Cheap Seo Software

It was about time, I have been monitoring DealDotCom since their grand opening to get into these seo softwares for bargain cheap and they are finally listed. The seo software that is featured today on DealDotCom is SEO Elite. If you buy this seo software directly from their website it costs $167 and you can have this seo software for only $97 if you buy it from DealDotCom.

SEO Elite is a seo software with which you can analyze how and what are your competitors doing to rank higher than you in the search engine ranking pages and not only, lets see what else you can do with seo elite.

Analyzes backlinks in Google, Yahoo, AlltheWeb, MSN, Altavista.

Find high Page Rank sites that can make great link partners for you. Analyze allinanchor, allintitle or allintext. Verify that your link partners still link back to you.

4. Raven Tools

Find where your site is ranked for your keywords. Find which pages of your site are indexed in the main engines (Google, MSN, Yahoo, AlltheWeb and Altavista). Now image how much time you can save by acquiring this software and automatically make all these checkups on your site?

And since I like to have free time i am going to buy this seo software now from DealDotCom now and save me $70 which than I can invest by submitting one of my sites on V7N Directory (which is well worth) or on other things.

I will write on SEO Optimization about the performance this seo software, but by that time the deal dot com offer will no longer be available. Having a good search engine ranking can boost visibility, traffic, and sales.

But I Still Need an SEO Agency

But improving your SEO can be expensive. SEO tools can cost hundreds of dollars every month. As a startup, you have limited funds and time. You need a fast, affordable, and sustainable path to increase signups. But here’s the good news.

There are plenty of high-quality SEO tools on the market that are free… In fact, I use these free SEO tools often, especially when it comes to discovering keywords and link building opportunities. So if you want to use these free and affordable SEO tools, make sure you continue reading below.

14. Advanced Web Ranking

Google Analytics can show you everything you need to know when it comes to your website’s data.

Check out our list of Cheap SEO Tools that can boost your organic traffic on Google or Bing and can help you implement an Online Marketing Strategy

For example, Google Analytics can track every action you make on your website and show you how these actions affect traffic and conversions. I highly recommend Google Analytics when it comes to tracking downloads, clicks, email signups, conversions, and keywords.

Did you know that page speed is a direct ranking factor? The faster your webpage loads, the better your ranks can be. Google PageSpeed is a fantastic tool to measure your website speed on both mobile and desktop. It also suggests improvements based on Google Webmaster Guidelines.

With the Google Keyword Planner is a free tool that you can use when you sign up for a Google Ads account, you can discover highly searched terms or easy-to-rank keywords. Google can also give you suggested keywords based on your keywords. These suggested keywords also come with key metrics as well!

Google Search Console (previously Google Webmaster Tools) allows you to measure your website’s traffic, performance, and fix any issues when it comes to Google Search results. For example, Google Search Console can use the Crawl Errors tool to find broken URLs that will show up negatively on Google.

It can also give you a complete breakdown of your backlink profile as well. You can also see how your website is performing under Search Analytics. Here, you can track the total number of impressions in your SERPs, your average ranking position, and the click-through rate.

You can also find out which page is ranking for which keywords as well. While Google Search Console is not exactly an SEO tool, the data from Google Search Console, can help you make better-informed decisions.

The SEO PowerSuite is an all-in-one SEO software that covers every step in an SEO campaign.

While the SEO PowerSuite has a paid version, the free version remains one of the most effective SEO site suites available. With the SEO Powersuite (Free Version), you can:. Track keyword searches, improve your rankings, & steal traffic from your competitors.

Features of Moz Pro:

Perform SEO audits & optimize your site. Discover over 100k competitor backlinks & construct your link building strategy. Manage your links, build new partnerships, & find guest blogging opportunities.

Screaming Frog is a fantastic website crawler that analyses and audits on-site SEO for you (or your competitor’s) site URL. Here, you can find broken links, errors, and redirects, analyze page titles and metadata, review meta robots and directives, discover duplicate pages, and generate XML sitemaps.

While the Screaming Frog has both paid and free versions, the free version is available for up to 500 URLs. If you’re keen to boost your page’s speed, you should try GTmetrix. GTmetrix is a Page Speed tool that gives you more in-depth and thorough information about your site’s speed than Google Page Speed Insights.

GTmetrix gives you an overall site speed score, with a breakdown of what’s good and bad about your site. GTmetrix also ranks your site speed problems in order of priority. The ranking system can help you can focus on the most important page speed factors first.

Furthermore, GTmetrix also explains problems in detail by outlining why, what, and how you can fix the problem. While GTmetrix has both paid and free versions, the free version lets you monitor up to 3 URLs and save up to 20 URLs.

Knowing which keywords are the best for your site is hard.

But Ubersuggest is a handy little tool. Ubersuggest is a free keyword tool that can give you suggestions based on keyword ideas. For example, if you want to rank for an article in the travel niche on Berlin Walking tours, you can hop on Ubersuggest, select the country and database you want to rank in and type in a keyword.

Ubersuggest will give you a list of alternate keywords people search for around the keyword you entered.

Here, you can view search by toggling volume, cost per click, and competition for each result. It’s a great way to build up a list of keywords for your website. Did you know that broken links can hurt your SEO?

About SEO Elite

Instead of manually checking your links, you can use Check My Links to crawl your entire site to find broken links. This way, you can quickly identify and repair these broken links and improve your SEO almost immediately.

For example, Check My Links will highlight valid links in green. It’ll list warning links in yellow, and broken links you need to fix, in red. One of the best ways to boost your SEO is to build links.

With Open Link Profiler’s browser, you gain incredible data about your backlink profile.

All you need to do is go to their website and enter your URL. You’ll then gain access to your Backlink Profile. You can also access a list that breaks down all the links to your website.

You can access their quality and see where the link is from. You can export up to 1000 links from OpenLinkProfiler for free. Ahrefs is one of the most expensive tools in the market. Ahref’s Lite plan begins at $99 per month, while the most popular standard plan is $179 per month.

Thankfully, Ahrefs offers a $7 for 7 days trial for both the Lite and Standard Option. SEMRush is another popular, premium, and well-known SEO tool. SEMRush’s Pro plan is $99.95 per month, while the most popular Guru option is $199.95 per month.

With SEMRush, you can sign up for a 7-day free trial for both the Pro and Guru plans.

I personally use SEMRush to find out what my competitors are doing so I can replicate their successes with my site. Although premium SEO tools are expensive, most tools offer a free trial or a discounted sign-up rate. While they offer a limited time-frame (e.g 7 days, 2 weeks, or 1 month), you can plan what you need from these tools in advance so you can use the trial period effectively.

Features of SEO Administrator:

You don’t always have to use expensive SEO tools to rank well. This group of free SEO tools is a great place to start. They can help you audit your site, improve site speed, analyze data, improve ranks, fix broken links, and assist with other digital marketing efforts.

Plus, they’re pretty easy to learn and use. What are you waiting for? Get started today! Editor’s Note: The article is part of the blog series Grow Your Business brought to you by the marketing team at UniTel Voice, the virtual phone system priced and designed for startups and small business owners.

2022 has started and SEO continues to hold its importance. In case you are worried about the high cost of SEO tools like Semrush or Ahrefs, this blog post will help. We have listed cheap SEO software that is affordable for beginners and small businesses .

These SEO Tools offer features like Keyword research, SEO Checker, and can be used to perform an SEO Audit along with Backlink Analysis. SE Ranking is a SaaS-based cheap Online SEO Tool that starts at a cheap price of $18/mo with annual billing.

It comes with SEO tools features like Keyword Research and suggestion, Keyword Rank Tracking, Website Audit, OnPage SEO Analysis, Backlink Checker, and Backlink Monitoring. SE Ranking acts as an SEO analyzer and allows you to do Competitor research and find out the organic traffic along with the top-ranking pages of your Competitors.

With SE Ranking, I can easily segment RankTracking data into various groups with the Keyword Group feature. SE ranking also allows me and users to get the list of advertisers for a certain search query and find out the most effective Ads.

This is a feature that most Search Engine marketers would love.

Website analyzer in SE Ranking allows getting historical data without leaving the interface.

From Daily rankings to search volume trends, there are various SEO insights this site audit tool generates that can help you upgrade your SEO Campaign or design SEO Strategies for your clients. White-label reports with custom branding can be generated easily using SE Ranking SEO software.

Features of

You can also create unlimited sub-accounts for users in your team giving them different access! Along with all the above features, SE Ranking goes a step ahead of all the SEO Tools in this price range and allows you to integrate your Social Media Accounts ( Facebook and Twitter).

Read our detailed SERanking review. Check features offered by SE ranking like Keyword research Module, Keyword Position Tracker, Competitor Analysis. A few SEO software provides all these features in this price range. SE ranking Offers 3 pricing plans.

Optimum – Starts 18.6$/mo with annual billing for weekly Position updates for 250 keywords.

Plus – Starts 42.5$/mo with annual billing for weekly Position updates for 1000 keywords and Unlimited websites . Enterprise – Starts 90$/mo with annual billing for weekly Position updates for 2500 keywords.

SEO PowerSuite is a cheap SEO Software that comes at a humble price tag of @299/year. SEO PowerSuite SEO Tool provides end-to-end SEO Campaign management with features ranging from Keyword research, Rank tracking, SEO Audit for Page and Website, Content Marketing, Local SEO, Mobile SEO, and Link Building workflow.

SEO Powersuite toolkit consists of 4 cheap SEO tools that are bundled to form the entire SEO Software.

These four tools should be installed as desktop applications for Windows or MAC. The four apps in SEO PowerSuite are –. Rank Tracker – Rank Monitoring, Keyword Research, and Suggestions, Finding LSI Keywords. Website Auditor – On-Page SEO checker, Website analyzer, Site Audit, and Site analysis, Content Optimisation.

7. Ahrefs

SEO SpyGlass– Backlink checker, Backlink Analysis, Link Research Tool. Link Assistant – Link Management, Outreach workflow, Link Analysis Software. SEO Powersuite offers a forever-free version that can be used as a free SEO analyzer.

However, the paid plans allow you to export data, save data, and create custom branding SEO Reports. What I love about SEO PowerSuite is that it has a feature to give your TF-IDF Keywords or LSI Keywords.

LSI keywords are keywords related to your topic that can help you improve coverage of your content for better Google ranking. Using SEO PowerSuite, you can also identify the toxic links or unnatural links to your website and disavow them.

Thus, you stay safe from Google Penguin updates. SEO PowerSuite can also be a great addition to your Content marketing Efforts as it comes with Content Editor that allows you to write an article and in parallel gives you SEO Recommendations on keyword usage.


This is similar to the SEMrush Content Template feature.

Link assistant tool of SEO PowerSuite helps you find inbound link opportunities and contacts of website owners and allows you to email them using the custom available templates. All this is possible using one tool and users need not leave the tool for various SEO tasks.

If you are on a budget, and if you are okay with 4 desktop applications, and looking for a cheap SEO Tool that can help you in your SEO Campaign, Content marketing, and Local or Mobile SEO, then SEO PowerSuite can be the right choice here.

FAQs Cheap SEO Tools

Check out the detailed SEO PowerSuite Review to find out more about this cheap SEO software. You should compare SEO PowerSuite vs SMErush or SEO PowerSuite vs Ahrefs for a more informed choice of SEO tools. SEO PowerSuite offers three pricing plan .

Forever Free Plan – Yes, that’s true. SEO PowerSuite offers a forever free plan with the maximum feature available to its users, however, in Forever free plan, users will not be able to export any data and save projects.

Features of SEO PowerSuite:

Professional – Starts $299/year with an unlimited number of projects, unlimited keywords to track, and Unlimited Backlinks monitoring with unlimited link management features. Add up to 5 Competitors and create SEO reports using this tool.

Enterprise – Starts $699/year with unlimited websites audit, keywords, and backlinks to tracks. Enterprise plan allows to track 40 Competitors with task schedulers and create White label SEO Reports. Mangools is a Cheap Saas-based SEO software suite with an intuitive UI.

This Seo Software platform has 5 tools that help you design an effective SEO campaign.

KWFinder – For Keyword Research and Keyword Suggestion Tool. SERP Watcher – For Rank Tracking and Keyword Position Tracking .

Features of Advanced Web Ranking:

SERP Checker – For SERP Analysis of top-ranking pages in Google. Link Miner – Backlink Checker queries, Backlink Analysis, Competitor Backlink profile, Site Audit tool. Site Profiler – Website Checker, Website Audit, Domain Authority checker queries, SEO Analyzer, Backlink Checker, OnPage SEO Analysis Metrics, Page Optimizer, Top Content, and Competitors.

KWFinderis a Keyword research and Keyword Suggestion tool that helps you find related keywords, Google autocompletes keywords, and Questions so that you can improve the coverage of your content by adding topically related Keywords.

One of the unique features of KWFinder is that it shows Trends of the keywords along with Average Yearly search volume, CPC, PPC with Keyword Difficulty. There is also a SERP Overview feature for you to look at the top 10 pages that are ranking in google for the seed keyword.

We do find the KWfinder as a better Keyword Research and Keyword Suggestion tool here. SERP Checker SEO tool in Mangools acts as a website analyzer and helps analyze the SERP results of top-ranking pages.

Metric like Page Authority, Citation Flow, Trust Flow helps you analyze the URLs and update your SEO Campaign. Rank Tracking and Keyword Position tracking gets easy with SERP Watcher and its UI will make you fall in love with this tool and that’s why we have Mangools in the SEO tool list.

Features of Ahrefs:

You can easily identify the Top Gainers and Top losers in one view making sure you have the right visibility into your important keywords position in google. You can have mobile as well as desktop rankings and generate multiple reports and alerts.

Mangools has a backlink checker tool named LinkMiner that helps you do a complete analysis of the backlink profile.

Mangools also has a site profiler SEO tool for Website audit and identifying top content pages of a website. Mangools is a cheap SEO tool with lots of SEO software features that can help you as a blogger or freelancer. Additionally, Mangools has a nice and easy-to-use UI that makes it easy to analyze or study the SEO metrics or design an SEO Campaign based on insights that come from this software.

Features of Traffic Travis:

Mangools is a must-try SEO tool for all freelancers and bloggers. Mangools offers a 40% discount on annual plans and has three pricing plans . Basic – Starts $29.9/mo for annual billing with 100 Keyword Position lookup per 24 hrs, 200 Keywords suggestions, 100 SERP Lookups.

Premium – Starts $39.9/mo for annual billing with 500 Keyword Position lookup per 24 hrs, 700 Keywords suggestions, 500 SERP Lookups, and 3 Simultaneous logins. Agency – Starts $39.9/mo for annual billing with 1200 Keywords lookup per 24 hrs, 700 Keywords suggestions, 1250 SERP Lookups, and 10 Simultaneous logins.

Check out the 10 Day Free Trial for Mangools KWFinder – No Credit Card Required. Long Tail Pro is an SEO Keyword generator tool that helps you find out low competition keywords so that it gets easy to get better google rankings or get online traffic.

Along with Keyword Difficulty, LTP helps you calculate keyword profitability and lets you decide if you should target the keyword or not. Long-tail Pro allows you to run SERP analysis for a keyword and helps you track Keyword position ranking.

8. Moz Pro

One can also perform backlink analysis using Long tail pro. Long-tail Pro is an SEO Keyword tool that also helps you to analyze your competitors with metrics like Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Site Age, and Referring Domains.

This helps you to upgrade your SEO campaign and outrank them. This Google Keyword tools simplify the keyword selection process with the easy-to-use Long Tail Pro Keyword Analysis tool. Competitor Analysis gets easy as you can easily switch to the Competitor Keywords mode and watch Long Tail Pro uncover their keyword strategy.

Using the Long Tail Pro, one can fill up keyword spreadsheets to focus on meaningful activities like blogging, link building, and running ad campaigns.

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