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  1. C to C# Converter is intended to reduce the amount of work you'll have to do to convert code to C#, but it is just the first step. You should not attempt to convert code that is heavily dependent on pointer arithmetic or template metaprogramming since these features are only practical in C.
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C# to C++ Converter produces great C++ code, saving you hours of painstaking work and valuable time.

Try the Free Edition

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  • Free
  • High-quality conversion
  • Limited conversion output

Purchase the Premium Edition

  • $149 US per year (15-day guarantee)
  • High-quality conversion
  • Unlimited conversion output

Runs on Windows with version 4.6.1 or higher of the .NET Framework.

The Free Edition limits output to 100 lines per file (no limit on the number of files).

10 Second Overview

  • C# to C++ Collections Conversion:

  • C# to C++ Inheritance Conversion:

  • C# to C++ Indexer Conversion:

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C++ To C Code Converter Free Download

Key Benefits

  • Saves valuable time
  • Accurate and comprehensive
  • Easy to use
  • Safe - your code never leaves your machine
  • Responsive customer support
  • 15 day money-back guarantee
  • Flexible - converts snippets, files, projects, solutions, and folders from C# to C++
  • Fast - tens of thousands of lines converted from C# to C++ per minute
  • Helpful conversion comments
  • Excellent educational tool for C# developers learning C++
  • Numerous conversion and formatting options


Q: Are entire projects converted?

You can select C# projects or folders to convert. All '.cs' files within that project or folder will be converted and output as either traditional .h/.cpp files or C++20 modules to the directory you specify. However, C# to C++ Converter does not construct the new C++ project file. This is due to the lack of similarity between C# project types and formats and C++ project types and formats.

Q: Are C# events converted?

Yes - try out our Free Edition to see the conversion details. C# to C++ Converter substitutes a wrapper type for the event delegate type. This type maintains collections of 'listeners' with methods to add or remove listeners.

Q: Are C# delegates converted?

Yes - try out our Free Edition to see the conversion details. C# to C++ Converter converts C# delegates to function pointers using std::function.

Q: Are the original C# files altered in any way?

Convert C++ Code To C

Your existing code is left completely intact. The new C++ files are output to the new location that you specify.

C To C# Online

Q: What about .NET UI code?

The converter does not convert .NET UI types due to the lack of similarity between these types and C++ UI types.

Q: What is the conversion accuracy?

Our accuracy is very high, but there will be significant adjustments required for all but the simplest conversions. There are no direct equivalents for some aspects of C#. Read the rest of the FAQ to get an idea of a few things that are not converted. C# to C++ Converter is intended to reduce the amount of work you'll have to do to convert code to C++, but it is just the first step.

Q: Is there an option to produce C++/CLI code?

No. Despite the name, C++/CLI has very little in common with C++.

Q: What are the most common manual adjustments?

  • 'unsafe' code blocks and types are not converted.
  • C# to C++ Converter converts only some .NET types to C++ equivalents. The converter offers options to use your own custom replacements.
  • C# to C++ Converter cannot ensure proper deallocation of pointer variables. In some cases, a call to the delete operator is made, but in general complete memory deallocation is not included in the conversion. However, the converter contains options for converting to smart pointers.
  • C# to C++ Converter does not convert C# events of delegate types that are not defined in the converted code.
  • C# to C++ Converter comments out attributes since there is no direct C++ equivalent to .NET attributes.
  • There will be occasional qualifier symbol adjustments required. For example, it is possible that the converter fails to determine whether a particular C# dot operator should be replaced by a C++ arrow, double colon, or dot. If type analysis fails to determine the equivalent, heuristics are used to determine the most probable equivalent.
  • C# to C++ Converter cannot convert 'finally' clauses since there is no acceptable C++ equivalent.
  • Unfortunately, many new C# features beginning with C# 7 have no equivalent in other languages. The C# language is now evolving quickly into an experimental language based on GitHub requests rather than coherent design principles.

Additional Resources

Why automatic translation?

An automatic, complete and correct translation - compared to a manual translation - has the advantage that the whole codebase can be migrated instantly (instead of needing months or years) and the resulting translation is fully functional (instead of losing the quality of well-tested software by rewriting it from scratch).
It has the disadvantage however that fully automatic translation cannot always guarantee optimal readability: it may introduce non-natural code fragments, which, however, can be optionally rewritten by hand, at a fraction of the cost of a full manual translation.

How does the quality of the translated code compare to manually written Java code?

Readability and maintainability of the resulting code was one of the main focuses from the start. The translation applies numerous optimizations to make the Java code look as natural as possible. Take a look at the Demo section to get an impression of the code quality you can expect.

Which C standards are supported?

Convert C++ To C Language Online

We adhere to specific compiler implementations, not to C standards. This way we can guarantee that the translation is functionally equivalent to the original C code even when that code relies on compiler-specific behavior. We support all recent versions of GCC and can adapt our translation to other compilers and C dialects upon request.

How is a project translated?

C++ Free Download

Translating a C project is as easy as doing a regular build of it. During compilation our system collects all the required data (C code, linked libraries, ...). After a successful build, the collected data can directly be translated to Java.

C++ To C Code Converter Free Download Full

Such a translation corresponds to a specific configuration of the C project. If the project has multiple configurations (for example, targeting different platforms), it is translated once for each configuration, and then all the resulting translations are merged into one Java project.

C++ To C Code Converter Free Download Software

Does it really work?

C++ To C Translator

Yes! The theoretical basis for the translation has been developed at ETH Zurich, as part of the PhD thesis of Dr. Marco Trudel. The project website contains a list of peer-reviewed publications that describe the technical details of the translation.
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