana, health, and stamina bars as system information widgets. The app launcher are literal names with the exact same font of Skyrim home screen.

To top it all off, the 2 horizontal and vertical dark transparent bars, that has no functionalities other than aesthetics, makes everything look genuine.

9) Tech-A

Axerron, the designer of the Skyrim Rainmeter skin has truly done an exceptional job, and from his work it is apparent that he also is a Skyrim fan. Overall, this Rainmeter skin is not only for Skyrim fans, as it also has a medieval Norse look that others may like, which is why it is on the best Rainmeter skins list.

Download the Skyrim rainmeter skin from here. Cyberpunk Coffee is a fine rainmeter skin suite that has a cyberpunk/retro vibe with the gorgeous Coffee in Rain animated wallpaper.

5. The Gemini Suite Rainmeter Skin

The minimalistic design of the widgets with a retro look, pairs amazingly well with the wallpaper, placing it in the best rainmeter skins list. In terms of functionality, there are time, weather, system information detail modules and a retro font and app launcher.

Download Cyberpunk Coffee from here, designed by u/Labr4t. This is one of the newer suites shared on the rainmeter subreddit, however the simplistic and cozy vibes paired with the wallpaper and the minimalistic widgets, got it to be in this best Rainmeter skin and skin suits list.

8. Glass Shards

The background pairs extremely well with the visualizer and app launcher skins. Those who want a simplistic clean look for their home or office devices, this rainmeter skin is definitely for them.

Download Tried to go for Cozy from here. Blue And Simple rainmeter skin suite stays true to its name and has a gorgeous, simple, clean and serene look.

28) Arrival Rainmeter

The skin suite goes with a jade style wallpaper and pulls off a stunning display with very minimalistic widgets. The widgets are highly customizable and includes transparent taskbar, a music visualizer that pairs well with the wallpaper, a simple music player and date and time modules.

It also has a beautiful right-sided app launcher that does well in terms of functionality and also exempts from blocking the wallpaper.

20) UI White Rainmeter Theme

Download the Blue and Simple skin from here, designed by u/keeWend. One of the versatile, futuristic themes, Tech-A is something most tech lovers will appreciate.

It can look a bit crammed, but in terms of customizability and functionality not many skins can beat it. It gives a similar vibe to the Jarvis skin mentioned earlier, only it includes tons of options and information like CPU usage details to shortcuts for your game folders in one big module.

46) Gamehub 2.0

The functionality and customizability of the skin easily places it as one of the best Rainmeter skins for Windows. Those that like detail and functionality with a futuristic look, will definitely like this rainmeter skin. Download Tech-A from here. Newspaper desktop is one of the best Rainmeter skins with an old cozy vibe.

As the name suggests, the skin literally transforms your desktop to a newspaper. Those with sophisticated tastes will definitely find this rainmeter skin interesting. The widgets appear as newspaper font and all of it makes the desktop have this old simple and clean vibe that not many other skins can pull off.

When paired off with the correct background, it will change your desktop in its entirety.

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