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How to install BMW Standard Tool?

BMW Standard Tools is the software suite distributed by BMW Group that contains several interoperating applications and drivers, including NCS Expert, WinKFP, NFS, INPA, Tool32, and others.

Here is the free download link for V2.12.

A PC (Operating system: Win XP 32 bit /VMware Win 7 32 or 64 bit).

An INPA/EDIABAS K+DCAN USB Diagnostic cable (cheap €19 in

How to set up BMW Standard Tools 2.12?

Step 1: Download BMW Standard Tools 2.12 .

Download here and install follow system prompts:.

Step 2: Download and install INPA.

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Step 3: Download and install NCS Expert ENG.

Make sure your EDIABAS should already be configured to STD:OBD for use with INPAcable.

Download EDIABAS configurator here:.

This tool (in C:\EDIABAS\Ediabas-Konfiguratorfolder) allowsyou to easily change the ediabas.ini to your desired interface.

So if you areswitching from INPA to E-Sys you could use this to switch from STD: OBD to ENET.

Set COM port for INPA cable .

Connect the INPA DCAN cable with PC Install device driver Come to My Computer>>Device Manager>>Ports (COM&LPT).

In this case, it’s COM5.

We need to change this in the obd.ini file locatedin the c:\ediabas\bin folder.

Right-click on your INPA cable driver for example mine is labeled “USB Serial Port” and click on properties.

Now in the property window click on the advanced tab. Now every driver is different but the important part is the settings such as latency timer and received and transmit bytes.

See pic below for the ideal settings.

You may also change the COM port number here as well for tutorial I left it at 5.

Once your changes are done we can proceed by clicking OK to accept the changes.

No close all windows to return to the desktop.

Browse to C:\EDIABAS\BIN and find file obd.ini andopen it with an editor (e.g Notepad).

The First 3 lines will look like this….

Need to change the Port to reflect our INPA cable which in our caseis COM port 5.

So change it to look like this….

NOTE: Remember which USB port you connected your cable to as plugging it into a different USB port will allocate the INPA cable to a different COM port and neither tool will see the cable until the original USB port is used again or changed in device manager and obd.ini as mentioned above.

Now to test if your cable installed correctly.

Plug it into the vehicle’s OBD port and openINPA. Step 6: SPDATEN Files .

PS: How to start WinKFP?

Download and install SPDaten files (always recommend the latest) in this case it is 50.2 until I finish zipping and upload SPDatens 51.0 and upload it to share.

(Follow the instructions provided at the end of the blog labeled “How to start WinKFP” which will explain how to import the SPDaten files to WinKFP).

Once downloaded you can now .

**EDITED 10-12-2013**.

For NCSExpert to install or update the data files, copy the files from SP-daten-E##\daten tothe C:\NCSEXPER\DATEN\E##\ (where E## is whatever chassis you’reupdating).

You will also want to copy the files from SP-daten-E##\SGDAT to C:\NCSEXPER\SGDAT (they’re not separated into different chassis in NCS Expert, so you just want to copy and paste everything to that directory.

Overwrite everything it asks about). Then copy the files from SP-daten-E##\ECU to C:\EDIABAS\ECU.

After copying the data files toc:\NCSEXPER\DATEN\E## copy the following files to the following locations:.


What you need to pay heed to before installing BMW Standard 2.12

After installation, the directory (Drive letter):\EC-APPS\NFS\SGDAT contains file CABI.h only and doesn’t contain files, required for working. Mount the Progman disk in virtual drive (or insert in usual DVD-drive), extract all files SP-daten-Exx.rar from directory (Drive letter):\CIP-Installer\bin, each one in its own directory.(You must get directories like SP-daten-Exx). Now copy all *.IPO files from every directory (Drive letter):\SP-daten-Exx\sgdat to directory (Drive letter):\EC-APPS\NFS\SGDAT.For this purpose better use Total Commander, it allows overwriting elder fileswith newest. This directory now looks like this:. In the same way refresh directory (Drive letter):\EDIABAS\Ecu with files taken from (Drive letter):\SP-daten-Exx\ecu 6.Run WinKFP.

How to set up BMW Standard Tools 2.12?

Choose “Import/Export – Import – Assemly line data” and import all data needed from directories (Drive letter):\SD-daten-Exx\DATA Details how to import assembly line data are givenin official manual for WinKFP.

After importing the data, copy all files from directory (Drive letter):\SD datenE70\DATA\gdaten to directory (Drive letter):\EC-APPS\NFS\DATA\GDATEN, overwriting all existing files.

Note: If you use Progman v.30 for updating WinKFP, it has error in file \GDATEN\Sgidc.as2.

Simply open this file with Notepad and delete line 165.
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