Composite Drawing Software

Centralised data management
  • Start your free trial!or Sign up for a commercial account. CompoSIDE scalable licensing includes a wide range of subscription and usage-based features offering flexible access models for unlimited users.
  • Unique, dedicated composites design engineering suite providing you with complete freedom of composites materials and design geometry.
  • Your project information is centralised in a single secure cloud based location and is accessible by the project team via a web based interface.
  • Innovative and intuitive composites project design and engineering workflows allowing simultaneous multiple users and a dynamic and powerful design experience for your team members.

An integrated reporting engine with version control, customisable templates and URL sharing that provides you with automatically generated project documentation. Access your composites project information via an integrated and collaborative online system that enables your project team to work simultaneously on your composites project. CompoSIDE supports our design activities with the efficient tools needed to drive innovation and creativity, essential to extend our technological lead in yacht development.

To maintain its ongoing evolution, the global marine market requires value-adding partners that provide rapid access to professional support. Our partnership with CompoSIDE aims to offer the marine industry a unique and independent design solution, beneficial for boat builders and designers at the very early stages of their designs. Eric Gauthier, President Global Key Accounts of 3A Composites Core Materials. Independent consultants and engineering offices . For 1 to 2 engineers working actively within CompoSIDE . Email / chat / ticket .
In the past 14 years TANIQ has developed a large variety of reinforced rubber products, composite products and other winding processes, continuously extending the functionalities of the software and improving its performance. TANIQ’s winding software has modules for :. Designing of (rubber) composite products;. Generating winding programs (robotic and CNC);. Finite Element Analysis (FEA Toolbox for creating input models for Abaqus);. Simulating of winding processes in digital twin environment. TANIQ uses the winding software for product development and process development of their Clients.
The advantages are that new designs can be made quickly, but also that the user doesn’t need to know all mathematics and engineering knowledge to make good products, because of the knowledge that is embedded in the software. The custom Design Software will be a unique piece of software which enables our customers to benefit from TANIQ’s Technology, while still differentiating from other manufacturers through use of their own unique know-how and design features. The Design Software has already been successfully used in the design of various applications (e.g. rubber expansion joints, pipe-plugs, dredge/mining hoses, bended hoses, etc.) and specially developed one-off products. The software gives the user access to TANIQ’s Technology to make optimal designs with increased performance like higher pressures, less reinforcement material (up to 80%), more flexibility, etc.
TANIQ’s software has a CAD/CAM-like layout and is developed to guide the user step-by-step through the design process. The software has a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to follow the design steps, and provides visual support of the design in progress and all its individual product layers. Most parts of the design process requires parametric input such as dimensions, burst pressure and layer thickness. To make the design process more efficient, frequently used materials and parts can be integrated into databases in the software.
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