Chrome Flags #Enable Parallel Downloading

You can enable and use flags in the Google Chrome browser on your PC (Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, and Linux) and Android.
Here is how to access, enable, and use Chrome Flags for PC to get more features and enhance your browsing experience.
When it comes to the best web browser, Google Chrome is the first choice for most people.

It comes with tons of features that give you an amazing browsing experience. Well, some of its features are hidden in flags and settings. Every tech geek loves to find and use hidden features. No doubt, a Web Browser is a must-have software or app on a PC and smartphone to access the internet. The web browser allows us to access websites and web pages.

Google Chrome is one of the best, popular, fast, secure, and powerful browsers for PC and smartphone users. Chrome app is pre-installed on Android devices, so you don’t need to install manually from Play Store. Recently, I’ve also shared how to use Chrome flags on Android.

How to access the “Chrome flags”?

You can’t use extensions on Android, that’s why flags are most useful for Smartphone users. Well, all web browsers offer basic features for browsing. If you are a normal user, you don’t need advanced features. On Chrome, you can extend the features by installing extensions from the store.

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  • But, what if you don’t want to install extensions? The web browser also has some features that are hidden from normal users.
  • You cannot access some features directly from settings.
  • You can simply enable and use flags. Chrome://flags are experimental features that are under development.
  • These features are not enabled by default, and you can’t find them from settings.
  • Because these settings are completely hidden and can be accessible by typing chrome://flags in the Omnibox.

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This works on both Windows and Mac versions. You can add additional features using flags that allow you to improve your browsing experience and performance.

Best Chrome Flags To Enable?

However, in-development features are unstable. But, some stable flags are enabled by default. Google added new features in the Chrome browser regularly, and developers continuously make changes in in-development features. That’s why flags (in-development features) may remove by developers at any time.

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Moreover, you can see the constant changes in it. If you are a Chrome user, you should know that there are two ways to use these features before enabled for normal users. You can either use Chrome Beta or Chrome Flags.

Use Chrome’s Hidden Reader Mode

You can download the beta version from The beta version is updated weekly and you can preview new features.

How to Enable Chrome Flags on Windows and Mac?

Moreover, you can give your feedback. If you don’t want to install the Beta version, and want to use new and experimental features in the normal and stable version, you can enable flags.

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Note: Chrome flags are unstable and experimental features, thus affect program functionality. You may need to compromise your security and privacy by enabling the flags. Also, you may lose (rare chances) your browsing data like history, cookies, and cache.

Frequently Asked Questions

Also, note that the browser may crash or shows some errors after enabling it. But, you can reset and disable the flags at any time. Read Also – Best Edge Flags. To enable the Chrome flags, you need to open the flags menu which is hidden by default. The steps are given below to open the menu.

Also, note that the steps are the same for Chrome for Windows and Mac OS. Steps to access the menu:. Open Chrome browser on Windows or Mac machine.

When did chrome://flags start?

Click on the address bar (Omnibox) and type chrome://flags or about://flags in the address bar. Press the enter key.

You’ll see the menu screen with the list of functions.
After opening the Menu, Chrome shows the Warning message “By enabling these features, you could lose browser data or compromise your security or privacy.
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