Computer Systems Hardware And Software

Lesson 2: Hardware and Software

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Different Types of Computer Software and Their Uses

What is Computer Hardware and Software:: Computer Hardware is defined as the physical part or component of a computer system which can be felt, seen, and touched. The computer monitor which we use to view the display is a Hardware Device.

A printer which we use to Produce outputs,a computer memory which is used to store data or programs all are the types of hardware used in computer system for better functionality of computers.

IT professionals develop customized programs that can be used in certain areas of our day-to-day life. These types of software or programs are very helpful and can reduce human efforts immensely.

Different PC Software can be categorized in two main types . System Software. Application Software. Computer software needs hardware to function properly.

For Example Hard disk drive is a hardware device of a computer system which saves or stores information, programs or data in high volumes but it cannot work in absence of software programs. The software helps hardware to run and vice versa.

Another example if you have installed a sound card on your computer system which is used for playing sound, videos, and also used for playing games, but you cannot hear any sound without proper driver installation that is software that activates the hardware to function properly.

Drivers are software program which comes with the hardware. So we can say that to use full features of hardware and software they are dependent on each other both plays vital role in each other functions.

They are independent devices and programs but rely heavily on each other. Hardware is an essential part of the computer system like CPU, Ram, Power supply, Monitors. We cannot start or use our computer if any part of the devices is missing but speakers, printers, or even mouse are some of the hardware when found missing does not affect the boot process of the computer, these devices are used for additional functions of the computer.

As we have discussed above that hardware are physical devices which can be touched. Different and common types of hardware devices and their uses are mentioned below for better understanding.

SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply).

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