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DOWNLOAD Blackberry Engineer Screen unlock code generator calculator, sources included. UNLOCKBASE eScreen keygen for Blackberry. Blackberry device PIN: example: cc414bfc. App Version: example: (233). Uptime: example: 87208. EScreen Unlock Key Generating app for BB10 + launch Dev Mode- img00000388.jpg. A video demo on how to unlock a Blackberrry phone using the EasyBB Unlocking software for windows. Please note this is not freeware and requires a paid licen. Jul 05, 2012 This is a new App for Generate BlackBerry Mep Codes for Unlock BlackBerry Devices. Mep Codes Generator. Keygen for Escreen. 261 Meps and 7.145 Prds Supported. Free Trial for 3 Free Chances. And you can buy the Full Unlimited version for 10$. Doesn't need an Internet Connection, Works Offline. The free key generator enables you to obtain your BlackBerry MEP code to assist you with safely unlocking your phone. Once you’ve got your MEP code we can unlock your Blackberry immediately. ENTER THE HELP ME MENU At the same time, press the following three keys on your Blackberry keyboard: ALT, SHIFT and H.

Free Blackberry Mobile Phone Unlock Codes and How to guide .

This is a guide so YOU can unlock your Blackberry yourself without having to wait 24-48 hours certain `FREE` websites ask you to wait . When you know how to do it it shouldnt take more than 5 minutes to connect the phone , find the MEP and IMEI numbers
and generate your unlock code .
If after today you still cant unlock your handset I suggest buying a code from EBay , it shouldnt cost more than one UK pound.
Lets Start :
The IMEI of the phone (its unique serial number) and its MEP number (code for your carrier - Vodafone/Swift/EE/Talk Talk/O2 etc etc).
Your IMEI number (dial *#06# on your phone to view the IMEI).
**Please Note : You MUST have BlackBerry® Desktop Software installed on your PC
.This is free and available from RIM
MEP Number - There are 3 Methods for getting MEP Number (Format: MEP-XXXXX-XXX, where X stands for Numbers ONLY, also known as SIM lock type of phone)
Please NOTE : MEP number is NOT your Unlock code, do not waste your tries by entering it as the MEP/MEP2/MEP4 unlock code
  1. By connecting your Blackberry to PC / Mac via USB cable using
    the Blackberry Reader [view - download ]
  2. Manually directly from your Blackberry Engineering screen.

  3. By PRD (Instructions for PRD-MEP conversion are on Swens BB Code generator website )

Method # 1: To get MEP via USB cable,
Please download Blackberry Reader fromHERE.
  1. Once downloaded, open or run the program
  2. Click ” Read Phone ” button
  3. Connect Blackberry to computer via USB cable
  4. Do NOT type anything to the BB Reader as it will read/display your IMEI and MEP
Enter `SWENS`
Blackberry Unlock Code GeneratorWebsite [view]
and enter the IMEI and MEP
( FREE )
This will generate YOUR UNLOCK CODE

Blackberry Mep Code Generator Free Download Windows 7

Method # 2 : Unlock via Engineering screen
( Caution , this can be quite complex )
Follow here for instructions
Method #3 : PRD.
Instructions on Swens website

Blackberry Mep Code Generator Free Download Full

NEXT- How to enter the generated Blackberry Unlock Code and UNLOCK your phone. All Blackberrys are similar in the way they unlock

`Here is a useful website with unlocking instructions for
ALL Blackberrys after you have you 8 / 16 digit MEP Code

[View website]
IMPORTANT: If you get a ‘Code Error’ message do NOT keep trying because you only have limited attempts.
Please check the IMEI, Network, Network Country
  1. Ensure a SIM Card is inserted
  2. Go to ‘Manage Connections’
  3. Click on ‘Turn All Connections Off’
  4. Go to ‘Options’
  5. Click on ‘Advanced Options’ (if there is no ‘Advanced Options’ please click here)
  6. Click on ‘SIM Card’
  7. Type ‘MEPD’ (NOTE: you might need to type in caps, also letters will not appear on-screen but you will be presented with personalization screen, that will display 5 locks such as network, service provider etc)
  8. Type ‘MEP2′ (NOTE: user will be prompted to enter MEP code-the 8 or 16 digit numerical code generated . NOT THE IMEI )
  9. Enter the MEP2 code (CONFIRM you get “Code Accepted” message)
    • *If you also have a MEP4 code, type ‘MEP4′ (you will be prompted to enter MEP code)
    • Enter the MEP4 code (CONFIRM you get “Code Accepted” message)
  10. Reboot device by pulling out the battery
  11. Go to ‘Manage Connections’
  12. Click on ‘Restore Connections’
  13. Device is now unlocked

Network Mep Code Blackberry Bold

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