Car Radio Universal Code Calculator

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CRUCC 2.4 – Car Radio Universal Code Calculator © 2.4 is the best and most complete car radio code serial calcualtion software ever available for sale on the market of car audio tools. CRUCC 2.4 is the software, which helps to easily calculate vehicle audio anti-theft code by using car radio serial numbers, diode / link coding and master codes, covering many different models and manufacturers of car audio units. CRUCC 2.4 is developed long time ago and sold over many years. Curently this projects is CLOSED and CRUCC is no longer available for sale, instead our company moved to online car radio code calculations, which is also based and powered by unique calculation angorithms implemented in CRUCC software.


Car Radio Universal Code Calcu

I am convinced that many of us needed a car radio code at least once in a lifetime.

crucc 2 4 car radio universal code calculator

The situation is simple.

Universal Code Calculator Herimo

You remain without the car battery or change the battery, and radio no longer starts, asks you to enter the code!

2.4.33 Radio.sbf.7z

Normally the radio code have been noted somewhere on the manuals that you’ve got with the car, or you have a card that contains the code for the radio.

Crucc car radio universal code calc

Well, many, we may not have radio code at all (we lost it, bought a second hand car and was not included, you entered a wrong code too many times, etc).

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The solution would be to go to a representative of the car and there you will receive the code for the radio.

Universal Code Calculator-Herimo

So you start looking online, information that will help in this case.

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We offer an simpler alternative.

Universal code calculator herimo planet92 zip

Do not call anyone, not go to anyone, only use an application: Radio Code Generator.

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Let’s see first what you need!

Like any part of the car and the radio and has a code (serial). Radio CD-DVD serial is written on the label, and the label is located or on the back of the radio, or on one side, and we need this serial number code.

So, remove the radio from the board, read the serial code, enter it in the Radio Code Calculator and the app will return a unlock code for radio. Then enter it using 1,2,3,4 keys on the radio, one key per letter of the code.

Press Preset Button ” 1 ” repeatedly for 1st Digit of your KeyCode Press Preset Button ” 2 ” repeatedly for 2nd Digit of your KeyCode Press Preset Button ” 3 ” repeatedly for 3rd Digit of your Keycode Press Preset Button ” 4 ” repeatedly for 4th Digit of your Keycode For the next part entering the code is different depending on the radio model.

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