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Modified10 months ago. Is there any way to connect and communicate with a COM port (e.g. COM4) using windows terminal (Windows 8 <) inbuilt commands or using a batch program? Above command displays the confugurations of COM4. But how I can send or receive data? use windows powershell.

Writing to a Serial Port. Reading from a Serial Port. I found two ways:. use wsl and minicom: detail is here.connect-to-a-device-over-serial-com-port-on-windows-10-with-wsl1-tty-devices-with-windows-terminal-and-minicom. but this did not work for me;. use python library: can work but not as powerful as the first one.

Hope to find new ways. This is a powerful software for monitoring and logging various COM port traffic. The features include COM port detection, monitoring of data packets, COM port loggings, sending/receiving arbitrary serial data using virtual COM port, recording the entire serial transmission into file etc. All programs can work on server and desktop computers, including modern Windows 10 and Windows 11 systems.

Serial Port Monitor is a port monitor, sniffer and analyzer for real or virtual COM, RS232, RS485, and RS422 ports. It was designed for mostly manual debugging and reverse engineering. read moredownload. Serial Data Logger Software is a data logging solution from serial, COM, RS232, RS485, RS422 ports to a file, Excel, or a database.

It was designed for fully automatic working.

  • read moredownload. TCP COM Bridge - connects two physical or virtual COM ports to each other over a network! read moredownload. It creates two virtual serial ports connected with each other via virtual null-modem cable on a local computer.
  • Unlimited connections. Fast data transfer. read moredownload. COM Port Data Emulator emulates a device connected through a COM or an Ethernet port.
  • It generates traffic like a COM, RS232, TCP/IP device. Use it with our loggers for initial set up or with Virtual Null Modem in your work.
  • read moredownload. COM Port Stress Test allows testing your COM and RS232 port performance and stability.
  • read moredownload. Modified5 years, 11 months ago. I have developed an embedded application which requests status information from a device down a communications channel.
  • My customer requires that these will be sent with a specific time period, so what I am looking for is a PC terminal application which can send a text string command repeatedly at a set interval over a period of time.
  • I currently use a serial device tester which can immediately send back a set string when something is sent to it, but I need to control the time period and number of repititions.
  • Are there any applications (for Windows) out there which can acheive this? 6161 bronze badges.

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55 silver badges1212 bronze badges. Docklight / Docklight ScriptingFor testing applications communication over the serial port it is the best tool for the job.It listens for user defined sequences on serial port and can then trigger a transmission with parameters derived from the input message or function in a script.

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