Best Windows 10 Themes 2021

To help you figure out the best Microsoft Edge theme, we have curated this article where you can find the best 10 themes for Microsoft Edge in 2021 that you should try. The web browser offers a very simple and plain theme to every user, but with time everyone gets bored of that theme and wishes to change them.

Out of the many options available, choosing the best for yourself can be very tough. The theme which you choose should be eye-soothing and calming so that you can easily spend time while browsing. Microsoft Edge still has a negative image in the market in terms of speed but then the new updates of this browser have changed it a lot and now you can experience better speed and performance.

The Adventures of Ninja Cat Beyond

Dogs in Summer

Unlike others, Microsoft Edge offers a great list of themes that a user can choose from. The main aim of providing themes to the user can be making the browser more appealing and customizable which a user wants.

In this article, we have filtered some of the best themes of Microsoft Edge that you can try. So without any further delay let’s take a look at the list of themes of Edge browser.

Mountain Dwellings

Here is the list of Microsoft Edge browser themes that you can try. Read them in detail below. This theme for Microsoft Edge is inspired by the Master chief’s adventures on the mysterious alien ringworld. In other words, this ringworld is known as Halo.

This theme for the Edge browser changes the look and feel. The new tab page gets a beautiful image in the background inspired by the game. The halo rings were built to protect the galaxy and defeat the threats. If you are a fan or not the Spartan super-soldier, the master chief collection is the definitive Halo gaming experience.

Monochromatic Moods

This Microsoft Edge theme is very delightful and eye-soothing. All the nature lovers would love this theme having beautiful artwork of nature. For all the users who wish to change the look from basic to a new browser tab, then you can try and adapt this theme for Edge browser. This theme will change the entire look of the page and can make you stare at the home page for hours.

Bending Light

Click the below link to download this Edge browser theme for Windows 10 and older versions. Also Read: 10 Best PushBullet Alternatives in 2021. The next theme for Microsoft Edge is “The Mist”. If you are fascinated by looking at the sea, waves and ships then this Windows Edge theme can be an ideal pick for you. This will end the boredom of regular or normal themes and offer you a great Pirates of the Caribbean experience.

Just like the movie it has a huge ship that will be on your home screen of the browser. An amazon scene to look at, change Microsoft Edge theme to The Mist, and enjoy the Pirates background. This is a very interesting and unique Microsoft Edge theme. Not all the users will like this theme as only some creative minds who have an interest in graphics would love this.


The graphics lover who has their wallpaper set for graphics can have the same on their browser too. This is a very simple stack-up graphics in the middle of the screen. You can try this eye-soothing graphics theme for Microsoft Edge.

Salt Lakes and Dead Sea

Also Read: Top 15 Graphic Design Software for Designers in 2021 (Free and Paid). The next Microsoft Edge theme is a simple aerial shot click having ocean and airplane. But the image when used as the theme for Edge browser, it looks so amazing and beautiful. This theme will keep you calm.

NASA Spacescapes

It is scientifically proven that blue color helps in keeping calm. For all the travelers and photographers this theme can be the ideal to choose in Microsoft Edge.

So what are you waiting for? Click the below link and download the theme for your browser.

Cherry Blossoms

Fortune Island named Microsoft Edge theme can be your ideal theme in 2021. This theme offers you a yellow Lamborghini Urus car running on a tough trail. Not just the car in theme is what will impress you but the background makes it look more instance and amazing. For all car or automobile lovers, this can be the ideal pic for the Edge browser theme in Windows 10. The theme offers the feels of a game where you are driving at a monster land where you can only survive by driving.

Caribbean Shores

That’s what we thought after looking at the theme, tell us what you thought. Write in the comment section below. Also Read: 17 Must-Have Software For Windows 10 In 2021. In the list of Microsoft Edge themes for Windows 10 and the older version, you can try ‘The Forest’ theme.

Rock Formations Panoramic

This theme offers a great colorful visual which can be a great option for the ones who are looking to change the Microsoft Edge theme. This theme is a graphical representation of a forest but it seems like a scene from the animated movie.

The colors are balanced and look great as a theme on the browser. You can try this Edge theme on Windows 10 and older PCs.

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